EWP Chapter 92: Who are you people?

Who are you people?

The man casually waved his hand and said. “All things shall be done until I cleared this place first.”

Then with a flick of his sleeve, he left.

Listening to the voice of this Medicine King, he seems rather young?

“Let’s talk, who do you want me to save?”

Some time later, a sound of jade ring gently knocking on the door was heard, accompanied by a pleasant voice.

Mu Qian turned her head and saw a young man coming inside the room where she stayed waiting.

Skin as white as snow and thick eyebrows forming a crescent moon. His face really looks like a work of art.

That pair of eyes looked seemingly calm but there’s a hint of hidden waves within.

The wind gently blows his ink-black hair while his slender figure reveals his independence from the world outside, as if he can float in the clouds.

Mu Qian Xi and Mu Jia’s Shadows are all in a stupor, that man who was filled with charcoal on his face earlier has a transcendent temperament now, really surprised people’s eyes.

Mu Qian said. “I’m not here asking for your help. I just want to ask two things from you. I want the Moon Jade Orchid and Amber Flower.

Jun Mo Xi’s pitch-black eyes flashed a hint of anger, he said. “Look here, I only cure people from their illness and I’m definitely not selling some drugs. If you have no other purpose, leave my valley before I get angry.”

“I will not go without my fulfilling my purpose. If you give me the Moon Jade Orchid and Amber Flower, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

“In this Medicine King Valley of mine, I abide by my own rules, I can save your people but I won’t sell any drugs to you!”

Mu Qian smirked, she said. “Save, you say? If you have the ability to cure dark-burning poison, I’ll let you save my people.”

Hearing a difficult poison being mention, Jun Mo Xi froze, he said. “Dark-burning poison is considered as an ancient poison; even a ninth-grade medicine pill can’t do anything about it. Even if I can refine a ninth-grade successfully, I’m afraid it would only alleviate some of its symptoms and could not cure it completely.”

Mu Qian said. “As long as you give me the Moon Jade Orchid and Amber Flower, I could solve that poison immediately!”

“That’s not possible! Although these two herbs are indeed advanced, it can only help for the treatment of eye, but detoxifying the dark-burning poison, it is simply a dream!”

“Aren’t you too short-sighted? Just say if you can’t cure it. There’s no need to say so much nonsense.” Mu Qian retorted.

“Wh… …Who are you calling short-sighted!” Jun Mo Xi angrily shouted.

“In the Snow Continent, if I claim I was the second, no one would dare to say they’re first! How dare you say I’m short-sighted?!”

Mu Yi and the others were paralyzed, although he has always heard the Medicine King’s name, but he never thought that he is powerful to this extent!

Mu Qian can see that this Medicine King is a man of his words, arrogant and stubborn. It is impossible for her to ask him to break his own set of rules.

However, she has another way.

“Since you are so disaffected, do you dare to compete with me? If you lose, give me those two things, if I lose……”

Mu Qian pondered, she can’t think of any condition in which may tempt him to accept her challenge.

This guy is not short in money and aside having too much money, there are no other precious things she can offer him at this moment.

Jun Mo interrupted her thought and said. “If you lose, I will make an arrogant girl like you serve as my servant girl to perform physical labor such as chopping firewood.”

Mu Yi was furious, he shouted. “You are impudent!”

Sure enough, there is another person who is angrier compared to the Shadows.

Murderous intent filled the air and one word loomed on their heads. Death.

At this time, Jun Mo felt the danger.

Jun Mo exudes all of his strength to block against the murderous intent heading towards him.

He turned to look at Jiu Ye who wearing a dark mask and was standing silently beside Mu Qian Xi the whole time.

That pair of icy-blue eyes that looks out of this world were extremely cold and dangerous!

Mu Qian felt that the Medicine’s King Strength is stronger than her Little Uncle’s.

If her guess is right, his strength must be at the King’s order!

He only looks at twenty at most, such young age has this kind of strength!

Jun Mo bit his teeth, he indignantly said. “Could it be you want to rob me in the first place? Heh! Before I die I will destroy those two herbs first! It will then be impossible for you guys to have the chance to procure it again!”

Although, they were in the middle of nowhere and Jun Mo Xi’s strength is at the peak of Spirit King, he felt that he can never win against that man.

Mu Qian asked. “How about this instead, if I lose, I’ll help you take care of your medicine field for three months?”

Jun Mo shakes his head and said. “No, if you lose, take this dangerous man away from my Medicine King’s Valley. I’m afraid if I spend some more time with him, I’ll have nightmares!”

Mu Qian agreed instantly. “Alright.”

Jun Mo asked. “How do we compete though?”

Mu Qian smirked. “Let’s do something simple, okay?”


“I will inject a poison in you. If you can detoxify it then you win. If you can’t then you lose!” A sly look flashed on Mu Qian’s eyes.

After seeing the Medicine King’s true strength, Mu Qian doesn’t have a hundred percent certainty that she could win.

If a young man like him reaches the peak of SpiritKing and gained the title of the Medicine King while hiding in this small remote place, this person is surely extraordinary.

Jun Mo said. “Good! I’m not afraid of you. In the whole Snow Continent, there is no poison I do not know!”

Mu Qian smiled and said. “Then is it alright to start now?”

Afterwards, she approached Jun Mo and inserted a poison on his wrist using a needle.

Jun Mo said that there is no poison he doesn’t know in the Snow Continent, but her poison does not come from the Snow Continent but from another world where she is the renowned Ghost Doctor!

“What are you…?” Jun Mo looked puzzled at the thin drug needle of hers.

The needle went directly into his skin and he felt a trace of liquid entering his veins.

In a few moments, Jun Mo felt the poison started to scatter inside his body; he can’t even distinguish what kind of poison she used. Moreover, isn’t poison supposed to be drink first in order for it take effect? With just a small needle, how would it work exactly?

Jun Mo rushed into his alchemy room, he mustn’t lose!

Mu Qian reminded him. “I’ll give you one night’s time. If you can’t detoxify it by tomorrow morning, then you lose.”

Mu Qian turned and said to the Shadows. “Tonight, you all must rest properly! We’ll have to go to the edge of the Western-domed Mountains tomorrow and there’s no time for us to relax by then.”

“Yes!” Although all of the Shadows don’t have an idea why they have to go there, they will follow her every words unconditionally.

The Medicine King is busy detoxifying the poison in his body; he had no time to arrange their accommodation, so Mu Qian and Mu Jia’s ninety-nine shadow can only camp in the Medicine King’s Valley.

Mu Qian took a glance at Jiu Ye standing quietly beside her, she couldn’t help but ask. “Jiu Ye, it seems you’re idle with our whole journey. Did you really have to follow me to this Medicine King’s Valley? It’s boring isn’t it?”

“Mm.” Jiu Ye nodded. For him, being in the Purple Moon Country is too boring compared to where he is now. As a matter of fact, in order to keep him satisfied inside the Purple Moon Kingdom, the Emperor himself throws many boring things to him that result to his bad mood instead.

“Even the Medicine King whose strength is at the Spirit King is afraid of you. How strong are you really? Who are you exactly?”

Translator’s Note:

Mu Qian is a certified con-man!

Poor Jun Mo Xi, another innocent soul will be captured by our heroine!

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