EWP Chapter 91: The ghost doctor way

The ghost doctor way.

If we’re making a comparison, the first groups did it for the sake of money while these people are only here for the kill.

Mu Yi coldly asked. “… …Who are you guys?”

Mu Yi and the other Shadows knew that these people in front of them are a lot stronger, that’s why they’d already prepared the Lord’s secret weapon earlier.

“Hmph! You’re gonna die anyway, so what’s the use knowing our names?” The person who seems to be the Leader spoke haughtily.

Afterwards, this group of people started to attack them!

Those who did not enter the realm of the Spirit or Martial King yet came to deal with these assassins and had suffered a great loss.

“Even if weaklings like you are good, facing someone with absolute strength will only lead to your deaths!”

“Swish!” Suddenly, the remaining shadows jumped out, a total of ninety-nine shadows surround the assassins.

Mu Yi shouted. “Brothers, get on formation!”

The expression on the assassin’s leader face changed dramatically. “How is this possible? Mu… Mu Jia’s ninety-nine shadows are all here!”

Even with the disparity on their strengths, the assassins are having difficulty dealing with the Shadows. Especially with poisonous gas and secret weapons aimed at them.

Unless she’s sure to win, Mu Qian won’t do anything reckless, especially if it involves the lives of her subordinates.

The Shadows recalled the time when Mu Qian straightforwardly said that they’re all weak. Yes. Compared to the Spirit and Martial King in front of them, they are all considered weak. Without having enough strength, they are unable to protect the Lord they wanted to serve.

But even if that’s the case, until the last drop of their blood remains, they will fight till the end!



During this battle, the Shadows were all in a miserable state.

Even though they had a great advantage on numbers, with the opponent’s strength, the gap is just too big.

They’re not strong enough!

This time, a purple figure jumped out from the carriage!

“Rumble!” In every corner, a black fog burst out!

In this thick fog, countless poisons were thrown towards the assassin’s side.

“A-hack! Hack!” The group of assassins started to cough vehemently; they can feel that every Qi in their body is slowly disappearing and their bodies are getting stiff.

The Leader among the assassins shouted badly. “Everyone, retreat! This fog is poisonous, we must get back immediately!”

After being poisoned, their strength is not good as before.

He was sure that even If they continue to fight, they can still kill these shadows. But what scares him the most is the repercussion in their body afterwards. He can tell that they would all lose their cultivation in the end of this bout.

He won’ let the top powerhouses of their group be buried along with this clan!


While they were retreating, Mu Qian also ordered. “We’ll have to withdraw for now! We can’t stay in this place for too long!”

On a much safer place, all injured shadows were gently put down. Suddenly, Mu Qian heard Mu Yi shouting all of a sudden. “Mu San!”

Mu San was broken all over; even his internal organs are at risk.

“Shut up!”

A purple figure hastily walked towards Mu San, a needle was directly inserted through his heart,

Mu Yi’s eyes were wide open, he hurriedly asked. “Lord! How is he?”

“Rest assured! I’m still here. I won’t let him die.”

With Mu San’s present condition, even if he eats a lot of healing pellet he won’t recover at all.

By piercing his heart with a certain medicine, it was the fastest way to help him recover from his severe injuries.

After treating Mu San, Mu Qian Xi once again check on the other shadow, pulling them back from hell.

If King Yama really wants to take their lives, he must answer to the Ghost Doctor first!

Mu Qian ordered. “Hurry, take this medicine and let the others drink it, we must leave before those assassins return!”

“Yes, Lord!”

Although some of Mu Qian’s shadows had lost consciousness, luckily she managed to keep their lives in the end.

They’ve been on the road all night; afterwards Mu Qian continued working on for the rest of the day. Finally, Mu Qian and the rest arrived in the Medicine King’s Valley.


“Follow this Lord’s pace.”

At this point, Mu Qian and the others can’t act rashly especially with the illusions surrounding the perimeter. If any of them were to be caught in this array, they will be trap in here forever and die!

Mu Qian used her contract with the Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion to contact Ah Ting, she asked. “Ah Ting, are you sure this is the right way?”

“Ugly woman, if you don’t believe me then go on your own! I’ll bet that all of you would be stuck here for a month!” Ah Ting angrily shouted.

Suddenly, countless ferocious beasts charge towards them. The Shadows hurriedly dodge and encircled Mu Qian. “Protect the Lord!”

Mu Qian said. “Stop! Though these beasts look strong, they aren’t real. These are all an illusions set to trap us up, clear your minds and it will automatically disappear.”

Hearing Mu Qian’s words, they no longer panic. When a violent beast rushed towards their direction, upon clearing their minds, these beasts instantly vanish.

Ah Ting smiled. “Ugly woman, not bad! Look, another magic array!”

“Be careful, the next magic array is able to make you fall asleep! We must quickly find the eye, otherwise all of you would die!” Ah Ting quickly said.

When Mu Qian stepped inside the array, Ah Ting immediately found the eye.

“That side!”

Mu Qian swiftly made a shot. “Water Charge!”

A loud explosion filled the area; the magic array was completely destroyed by Mu Qian’s attack.

Mu Yi and the others are thrilled. “Our Lord is too powerful! This is like a child-play to her, look!”

“That’s natural! This is our Lord we’re talking about after all!” Mu Er proudly said.

“Don’t be too happy, there are still a lot of checkpoints we needed to clear after this.” Mu Qian Xi poured cold water on them.

Listening to the instructions of Ah Ting, Mu Qian passed one after another, she squatted. “This Medicine King Valley is even bigger than this Lord’s properties, so how come there aren’t any temples or even a place we could eat in here. Tsk! What a dry place.”

“Boom!” When they broke the last defensive formation, they finally arrived at the Legendary Medicine King’s home.

A quiet place with beautiful scenery, birds and flowers welcomed them, it can even be compared to a paradise is what they thought.

Suddenly, a burst of fragrant medicine smell came, Mu Qian felt excited.

Mu Yi has some doubts. “We broke the last array so the drug king should know it right? But how come he still doesn’t show himself?”

Afterwards, Mu Qian and the others gather in front of a small courtyard, in a while, inside one of the rooms, a fire started and black smoke comes out!

“Fire!” Mu Yi exclaimed.

‘Did the Medicine King failed on refining?’

Mu Qian said. “No matter what the reason is, we have to hurry and put out the fire! If he ends up dead, where would I go to ask for the Moon Jade Orchid and Amber Flower?”

Mu Qian called the water element using the Water Dragon Ring, in a flash, a burst of water like a faucet, began to sprinkle water in that room.

The fire was quickly extinguished!

“Cough! Cough!” At this time, a gray-faced person walked out of the room.

His clothes were full of ashes and even the facial features are unrecognizable due to black coal on his face.

He crawled out the room and found out that his Medicine King’s Valley suddenly had hundreds of strangers, he then stood up slowly.

A pair of eyes that is even darker than the pandas tried to look at Mu Qian and those guards behind her, he muttered. “Eh? This is strange… Their strength is too weak so how did they manage to get here safely? Is there a problem in that arrays that I didn’t know of?”

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Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay.

Many things happened this week and I kinda messed up on the upload schedule. This was supposed to be uploaded on Monday so I don’t know where it went wrong.

Anyways, hope you enjoy reading this chapter!

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