EWP Chapter 89: The Lord is poisoned

The Lord is poisoned.

The smell of this assassin is very similar to the ones who wanted to kill her in the wild forest.

The only difference is that unlike the three people who are rookies, this person is considered as one of the top to possess the strength of a Spirit King.

Mu Qian directly asked. “Since you fail to kill me, then just be honest! Who sent you? Which organization are you from?”

The cold sweat on the killer’s back penetrated his clothes; he grits his teeth and said. “Even if this one is an assassin, this one still abides by our rules… I can’t”

“Swish!” The assassin suddenly spit out a poisonous needle towards Mu Qian’s direction.

“Water Shield!” Mu Qian hastily avoided.

Afterwards, she threw her own poisoned needle towards the man and it pierced through his skin.

“If you don’t answer my questions, I’ll make sure you experience pain that you’ll wish to be killed instead!”

His final move was foreseen by Mu Qian, now that there is some kind of poison inserted in his body. The overwhelming pain finally broke the assassin’s will!

“Argh!” He screamed, and his eyes turned completely white.

Mu Qian coldly asked. “Say, who sent you to assassinate this Lord?”

“Ouyang’s eldest daughter, Ouyang Wei.”

“Ouyang Wei surely doesn’t know when to give up! Then, tell me which organization do you belong?”

“Yanluo Meng!”

(TN: the translated version would be “King of Hell’s Union”)

Yanluo Meng isn’t a group that belongs in the Purple Moon Kingdom; instead it is a famous assassination group from a neighboring kingdom.

In order to kill Mu Qian, Ouyang Wei even hired foreign assassins!

They’ve already got what they wanted to know, Jiu Ye acted swiftly.

The assassin, who didn’t even have the time to scream, instantly turned into white bones and disappeared without a trace.

Mu Qian lowered her head and prepared to pick up the poison needle that the killer had just used, but Jiu Ye caught her wrist first.

Mu Qian let out a smile. “Jiu Ye, don’t worry! Poison of this caliber can’t harm me.”

The smile of the woman in front of his eyes is a bit of confusing but filled with charm.

She is very confident in her control of poison and knowledge in medicine.

The light that flows through the bottom of her eyes seems to dissolve the doubts Jiu Ye is feeling.

Jiu Ye’s pair of icy blue eyes is getting deeper, in a while he gently released Mu Qian’s wrist.

Mu Qian picked up the poison needle and observed it carefully. “Yanluo Meng’s poison… Heh, they better improve this or this Lord will send them a cart full of deadly poison as a gift. “

In her past life, there are also numerous groups who wanted to take her life.

As a result, she directly sent a plane full of deadly poison to each of their headquarters as retribution.

Since then, no assassins or whatsoever group of imbeciles dared to take over the task of killing the Ghost Doctor!

At this time, another black figure flashed and kneeled on the ground.

“Lord! We made a grieve mistake, please punish us! We did not realize that there is a killer that sneaked in and let the Lord be frightened.”

Mu Qian waved her hand and said. “I do not blame you, besides, his strength is much higher than yours. It seems that I really need to speed up the Shadows breakthrough to Martial and Spirit King.”

Mu Yi was helpless; he and his brothers are stuck in the peak of the Ninth-Stage Master for a long while now.

If making a breakthrough to Martial or Spirit King is so easy, then in the whole Purple Moon Kingdom, one can see enough upon taking a walk outside their home.

“Lord! Lord! We have great news!” Mu Er, who was in charge of gathering intelligence, suddenly rushed over.

Mu Yi stood up and knocked Mu Er’s head. “Mu Er! Be proper when reporting to our Lord.”

“Uh… Sorry.” Mu Er bends his one knee and reported. “Lord, we obtain news regarding the Moon Jade Orchid and Amber Flower.”

“Really?” Mu Qian was excited.

These two herbs are the most important ingredients that can cure her Little Uncle’s eyes!

As long as she procures these two herbs, refining the medicine will absolutely succeed!


Mu Er said. “Lord, the two herbs are located in the Medicine King’s Valley, to be precise; it’s in the hands of the Medicine King himself.”

On the other hand, Jiu Ye did not say anything but only prepared himself to leave.

Mu Qian saw him and suddenly shouted. “Jiu Ye, wait! I know it may sound rude but I don’t need your help on this. I have a plan!”

Although Jiu Ye did not say anything, Mu Qian can already guess what he is about to do and it’s quite simple actually. Jiu Ye intends to immediately kill the Medicine King and grab the two herbs to give to her.

Even if Jiu Ye does it for her without asking for anything in return, Mu Qian would refuse because she doesn’t want to owe him too much.

After all, the Ghost Doctor who lives before never owes someone. If someone wanted to ask for her help she would always ask for something in return, vice versa.

She is certain that debt of gratitude is the hardest thing to pay back.

However, she still doesn’t know why this powerful person is doing a lot for her without asking for anything in return and her debts just keeps on piling up.

In the present, Mu Jia can fully stand firm without relying on others. She can now solve her own problems and she absolutely doesn’t want to involve Jiu Ye any further.

As a result, Jiu Ye did not leave while Mu Yi and Mu Er retreated to the side.

The Shadows are all informed with the Night prince’s behavior towards their Lord. At most, this prince will only show himself when the Lord is alone and surprisingly, he would listen to her every word.

Our Lord is really awesome ah!

Mu Qian said. “Mu Yi, spread this news. Say that I was ambushed tonight and someone poisoned me! Let the alchemists come and treat me!”

“Yes, my Lord.” Even if he had no idea on what kind of game she’s playing this time, all of the Shadows would only follow her every command.

Mu Qian finished laying her orders to Mu Yi and Mu Er. She looked at the person beside her and said. “I want to rest, you can go back first!”

“You’re poisoned, I’ll accompany you.” Jiu Ye coldly said.

“But I am clearly not poisoned!” A long black line appeared on Mu Qian’s forehead.

“You said it yourself.”

With Jiu Ye’s attitude, Mu Qian resigned to her fate.

Mu Qian walked towards her bed and reluctantly said. “Fine! Stay if you want but I will go to sleep!”

Jiu Ye waited until Mu Qian fell asleep before leaving.

In the next day, news that the Mu Jia’s Lord is badly poisoned and in need of a great alchemists had spread in the whole Purple Moon Kingdom.

When Yue Ze came to know about it, he sloppily dressed himself and rushed inside the Mu Jia’s residence.


When he was about to go inside Mu Qian’s room, Mu Yi pulled him. “Gongzi, Lord is sleeping, if you wake her up, the consequences are very serious!”

“Sleeping?” A trace of dismay flashed on Yue Ze’s face. Mu Yi can already guess why Yue Ze is acting like this.

He said seriously. “Gongzi, don’t be ridiculous! Do you think someone is able to poison our Lord?”

Yue Ze stood still for a minute, and there was a glint in his eyes.

Poisons and medicines are the Leader’s forte. If someone wanted to poison her, they are undoubtedly hovering between Life and Death.

(TN: it means “to suffer terribly; to be within an inch of one’s life”)

“It seems that I was too hasty.” Yue Ze sighed.

Mu Yi said. “Since you came to know the truth, be vigilant and continue to act. Lord already prepared a plan.”


As for the Third Master, Mu Wushuang, he actually guessed everything right.

In fact, he added another condition to make it bigger!

Soon enough, news came and it was none other than Mu Wushuang idea!

The board outside states. “For the alchemist who can cure Xi’er, I, Mu Wushuang will give anything you want!”

Mu Wushuang even let out a detailed description of Mu Qian’s “condition” for the alchemists who wanted to try.

This Third Master seems to love his niece so much that he wanted to save her at all costs!

Although all the famous Alchemists wanted to get a reward from the prosperous Mu Jia, upon reading the poison’s description, they all shook their heads.

“This old man doesn’t have a clue what kind of poison is this. Is there really such a poison? I believe no one could cure it!”

“Ah! I hope the Mu Jia’s Lord won’t suffer so much from this.”

Translator’s Note:

I feel my English is not working properly while translating this chapter… I’m like

“Language, come on!”

“What the hell is this?”

“Is this even the right word?”

Haha… Oh God! Help me with English!


PS: Mu Qian is really a dense MC, same level with Bakarina!

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