EWP Chapter 97: Treating both eyes

Treating both eyes

Blood was spurting out all over the place. With ninety-nine Martial and Spirit Kings coordinating perfectly in combat, coupled with a mysterious weapon, the whole army of the Second Old Master, Ouyang Qi had brought will soon be wiped out!

“Cough!” Ouyang Qi spit out another mouthful of blood. His face was pale.

He shouted in anger. “Mu Qian Xi, This time you’ve gone too far!”

“This Lord is only returning the favor!” Mu Qian coldly rebuked.

“Boom!” At this time, Ouyang Qi could see the outcome of this battle, in spite his injuries, he let out his spiritual energy and rushed forth towards Mu Qian’s direction.

“Even if I die today, I will take you with me!”

Just when he (OQ) is about a meter away from Mu Qian, they both perceive a soft meow!

“In Heaven and Earth, only I am supreme!” When this obnoxious slogan comes out, a white figure also flashed in between them.

Puff!” a kitten paw directly cuts off Ouyang Qi’s neck.

The blood spattered from Ouyang’s neck.

Upon having a clear look of the little beast, Ouyang Qi’s eyes went wide. ‘Seventh-ranked magical beast!’He remembered that this beast of the Mu Jia’s Lord was only a third-rank before.

(TN: Making a small change here, from spirit beast > magical beast.)

How did it become a seventh-rank magical beast in such a short time!

Wudi did indeed become a seventh-ranked magical beast, so to speak. Aside from sleeping for so long, Wudi also swallowed a lot of high-grade magical cores which Mu Qian bought. Finally, Wudi’s strength went leap and bounds soaring from a third-rank magical beast to seventh-ranked magical beast!

“Meow~” Wudi returned to Mu Qian’s bosom.

“Peng!” Ouyang Second Old lord, Ouyang Qi with his fatal wound stopped breathing, even in death; he’s not willing to fall on the ground.

“Second Master!” Their backbone is dead and only a few of them remained.

The Ouyang Clan gathered their best assassins for this mission to wipe out Mu Jia’s Lord and shadows, yet in the end they can’t even kill a single person.

Mu Qian ordered. “Take Ouyang Qi’s corpse away, after returning to the Purple Moon Kingdom. We’ll send this gift to the Ouyang’s Lord!”


“How come more than a month had passed but I haven’t received any new from Ouyang Qi!” Ouyang Ju frowned.

His words had just fallen, yet a servant hurriedly went inside to report. “Lord, Mu Jia’s Lord sent a gift!”

“What did you say? Gift?”

As a result, Ouyang Ju quickly opened the box outside and immediately started to vomit blood.

This is clearly a coffin, and inside is his second brother’s corpse, Ouyang Qi’s!

“Second brother!” Ouyang Ju shouted sorrowfully.

“Mu Qian Xi! Mu Wushuang! Mu Jia! Fuck! Shit! Argh!” Ouyang Ju raised his head and with eyes so red from hatred, cursed at the sky relentlessly.

At the same time, the mood in the Mu Jia’s residence is the completely the opposite from the Ouyang Clan’s.

The lord of the house, Mu Qian Xi who went to the Medicine King’s Valley to seek treatment had successfully returned and was healthy as an Ox. Once again, the residence became lively.

Upon returning, Mu Qian rushed towards Mu Wushuang’s place first. At this time, Mu Qian spotted a familiar figure waiting for her as usual inside the bamboo forest.

Mu Qian looked at the man akin to a warm jade, and happily run forth to his direction, with a smile she said. “Little Uncle, I finally found the ingredients I need to treat your eyes! After refining, we will immediately start detoxifying the poisons in your body.”

Mu Wushuang with a gentle tone said. “No need to hurry, Xi’er just came back. You should have a good rest first. I have been blind for over three years, there’s no harm on waiting for a little bit.”

“Little Uncle’s patience sure is admirable but I can’t wait!” Mu Qian rejected his offer.

“Xi’er, be obedient. Take a good rest first!” Mu Wushuang naturally won’t back out either.

“You traveled so far, I’m sure you’re tired. In order to refine the cure successfully, your body needs to be in your best state am I right?”

Mu Qian wanted to say that she’s in good state enough to refine the cure successfully.

But upon seeing the distressed look of her Little Uncle, she finally agreed. “Fine! I will rest for tonight. But tomorrow, Little Uncle, get ready to be surprised!”

After saying what she wants, Mu Qian quietly returned to her room.

Mu Qian slept for a whole night, the next morning, Mu Qian went directly to the Pharmacy.

Ling Zi Lin courteously said. “Lord, just give your orders to this servant.”

Mu Qian nodded, and then she said in a clear voice. “Shadows, don’t let anyone come here until this Lord come out. No one is allowed to disturb me either.”

Lastly, she also took out the small adorable cat from her spatial ring. “Wudi, be obedient outside, don’t cause any trouble okay?”

“Meow!” Wudi bob its head.

Mu Qian walked inside the refining area and started putting all her effort into refining the cure for her Little Uncle’s eyes.

Since she hasn’t mastered the refining method for this world yet, she can only depend on her modern skills and knowledge.

A series of test were made, when the elixir was potent enough, she finally stopped.

In a transparent bottle, Mu Qian gently poured the elixir inside. Upon opening the door to get out, Mu Qian only then did noticed that it was already dark.

After refining for a whole day, there is no trace of exhaustion on Mu Qian’s face, she even looks more energetic than before.

‘Soon, Little Uncle’s eyes will be cured!’

“I’ll go to the Wu You Courtyard.”

Mu Qian walks at a leisurely pace, although it is very late, but Mu Wushuang’s room is still full of lights.

Mu Qian gently knocked on the door.

Mu Wushuang smiled, with a voice like coaxing a child, he said. “Xi’er, hurry and come inside, you do not need to knock on the door.”

Mu Qian walked in, took out a glass bottle and laughed. “Little Uncle! I’ve successfully refined your antidote!”

A clear vial with a light blue liquid inside.

(TN: MP potion! orz)

Mu Wushuang couldn’t help but touch the vial; it was ice-cold and very pretty to look at. He asked. “This, take it directly?”

Mu Qian shook her head. “No, it needs to be injected into Little Uncle’s eyes for it to work.”

Mu Qian took out two items that looks like a syringe; she inserted the needle which quickly absorbs half of the vial’s content.

Looking at the sharp thing on Mu Qian’s hand, which will soon penetrate Mu Wushuang’s eyes, a man in black whose hiding himself all the time couldn’t resist but cover his Master.

“Little Master… …This… …What are the risks?” He asked slowly.

These days, the man is used to the Little Master’s behavior, he even acknowledge that she isn’t as incompetent as before and is very capable now.

But sticking that thing inside the Third Master’s eyes isn’t it extreme?

Mu Qian is used to this man being protective towards her Little Uncle, she patiently explained. “Relax. I won’t inject this in his eyeballs but in his conjunctiva instead. This means that I won’t hit his eye but the mucous membrane that covers the front of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelids instead. There would be no danger at all. Besides, regarding with my expertise in creating medicine, I’m a hundred percent confident with its effects. If not, I wouldn’t dare to use this in him in the first place. “

“Stand down!” Mu Wushuang coldly said.

(TN: Poor guy, he’s only doing his job! Haha!)

“Apologies for my behavior! I’m only worried for Third Master that’s all!”

Questioning the Little Master is the same as questioning the Third Master; the man recognized his mistake and quickly disappeared in front of them.

Mu Qian slowly went beside Mu Wushuang, she reminded him. “Little Uncle, this potion will hurt a little bit when it hits your eye, you have to suffer a little bit.”

Mu Wushuang let out a smile as gentle as the breeze. He said. “I have Xi’er beside me, what’s there to be scared about? I haven’t seen Xi’er for three years already; I really want to see how you look like now.”

“Then, better look forward to it!”

Mu Qian took the syringe filled with medicine and slowly injected its inside to Mu Wushuang’s eyes. (Not literally.)

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