EWP Chapter 96: Wrap it up to eat later

Wrap it up to eat later

Jiu Ye murmured. “Because benjun wanted you to be strong, I won’t intervene. Only when you’re strong enough to fend yourself will I be able to stay calm after all. “

For a whole month, Mu Qian and the shadows continued fighting inside the forest; their whole body is covered with different beasts’ blood.

Mu Qian forbid herself to use any kind of poison, using only their spiritual Qi and Martial Arts, all of them naturally enhanced their fighting skills.

Since she arrived in a different world, she must quickly learn to adapt in this world.

Poisons are her trump cards but being conceited that it would always work is also no good.

Loud explosions continued to echo inside the forest, adding earth tremors to the vicinity.

After numerous battles, Mu Qian and the Shadows indeed grew stronger, Jun Mo was surprised, he exclaimed. “Woah! These people sure are resilient! Only a month had just passed yet look at them, ready to breakthrough at any moment now.”

Then his eyes went towards Mu Qian’s body.

“Eh? This girl is about to breakthrough too!”

The peak of Ninth Stage Spirit Warrior and the peak of Ninth-Stage Martial Warrior, two kinds of power are continuously flowing inside her meridians like a river are about to gush out!


Mu Qian finally crossed that threshold and successfully made her breakthrough.

A stupefied Jun Mo said. “A double-breakthrough?! Ho…How is this even possible? This little girl is a monster!”

A month of iron training, Mu Qian went outside theWestern-Domed Mountains first to wait for the shadows to come out.

“Lord Mu!” The first one to come out was Mu Yi.

He’s got a couple of deep, visible bone wounds in his body. From top to bottom, he looked liked a person who just climb out from a river of blood.

Mu Qian hastily said. “Glad to have you back! Hurry up and have a rest while I heal your body. I’m sure I will be very busy with you lot.” Despite of her worry, Mu Qian is still very happy.

“Yes, my Lord!”

“Lord!” the next one said. Once every while, a shadow slowly comes out from the forest.

Some of them are alone while others carry their brothers at their backs.

Mu Qian hurriedly applied remedies towards the seriously wounded first, improving their vitality and health.

But they are far too many for Mu Qian to handle alone. She can’t help but feel angry towards her negligence on this matter.

Mu Qian shouted. “Jun Mo, you are also an alchemist! Stop watching and help me cure them already!”

“Swish!” Countless drug needles were thrown towards the Shadows body.

Jun Mo felt very surprised with this incredible event.

The needles went straight into the hearts of these people; their lives whose hanging by a thread earlier are now back. With their hearts beating normally again, it will let them knew how good it is to feel alive again.

Even a Ninth-grade medicinal pellet does not necessarily have this effect, but she clearly did it.

He watched Mu Qian’s every movement, determined to solve this mystery, he began to assist Mu Qian on curing these people too.

After all, it was a cardiovascular agent, if he can’t familiarize with it sooner, he could accidentally kill someone.

This one’s injury is more serious than the last one, if it wasn’t for Jun Mo lending a hand, Mu Qian won’t be able to save them in time.

“Have a rest, after a while we’re all going back to the Medicine King’s Valley.”

They were hurt too much at this time, once a three or fourth-rank beasts appear, it will surely cost their lives. Recuperating in the Medicine King’s Valley is their best option for now.

Jun Mo shouted. “You want to stay at my place? Why don’t you ask for my permission first!”

“While we’re staying there, we will be the one providing your food. Is that alright?” Mu Qian softly said.

Sure enough, Jun Mo readily agreed. “Sure! Take your time resting in my place then!”

After a little bit of recovery, they rushed at full speed towards the Medicine King’s Valley. Once they arrived, the finally felt at ease.

A month of intense fighting, struggling between life and death, these people almost lost their hopes in the end.

Afterwards, Mu Qian began conditioning their bodies with a variety of drugs. At the same time, their physical features have become surprisingly high.

Even though they’ve just made their breakthrough to Martial and Spirit King earlier, fighting against a Second-Stage Martial or Spirit King is of no threat at all.

Once they’ve restored their strength, recovering their best state is the top priority before going back at the Purple Moon Kingdom.

Finally, the day of their return had arrived.

“Go!” At the command of Mu Qian Xi, they set out to return to the city.

“Wait! Wait for me!”

At this time, a striking youth wearing a white robe floats towards their direction. The young man rushed after them using all of his strength.

Mu Qian was befuddled. “What are you doing here?”

“Once you’re gone, what would I eat? I’ll surely starve to death!” Jun Mo harrumphs. “That’s why I decided to come with you.”

“You don’t want your valley anymore? You’re willing to give up your quiet life in seclusion?”

“In order to eat delicious food, everything is nothing. I already wasted ten years of my life, this time I will eat to my heart’s content.” Jun Mo is excited to his future days.

“Since I’ve met you little girl, I found out that my knowledge in medicines are still lacking. In regards to that, please take care of me. Besides, your strength is still not on par with mine, you can’t get rid of me.” He smirked.

Mu Yi suddenly felt his head throb, he never thought that the Medicine King would be so obsessed to hug his Lord’s “thigh”. If this new spread, it will surely scare someone out of their wits

Mu Qian Xi: “Right timing, I am lacking of a resident alchemist at my Ghost Doctor Building, if you want to follow me, you must refine the medicines that I want and I’ll provide you with delicious meals everyday.”

“No problem!”

That simple conversation seems to have scared Mu Yi silly. “Medicine King, don’t you want to know how much you can earn with a simple medicine of yours would be if auctioned outside?”

Asking for food for this kind of labor, isn’t it too extreme?

Leaving the Medicine King’s Valley behind, while Mu Qian and the gang were on their way to the PurpleMoon Kingdom, once again they were surrounded by a group of men in black.

Mu Qian gracefully walked down from the carriage, raising her brow, she asked. “What do you want?”

A masked person who seems to be the Leader walked in front, in his eyes an expression of dismay was seen, he said. “Did not think that the Medicine King would really cure you. This is the more reason why we cannot let you come back alive in thePurple Moon Kingdom.”

Mu Qian coldly said. “Ouyang’s Second Uncle, this Lord knew who you are! You don’t have to continue this farce.”

“I didn’t think you’d recognize me right away.” Ouyang Qi simply took off his mask, since Mu Qian is destined to die today, even if they saw his face it doesn’t matter anymore.

“Now that you’ve gone to your own grave, I’ll gladly finish you off here and now! Shadows go!”

Finishing her words, Mu Jia’s ninety-nine shadows have made their shot!

“Boom!” A loud explosion occurs, in the next moment, the twenty Martial King that Ouyang Qi has brought were all besiege by Mu Qian’s shadows.

“How is this possible?”

Ouyang Qi tried to avoid all sorts of weapon aiming at him, and then his sight went towards the Mu Jia’s Lord, her face brimming with confidence.

He finally realized that all of the Ninety-nine shadows have the strength of a Martial and Spirit King!

If he remembered correctly, this group was only at Martial and Spirit Master last month!

Ninety-nine shadows composed of Martial and Spirit Kings were being controlled by Mu Qian Xi. Even if the whole Ouyang Clan attack, defeating them would be impossible!

Because of their twenty generals who reached the strength of Martial King, became half of their power.

Mu Qian coldly gave a command. “Kill them all! Leave no one alive!”

Translator’s Notes:

Mu Qian throws a Pokéball!




Medicine King, Jun Mo broke free!

Mu Qian throws another Pokéball!




Medicine King, Jun Mo broke free!

Mu Qian frowned. She thought for a moment and finally reached out for her trump card.

Mu Qian throws a Masterball!




Congratulations! Jun Mo was caught!

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