EWP Chapter 95: Describe a person who will eat very much

Describe a person who will eat very much

“Do it yourself!” Jiu Ye coldly glanced at him, clearly giving Jun Mo a warning,

(TN: Jiu Ye’s true words. “My wifey’s cooking is only for me!”)

Jun Mo saw how possessive this eccentric man can be when it comes to the woman behind her.

Jun Mo decided not to fight with him, he said. “Fine, fine, I’ll roast something for myself!”

Besides, with different spices here all of those roasted meat by the others also looks good to eat. Jun Mo with a new set of firewood started to cook for himself!

“Flick!” A flame small flame came out from Jun Mo’s hand.

Mu Qian froze for a minute, she exclaimed. “You possessed the element of fire!”

Jun Mo said. “Why of course! If an alchemist doesn’t have a fire element, the result will always be a step behind to others and the effects would be at all times limited. Only those who have fire element can reach the peak of refining medicine! “

“However… …”Jun Mo shoots a glance at Mu Qian Xi.

“You are considered as the abnormality from the norm. Your way of refining and knowledge in medicines is totally different compared to us.”

Mu Qian nodded, she said. “It’s exactly what you say, my way of refining isn’t the same with you but I assure you that regarding on gaining knowledge on alchemy, we’re the same but I can only use water element.”

Her love for medicine is deep, if she can’t reach the pinnacle of alchemy due to some unforeseen reasons it would really be a pity.

Yet Jun Mo said. “That’s not true, even if you have water element there are other ways that you can use. After all, some things are not absolute.”

Mu Qian hurriedly asked. “You have a way?”

“Between Heaven and Earth there is Spiritual Qi, there are a variety of elements in which you and I can possess. After a million of years, this world spawns different kind of elemental spirits including the fire spirits, water spirits and so on. If you can tame a fire spirit, even if you do not have an affinity with the element of fire, you can become an excellent alchemist.” Jun Mo slowly explained.

“However, seeing as you have the element of water which is the worst nightmare for fire spirits. The possibility of forming a contract with them is extremely low.” The corners of Jun Mo’s mouth rose lightly, he felt glad to finally land a blow to this girl’s ego.

“Is there no other way?”

Jun Mo seems to have not talked to someone for a long time, so he is very eager to answer Mu Qian’s questions.

“Another way is to find the Eternal God Cauldron. The Eternal Cauldron itself is infused with a fire and water spirits. As long as you become the Master of the Eternal Cauldron, then the fire spirit will easily surrender to you.” While speaking, in Jun Mo’s eyes flashed a dim light.

Mu Qian remembered the time when she was watching someone in the space of Ah Ting. She definitely saw the man in that illusion using the Eternal God Cauldron while refining medicines.

The Highest-grade cauldron, laughing at the Heavens, the Eternal God Cauldron!

No wonder Ah Ting said it was the best if she could find it, she didn’t think there is another reason for that.

At this time, Jiu Ye walked in front of Mu Qian, he said. “In addition to the Eternal God Cauldron, there is one thing that can also help you but he did not say.”

“Every Eternal Artifacts has its own elemental attributes. The Water Dragon God Ring with its water element and as for the element of fire you’re lacking of, you will need to find the Eternal Sword.”

Jun Mo hastily retorted. “The Eternal God Sword is only a legend, no one in this world found it yet. Telling her this is totally useless.”

Mu Qian was confused, she asked. “Eh? Is it not the same with the Eternal God Cauldron? Why did you say that? “

Jun Mo’s eyes droop low, he said. “Because obtaining the Eternal God Cauldron is every alchemist dream. I can’t help but talk about it.”

“Ah! Fire! Fire!”

Jun Mo who’s busy with chatting, completely forgotten the barbeque he’s roasting. The result, the fire toasted his meat and a prairie fire had ignited.

Mu Qian quickly raised her hand and shouted. “Water, come forth!”

Countless drops of water had fallen, finally putting the fire out but that piece of rabbit completely turned black as a coal.

Mu Qian asked. “Yesterday, your house had also caught fire. Don’t tell me, you’re not refining medicine back then?”

“Of course not! How can a Medicine King like me start a fire while refining. It was that troublesome cooking that always starts fire.”

“HA HA HA!” Almost everyone choked while laughing upon hearing Jun Mo’s answer.

The Medicine King can burn his house and even the forest when trying to cook, what a funny fellow indeed!

In order not to let another accident happen again, Mu Qian gave half of her food to Jun Mo instead.

Once Jun Mo saw the barbeques being handed to him, like a wolf pouncing on its prey, he quickly began to gobble it all up.

One person continued to eat at least seven times more of its weight.

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching, she said. “Even if you’re the Medicine King, eating so much will still upset your stomach!”

“I don’t care! This Gongzi haven’t had meat for more than ten years! Did you ever experienced eating like an immortal would? No meat and no other food to eat aside from leaves, even the taste of rice I’ve already forgotten. It is a hellish life, I tell you!”

While speaking, Jun Mo’s eyes are tearing up.

He then starched out his hand and said. “I want more.”

Mu Yi, hearing such a tragic thing cannot help but feel sad so he gave Jun Mo another roasted rabbit.

“Ahem! Ahem!” Mu Qian cleared her throat and asked.

“Didn’t people from all over come to seek medical treatment from you? Why did you not ask delicious food from them?”

Jun Mo exclaimed. “Putting such a simple request will damage my reputation!”

“So you’ve been strong for so many years! Wow!” Mu Qian raised her thumb up to his incomparable determination.

(TN: I feel MQX is being sarcastic on this one. HAHA!)

For the sake of keeping his face, he would rather eat some bland herbs for more than ten years. What a dedication!

Jun Mo continued to chew on the rabbit’s leg, he cheerfully said. “I have this chance to eat meat today. I’m so happy!”

(TN: Must-Protect-This-Cinnamon-Roll! (*゚益゚*)ゞ)

Since Jun Mo finally had meat, he even forgot to cause troubles to Mu Qian. Every day, he continued waiting for meals, it seems like a living starving ghost has reincarnated.

Eventually, they arrived at the periphery of theWestern-domed Mountains. The Western-domedMountain is considered as the largest mountain within the Snow Continent.

Mu Qian said. “Upon entering this area, you’ll all experience near-death experiences and suffer like you’ve never been before. Make every effort to keep yourself alive, within a month; you can breakthrough to Martial and Spirit King.”

Mu Yi asked. “If we don’t come back alive, no one would be left to protect you Lord. I’m afraid…”

Mu Qian cut his words and said. “You will all come back alive and this will be the one protecting you guys, so quickly go inside!”


Ninety-nine shadows scattered throughout the forest, a whole new journey awaits them.

Mu Qian muttered. “A month later, even if some of them only had one last breath, I must bring them back here alive, no matter what!”

After that, Mu Qian also went in.

At most, she can only handle second-ranked beast, she bear in mind that even a Ninth-stage Martial warrior was helpless against a third-ranked beast.

(TN: Remember the assassins on chapter 43? The three idiots?)

Throughout the forest, sounds of clash reverberates every day and night

Drained, famished and ceaselessly drinking various elixirs to cure their wounds, these are the shadows condition inside. For their Lord, even if their strength is still lacking they would fight till the end.

From the beginning to end, no matter how tired Mu Qian looks, Jiu Ye continued on watching her from afar, hiding his aura to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Jun Mo on the other hand is also hiding behind a tree; he puffs his cheeks and whispered to himself. “This woman, why is she so desperate? Can’t she see? This training is certainly not good for them!”

Translator’s Skit

Me: Wu’er, aren’t you bored waiting for them everyday?

Mu Wushuang: No.

Me: You’re really a worrywart you know?

Mu Wushuang: Mm.

Me: Do you miss your niece that much?

Mu Wushuang: Yes.

Me: Why do I feel like I’m talking to Jiu Ye? Are you sick?

(Quickly put my hand on his forehead)

Me: What the! You’re burning up!

Mu Wushuang: I’m fine.

Me: The heck! You’re nowhere fine! Quick, let’s go inside!

Mu Wushuang: I said I’m fine!

Me: Are you out of your mind! You’re sick! Why did you insist on waiting outside for this long?!

Mu Wushuang: I… Xi’er, I need to wait for Xi’er.

Me: Don’t you know she would be much sadder if you keep this up?! Do you think she would be pleased if she saw you waiting for her out here in the cold?!

Mu Wushuang: 

Me: See, I’m right aren’t I? Here, I’ll help you get inside.

(Pushes his wheelchair towards his room)

Mu Wushuang: …Thank you for staying with me.

Me: (Smirks) don’t mention it.

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