EWP Chapter 93: Special innate skill

Special innate skill

Jiu Ye softly brushed aside the hair on Mu Qian’s forehead, as the gentle breeze sways; a pair of icy-blue eyes looks at Mu Qian’s eyes and said sincerely. “No matter whom benjun is, I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

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Four eyes are staring at each other; Mu Qian can tell that those icy-blue eyes had a gentle look now compared to Jiu Ye’s usual self.

Looking at such a pair of eyes, Mu Qian’s heart beats faster.

“Argh! What kind of poison is this!?”

At this time, Jun Mo rushed out shouting, breaking the peaceful mood between the two.

Actually, Jun Mo who’s twisting in pain all over his body wanted to grab Mu Qian immediately but when he saw Jiu Ye glaring at him. He was afraid to say anything.

Mu Qian was the first to ask. “Oh? So do you admit your defeat?”

“I admit defeat! I admit defeat! Quickly tell me what poison is this! How did you configure it?”

In a few moments, the Medicine King, Jun Mo closed his mouth to let Mu Qian speak.

He was not concerned with the detoxification but with the poison itself, making him above the rest, such curiosity is worthy for the Medicine King.

Mu Qian said. “Since you lost, I won’t allow you to renege.”

“I’m Jun Mo! Never in my life did I take back what I’ve said.”

“This poison is originally not from here. It can only paralyze the nerves in your brain so won’t able to move your body.” Mu Qian slowly said.

“Paralyze the nerves? What does that mean?” Jun Mo asked a good question.

“The nerve paralysis is…”

Jun Mo listened seriously to Mu Qian’s detailed explanation.

Mu Qian even took out the cure for the poison but contrary to one’s expectations, Jun Mo flatly refused.

Jun Mo said. “I won’t accept it, how about you refine it again and I’ll watch instead?”

Mu Qian raised an eyebrow and asked. “Oh? Are you sure you can hold on till the end?”

With every step Jun Mo make, he was aching all over. But despite the pain he simply nodded and said. “Of course! Did you forget who I am? I’m the Medicine King!”

Mu Qian looked at him and saw that he’s fine, she said. “Good! Take me where you refine. “

“Here, let me guide you!”

Refining medicines became a common topic for two people. With such an exciting subject, Mu Qian clearly forgets Jiu Ye and walked away with Jun Mo nonchalantly.

That pair of icy-blue eyes watched the two people go, in an instant, the whole air surrounding him condensed into ice.

The shadows couldn’t help but shudder, ‘Lord! You snubbed the Night Prince, so why is it us suffering?

This chill, it’s horrible.

“Oh, so this is how it’s done!”

“Woah! How did you do that?”

“I didn’t think that these two herbs can be mixed.”

For an outsider’s point of view, the immortal Medicine King who was held by the mass to be a reclusive person was cheering for Mu Qian like a child in general.

At the same time, the Night prince’s aura is getting more terrible.

Mu Yi felt that if the Medicine King didn’t have such astonishing strength, he would be a white skeleton in the next moment.

Now, the poison inside Jun Mo was finally resolved and he also learned a lot about the poisons that are able to paralyze the nerves. Lastly, he restored his transcendent appearance.

“You want the Moon Jade Orchid and Amber Flower right? Then, come and follow me!” Jun Mo turned around and guided Mu Qian Xi into his own medicine garden.

Jun Mo pointed at the massive garden and said. “If you are able to locate the Moon Jade Orchid and Amber Flower before dawn, I will give it to you.”

The medicinal field of the Medicine King was comprised of thousands of herbs and this guy does not seem to divide it by categories either, everything was mixed together.

Finding the two herbs she’s looking for in that giant kind-of-a mess, it would take a whole lot of time.

Mu Qian curled up her lip and said. “Mu Yi, take the Medicine King when you go out. I don’t want to search for the herbs with someone interrupting me.”

“Yeah right! I don’t need you asking me to get out. I’ll go to bed first.”

He was tired dealing with Mu Qian’s poison for a whole night.

Jun Mo voluntarily left but Mu Qian still ordered Mu Yi and the others to watch him.

And when all of them were gone, there was only Jiu Ye at her side.

Looking at this large medicine field, Mu Qian smiled as she muttered to herself. “Medicine King, is this the best you can do? I’ll make sure you’ll regret asking me here!”

“This medicine field, I’ll take it all!”

Mu Qian covered the whole medicine field with her spiritual Qi then she put it inside the Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion’s space.

If it’s inside that space, finding every kind of herbs would be simple.

A small orchid and a brownish-round flower appeared in Mu Qian’s hands. “Finally found it.”

A large medicine field disappeared in front of the two but in the eyes of Xuanyuan Jiu Ye, not even a hint of surprise was seen.

Mu Qian smiled, the Eternal Pavilion, Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion inside her body is one of her biggest secrets.

But for Jiu Ye, it was no secret at all.

From the first time they’d met, this guy already knew that the Eternal Pavilion was inside her body.

Jiu Ye turned to look at Mu Qian and seriously said. “Even though Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion is quite formidable it isn’t the strongest Eternal Artifact. When you get stronger, replace him.”

Mu Qian’s mouth started to twitch, although she had no idea how strong Ah Ting is, the fact that he is an Eternal Artifact makes him worth enough compared to other treasures in this world. Is there any reason for him to say that?

“Why?” Mu Qian asked directly.

Although, Ah Ting has a sharp mouth, arrogant and is also short-tempered, he never caused Mu Qian any accident. Besides, they are bound with a contract and she is not willing to part with Ah Ting yet.

Who would have thought that this ice-block would only say four words? “Too weak and common.”

“Argh! Let me out! I’m going to fight him!” At the same time, Ah Ting is shouting incessantly, wanting to rush out to prove his strength to Jiu Ye.

“How dare he say I am weak!”

Mu Qian helplessly said. “It’s true that we’re weak now but we will surely become stronger in the future.” But what she really wanted to say was “Isn’t it you who tried to rob him from me first?”

She wanted to live longer so she kept her mouth shut.

Ah Ting is already part of her life, in addition to Little Uncle; these two people are the most she’s concerned with.

Ah Ting knew how Mu Qian values him, he muttered. “At least there’s still conscience in you, ugly woman.”

When Jiu Ye saw how Mu Qian defends Ah Ting. Suddenly, an oppressive and terrible aura leaks out from his body. Mu Qian’s pupil shrinks from the terror.

Ah Ting shouted. “This man is simply psychotic! Ugly woman, don’t be scared! I won’t let him harm even a strand of your hair!”

Jiu Ye suppressed himself from hurting Mu Qian, he clamped his arm and said. “I wanted him because he was a little useful.”

That pair of icy-blue eyes is turning into deep blue at this moment, looking deeply at Mu Qian as if engraving her at the very bottom of his soul, he slowly said. “Now, I want to have…”

In the next second, Jiu Ye’s words came to a standstill along with the world; everything looks like it was paused for a moment.

Ah Ting hastily shouted. “Ugly woman! Finish him off quickly! First, stab him a hundred times then put your poisons inside of him, we’ll see if he can still survive by then! “

Mu Qian froze but quickly regain her thoughts. “Ah Ting, it’s you? You learn how to stop time?”

“Nonsense, this is my innate skill. Hurry up! I only recovered a little bit of my strength so I can’t hold this for a long time. If you won’t finish this man, sooner or later a scourge will happen! Dare to say I’m weak, let him suffer! Let’s see who the real loser is then.” Ah Ting’s fury is not subsiding.

Translator’s Note:

Hey dear readers! I’m still on business trip but its my birthday today so here’s a new chapter to celebrate it.

Uhm… Jiu Ye is having a mood swing, maybe it’s the time of the month.

One moment it was sweet then BAM! The Suspense! The Drama! The Horror!

Oh God please help poor little Jiu Ye, Ah Ting is really going for the kill!

PS: Next chapter will be posted on the 1st day of June . Hope I can update one chapter a day by then.

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