EWP Chapter 94: The Moonlight’s pretty good

The Moonlight’s pretty good.

Mu Qian left with no choice said. “Ah Ting, stop this already! Turn back the time!”

“Why won’t you do it? Don’t you know how dangerous he is?!”

Mu Qian lightly laughed, she said. “Jiu Ye is not to blame here, you already knew that right? Besides, even in his dangerous state, he didn’t attack me and never did anything to hurt me. How could I just kill him?”

“Argh! I’m so mad! Don’t regret this later okay!”

At this time, Mu Qian with a force was pulled into a cold hard embrace.

Benjun is very satisfied with your choice.” He whispered in her ear, his low magnetic voice is filled with pleasure, listening to it was intoxicating.

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching; she really wanted to smack Jiu Ye’s head for him to stop. She doesn’t have a clue why she’s suffering this much for him either.

Ah Ting’s skill is also to blame here, she’s afraid that Jiu Ye have already recovered even before Ah Ting planned to turn back the time!

If Mu Qian really did what that brat told her to do, she knew she’s done for!

Ah Ting was embarrassed, with an apologetic tone, he said. “My power is too little; I probably made a mistake on controlling time… “

“Bullshit! If you knew you’re gonna fail, why did you ask me to do that in the first place?”

“That was our only opportunity, if you missed that chance, later when you want to solve him, it will be too difficult to do so.”

Ah Ting also felt that his action this time is wrong, after saying this sentence he directly went to rest to restore his strength.

That ice-block man was so terrible that he could resist his skill to stop time.

Some time later, Mu Qian who’s being held in the arms of someone said. “Ah Ting can be naughty at some times but his nature is not bad.”

Jiu Ye’s face once again became heavy, he said. “Do not mention him in front of me.”

“Sure! I’ll never mention it again!” Mu Qian readily agreed.

Jiu Ye hugged her hard, as if to put her into his blood and bones.

He muttered. “Fortunately, you did not make the wrong choice.”

“Jiu Ye, you helped me and protected me so many times. I won’t harm you unless you harm me first. Even if you are very strong, once you’ve turn you’re back on me, I can be vicious and heartless to you. I assure you that these words of mine are true.” Mu Qian seriously said.

Although, the Ghost Doctor, Mu Qian Xi is not a good person, she was always sincere when it comes to a person who holds goodwill to her.

“I know.” Jiu Ye lowly said.

“Can you let me go first?”

Mu Qian struggled, his hand is even harder than steel, being pressed by this person is surely painful.

“Hold on for a moment. Look, isn’t the moonlight here pretty good!” Jiu Ye exclaimed, holding Mu Qian even tighter.

Mu Qian, oblivious to his advances looked up at the Moon; she did not expect that this person can admire a nightview!

Mu Qian kept her posture for a long time until her body turned numb. When Jiu Ye noticed her being stiff and all, the Night Prince who is very devoted on moon watching, is finally willing to let the person go.

The next morning, a horrible scream woke the whole area.

“AHH! What happened to my medicine field! Where’s my herbs!”

Jun Mo saw a bare field of medicine that almost made him faint on the spot.

Mu Qian arrived at the scene and took out two flowers, acting innocent she said. “The two herbs that I want has been found. Thank you for your generosity Medicine King.”

Jun Mo glared at Mu Qian, he shouted. “Even if you have to find those two herbs, that doesn’t mean that you can just clear up my medicine field! Return my medicine field this instant!”

Jun Mo really wants to rush forward to wipe that smile off her face.

“What are you saying? When I found these two herbs, I immediately left afterwards. How could I even move or destroy your medicine field with just one night?”

As expected, Jun Mo did not buy her words, he indignantly said. “You are obviously the one who did it! Admit it!”

Mu Qian raised a brow. “How can you accuse me without presenting evidence first? If you can’t bear to give me these two herbs, you don’t have to set me up for a crime that I didn’t do.”

Jun Mo was too angry, he could vomit blood. “You… … You’re totally insane.”

Mu Qian brushed him off and said. “We found what we’ve come for so we’ll be going back. No need to send us off, we knew the way.”

“Let’s go!” Mu Qian and the others quickly departed.

Jun Mo feels that he can eat someone alive, he shouted. “Damn! Get back here! We’re not clear yet! HEY!!!”

“I said stop!”

No matter how Jun Mo tried to shout, Mu Qian and the gang did not look back. In the end, Jun Mo decided to pick up his own belongings and catch up with them.

He cursed her again and again. “That wretched woman, this is the first time I’ve encountered someone like her!”

At this point, the mysterious immortal living in the Medicine King’s valley is acting like an old woman bitching in the streets.

‘Eh? They’re not going to the city but the Western-domed Mountains instead? What other things does she need?’ While chasing, Jun Mo in the side secretly muttered.

From the Medicine King’s Valley to the Western-domed Mountains, there is no town so they can only camp outside.

Burning up the bonfire at night, Mu Qian let them hunt some pheasants and hare. The main reason was they’re not used to eating dried food and their stomachs are begging for some meatfor quite a while now.

When the shadows came back, Mu Qian took out various herbs and condiments.

After thoroughly washing the meat, Mu Qian sprinkled pheasant pieces and hare’s meat with spices, and then she brushed it with melted butter and placed it one by one around the bonfire to cook. A fragrant smell filled the area.

Wait until the meat has been roasted to golden brown, sprinkle a little salt and she’s done.

The Shadows eyes are shining, one said. “Our Lord is not only proficient in cultivation, alchemy and making money, she’s also good at cooking ah!”

Before their Lord, some distance must always be kept. If she wanted to do something, she can order them anything whenever she pleases.

But now, their Lord is personally cooking. Which Lord tried to cook for their subordinates like her? This can only mean that she’s been caring towards her people and it made the shadows worship her more.

In their heart, her position is much higher compared to the old Lord.

“You can cook it like I did or you can do it in your own way too. I’m sure either way would be fine.”

She dare not say it would be very tasty nor said it was the best.

After all, Mu Qian often seeks out for herbs in forest and mountains. In order to fill her stomach, having this skill is essential.

Mu Qian tore off a rabbit’s leg and offered it to Jiu Ye sitting beside her. “Try this. Although it’s a little bit greasy, I hope you’ll like it.”

Jiu Ye looked silently at the piece of meat in front of him; as a result, sound of someone’s stomach growling was heard. Jun Mo tried to hide it by mimicking an owl. “Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!”

Mu Qian knew it was Jun Mo all along, feeling annoyed, she shouted. “Since you’re hungry, why don’t you come out now? How long do you want to hide yourself?”

Jun Mo appeared at once, his two eyes are shining at the roasted rabbit in Mu Qian’s hand, he cheerfully said. “I want to eat! Let me eat that one in your hand!”

Mu Qian on the other hand, is contemplating how to compensate this guy. After all, she just ransacked his whole medicine field. Mu Qian thought it was okay to give him the rabbit’s leg to make up for him even for a little.

When she was about to hand the rabbit leg to Jun Mo, surprisingly, Jiu Ye intercepted it.

The dark figure, akin to a Devil quickly blocked Mu Qian from Jun Mo’s view, took the rabbit’s leg from her hand and slowly took a bite.

Jun Mo is still frightened by this man yet he can’t control his anger towards him any longer, he gnashed his teeth and yelled. “Wha… …What is the meaning of this!”

“You…… Don’t go too far! Even if you’re too strong! You… …You can’t just grab someone’s delicious meal like this!”

Translator’s Note:

Why do I feel that the chapters are getting longer, weird…?

Anyways, goodluck to Jun Mo hope he can survive after this! HA HA HA!

After working nonstop for a month. I finally had the time to continue translating. YES. You read that right, I just got back from a business trip… A really looong trip. I’m exhausted and couldn’t even open my eyes when I wake up this morning. Anyways, hope you enjoy reading this chapter! ?

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