EWP Chapter 90: Number one bandit

Number one bandit

The condition of Mu Jia’s Lord was considered hopeless, that’s why even the Royal Family began to move. Xuanyuan Li Tian with several alchemists went to visit Mu Qian Xi.

Only alchemists are permitted to go inside, naturally, Xuanyuan Li Tian was stopped at the gates by the Shadows.

Soon after, the group of alchemists from different factions came out, shaking their heads and behaving as if there is truly no way to cure the Mu Jia’s Lord.

That damned woman is finally dying.

Xuanyuan Li Tian confirmed his information and there was a glimmer of joy in his eyes.

For Xuanyuan Li Tian ,Mu Qian Xi was probably the most detestable person he ever met, she even dare to withdraw from their engagement then throw him out while he’s lying inside the jade coffin to parade in the streets. Even at the palace, Mu Qian continued on humiliating him like she never loved him before and if that’s not enough she also threaten his life and extorted a grand sum of one million gold taels to exchange for his life!

Those vile things she had done, he remembers it all. If she really ends up dead, then how happy could he be?

But how come, deep inside, he can feel a little bit of regret?

That arrogant woman that shines in her purple dress, even if she is an insolent woman, is she really going to die easily like this?

When Xuanyuan Li Tian left, it was the group of Xuanyuan Li Shang’s turn to visit next, together with his own groups of alchemist they have come to check Mu Qian Xi personally.

At this time, Xuanyuan Li Shang’s face is still pale. From the day he was utterly defeated by Mu Qian added with the strangest illness he experienced, how can he be okay?

The only reason he forced himself to come here is to determine whether that insolent woman will breathe her last breath.

To try and sabotage him like that, she deserves to die!

In a while, just like the other groups, Xuanyuan Li Shang’s chief alchemist also declares that Mu Qian will never recover from the poison inside her body, Xuanyuan Li Shang fell at ease with his subordinate’s words.

This woman, in the midst of his perfect life spilled a stain that he can’t undo no matter what, even if she met death a hundred times, it will never be enough!

“HA HA HA! That’s great news! That bitch is finished!” Ouyang Wei laughed like a madman.

“Why poison though? Isn’t it better for the assassins to kill her off immediately?”

Even if she knew Mu Qian Xi was about to die, Ouyang Wei still refused to believe that a mere poison would end Mu Qian’s life.

Ouyang Ju said. “It must be that Mu Fengyun left a lot of life-saving things for Mu Qian Xi, letting her life to prolong for a bit. But that would eventually run out and with how lethal Yanluo Meng’s poison is, she will never escape death!”

In addition to the Royal family and the Ouyang clan, the happiest people were none other than the elders of the Mu Jia.

If they can, they would immediately set of some fireworks to display how happy they feel with this news!

After a long while, the final alchemist who wanted to diagnose Mu Jia’s Lord finally left. The so-called poisoned Lord suddenly opened her eyes and listened to Mu Yi’s report. The corner of her mouth can’t help but turn upward from those people’s stupidity.

“Heh… Those old badgers didn’t even try to hide their actions now. When this Lord comes back healthily as ever, won’t they cry their eyes out in regret?”

At the end of the day, news that no one can cure Mu Qian in the Purple Moon Kingdom spread like a wildfire and as a result, the Third Master, Mu Wushuang ordered his men to take his niece to the Medicine King’s valley in hope to find the medicine she needs.

The person living there is the Medicine King that does not belong to any kingdom. Rumors say that he is very mysterious and also has a strange temper.

In order to seek medical treatment from him, one must meet extreme trials first before he agrees to treat them.

“Are you sure?” Ouyang Ju touched his chin and said. “So they’re planning on sending her to the Medicine King, that’s really courageous of Mu Wushuang don’t you think so? He-he… We mustn’t let Mu Qian reach the Medicine King’s valley!” Ouyang Ju eyes are full of mirth.

In the next day, Mu Qian embarked on her journey towards the Medicine King’s Valley. On the surface, it only appears like Mu Qian’s carriage is only accompanied by ten people but in fact; the ninety-nine shadows are all keeping an eye on her from the side.

By taking this opportunity, not only did she manage to leave the kingdom in an inconspicuous way but also had the chance to personally get the herbs that can definitely cure her Little Uncle’s eyes.

Killing two birds with one stone!

However, Mu Qian Xi did not expect that when she was about to reach the city gate, a man inside his own regal carriage would appear.

Mu Qian was surprised, she shouted. “Jiu Ye? How come you are here?”

“To accompany you.” Jiu Ye slowly said, then without any words flew out of his carriage to sit beside Mu Qian, comfortably leaning his body on Mu Qian’s soft couch.

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching; she already said that night that there is no need for him to accompany her on her journey to the Medicine King’s Valley.

However, she knew that even if she tries to reason with this ice-block, he would not move an inch from his seat, so she can only go with the flow for now.

The Mu Jia’s Lord, together with the Night prince made their way towards the Medicine King’s Valley!

Yet at the very moment they made their leave from the Purple Moon Kingdom, some people can’t just wait to start causing problems.

“We don’t want to kill all of you! Just hand over every valuable thing you’ve got in there and we’ll let you off!”

Mu Yi covered his face with his hand, as if he could not believe that someone wanted to rob their Lord in broad daylight. He even thought that these people are out of their minds.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

This group of imbeciles is apparently lacking some strength; it ended even before the time it takes to drink a cup of tea come to an end.

Mu Yi let out a sinister laugh. “Give me all of your money!”

Just like what his Lord used to say, this group went like lambs to the slaughter when they decided to rob them.

The Lord also said that he must remain vigilant at all times, especially now that they’re all traveling far from home. With their reputation alone, bandits would always come and go for the purpose of robbing the most prosperous Lord of the Purple Moon Kingdom.

The bandits cried their eyes out. “This is a mistake! Isn’t it us that is supposed to rob you guys? How can you even ask money from us?”

Mu Yi said fiercely. “Cut the crap! Surrender your money or die!”

Eventually, they gave up everything they had. This group of bandits even admired the way the Shadows handled them swiftly.

Although, the Mu Jia’s wealth are coveted by different people it does not mean that these guardians of Mu Qian Xi doesn’t have enough strength to fend them off.

Obviously, there are still smart people who sent people with the strength of Spirit and Martial King!

It doesn’t matter who, for their Lord, the Shadows are willing to fight for her even if it cost their lives!

Another explosion take place, the battle at this time is in full swing and another group of powerful bandits appear.

Amidst the fight, someone shouted. “Mu Jia’s Lord is in that carriage! Seize her first! Let’s see how they’ll act after! Ha-ha!”


Mu Qian’s mouth cannot help but twitch with that man’s words. These guys are so bad at picking places. They don’t have any clue that the safest place is the farthest from her location.

She’s confident that if these bandits knew who’s inside this carriage, they wouldn’t even dare to move beyond one kilometer near her.

Despite the situation, she never intended to ask for Jiu Ye’s help.

“Swish!” Countless poisoned needles flew out.

Mu Qian reached her hand out and swiftly sprinkled another poisonous powder around the carriage.


As a result, few Martial Masters and Martial King that are planning to jump on top of Mu Qian’s carriage to escape the deadly poisons below all failed.

When they landed, their bodies started to get stiff, completely unaware of what is going on.

After a while, the Shadows all tied the remaining bandits. Mu Er laughed and said. “Your strength is good! I’m sure that you’ve collected a lot of precious things from other people right? Now, spit them all out!”

“Cough!” Some of the bandits coughed a mouthful of blood. This… … is this really the nouveau riche clan they’ve heard about? How come they act more like bandits compared to them?

Along the way, the Shadows continued to face a lot of bandits who wanted to rob them first. Sure enough, Mu Qian’s guess is right and they have earned a lot of money during this trip.

Medicine King’s Valley is located at the east side of the Purple Moon Kingdom. It is not far from the Western-domed mountain range, which stretches all over the Snow Continent.

After seven days on the road, Mu Qian and the gang will almost reach the Medicine King’s Valley soon.

Because the Medicine King’s Valley is remote and there aren’t any close towns nor villages, Mu Qian and the others chose to camp instead.

The night is dark due to the clouds obstructing the Moon’s light, a cold wind came and its definitely during this time is the best opportunity to kill someone.


With a flick of a sleeve, dozens of figure suddenly slipped down from the surrounding trees with weapons on their hands.

“Kill!” A cold and indifferent voice gave an order.

Translator’s Notes:

LOL Mu Yi and the other Shadows are definitely the best in this chapter.


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