EWP Chapter 88: To take advantage

To take advantage.

Someone said that all it takes is one good drink to take the edge off and give you the boost of courage you need. Maybe, due to the alcohol taking effect, Mu Qian at this time is really courageous.

Mu Qian has always been reckless but that isn’t the case with a certain someone.

She was always been very careful about the man in front of her that is more dangerous than the devil. She wouldn’t dare say nor do anything disrespectful that can inspire his ire towards her.

But now, she finally did it.

Mu Qian who is so drunk at this moment, touched Jiu Ye’s face. “Jiu Ye, you’re skin is so smooth! Why is it cold though?”

Not only did she touch Jiu Ye without permission but she also adds interesting comments as her hand trace along Jiu Ye’s face, starting from his brows to his nose until her delicate fingers reached his lips.

Jiu Ye raises his eyes and saw a pair of drunken eyes staring right at him with a hint of sorrow from deep within. In his cheeks, he could feel the heat she exhaled from the tip of her nose.

As long as he approached her gently, he can block those chattering lips.

This woman needs to learn some lessons.

Deep, icy-blue eyes is now overflowing with strong emotions but when he was about to act…

Mu Qian with a thump had fallen in his chest to sleep.

This woman wrapped herself around him like an octopus would. Mu Qian completely set Jiu Ye as her own body pillow!

He cannot plunder her lips… Jie Ye then bows his head and leaves his mark on Mu Qian’s forehead as an alternative.

He whispered in her ear. “You belong to this Lord.”

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She only had one cup of wine but she’s already drunk. She must not be allowed to drink in front of others from now on, Jiu Ye swore to himself. If this lovely side of hers would be shown to others, he would kill them without remorse.

Mu Qian felt something cold and moist against her skin, making her heart tremble.

It’s just that Mu Qian’s head was so blank at this time so she just let those feelings go.

In order not to wake up Mu Qian from any discomfort, Jiu Ye gently hold her wrist and applied a cold force to dissolve the alcohol in her body.

When Mu Qian woke up, the hangover completely left her body.

What’s more, is when she woke up she found herself lying in Jiu Ye’s body.

Although she had slept more than usual, then again, she can’t continue causing trouble to the Night prince!

She stood up as if she had been electrocuted and looked up at the sky acting up like nothing amiss happened. She laughed nervously and said. “I didn’t think it is already so late. Jiu Ye, isn’t it time for us to go back?”

Jiu Ye slowly stood up and gracefully smoothen up Mu Qian’s robe, he asked. “Are you sure, you want to leave now?”

“Why not leave now? Do you still have anything else to do?”

She suddenly remembered the things she had done before falling asleep; she can’t wait to bury herself at the very bottom of the lake from the embarrassment she felt!

Not only did Jiu Ye saw her being drunk but also heard how ridiculous her sounded when she sing a song! She even said some improper words towards him…

For her singing, it was still okay but for the remarks she made during her confusion that is unacceptable no matter where you look. At this time, Mu Qian felt numerous crows flying over her head, if she had known that her body could not stand alcohol, she would never touch it in the first place. This is a big problem. She can never retaliate against Jiu Ye if he made a move on her, she would surely die first!

While Mu Qian is occupied, Jiu Ye at this time was currently beside her and gestures her to look towards the lake. “Look over there!”

With a flick of a sleeve, the lake shines with purple light, even more beautiful than fireflies, lighting up the entire Yuehu Lake.

With the peaceful mountains being lightened up, the whole scenery before her eyes became more fascinating!

But Mu Qian has some doubts; there is no way that Jiu Ye wanted to stay here just to show her this scene! That’s impossible!

However, for a moment, Mu Qian felt that the surrounding Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth became abnormally rich.

A cold voice came from her ear. “This is the reason why I’ve invited you here in the Yuehu Lake. When you cultivate during this period, bottleneck for the next stage would only be half the normal effort.”

Mu Qian who heard Jie Ye’s words suddenly start cultivating; this speed is truly worth the trip!

She felt a pair of cold eyes staring at her, and then the indifferent voice of Jiu Ye came.

“Your strength is too weak. Be sure not to play all the time and practice some more. Also, don’t follow some inexplicable men and go to some messy places just to have fun.”

Mu Qian is truly scared of Jiu Ye today, why does she have this feeling that this ice-block is changing at a fast pace? He also seems to be more talkative than before!

She really has no clue why Jiu Ye wanted her to be strong?

Mu Qian seems to be a little negligent in her cultivation due to refining medicines and dealing matter concerning with the Mu Jia. It is no wonder that he will be angry and invite her to practice at Yuehu Lake.

She must continue to work hard to cultivate in the future, otherwise if the Ashura prince is dissatisfied with strength, he will really turn her body to nothing but bones!

Contrary to her expectations, a cold yet pampering voice came beside her. “If you really love to play, this gentleman will accompany you.”

“Boom!” Hearing his words, Mu Qian accidentally reversed the flow of Qi in her meridians and almost failed on her breaking her bottleneck.

She really wanted to ask if the moon is just so beautiful tonight or is he being possessed by another person to say such a thing to her at this moment.

After this sentence, Jiu Ye returned to his cold and distant attitude while Mu Qian absorbing the Qi around her with crazy speed.

The purple light on the lake shone once more and thousands of spiritual powers gathered at Mu Qian’s location, adding more and more spiritual power to her meridians.

A snapping sound came, Mu Qian successfully breakthrough to the Ninth-Stage Spirit Warrior!

Mu Qian slowly opened her eyes. Finally, she advanced to the Ninth-stage.

Apparently, drinking a lot of elixirs the same as water didn’t amount that much. For Mu Qian Xi to reach the Spirit King, she still has a long way to go.

Reaching this level is only the beginning of cultivation for her and the more you advanced the harder it was to cultivate into a higher realm.

Mu Qian looked up to Jiu Ye and smiled. “I successfully advanced to the ninth stage, it is almost midnight. We should go back.”

“Mm.” Nine nights nodded slightly, he brought Mu Qian Xi into his arms then two figures disappeared from the lake.

Jiu Ye sent Mu Qian to her courtyard but he did not leave, instead he sat on one of the chairs in the room.

Mu Qian weakly asked. “Jiu Ye… Aren’t you leaving? How about I make you some tea? Treat it as my thanks for bringing me there in the Yuehu Lake earlier.”


When Mu Qian was about to prepare tea, a man in black suddenly broke into her room exuding a murderous intent!

Mu Qian with a poison needles is about to shoot but someone faster acted first.

“Thud!” The man in black directly fell to the ground and his arm holding a sword is slowly turning into white bones.

The man raised his head and his eyes are now full of horror. The man in front of him that looks like a living Ashura confirmed his guess.

“Night… …Night prince!”

The assassin’s mind is filled with questions like why is the Night prince in this room! If he had known it, even if his courage reached ten thousand times than normal, he will never dare to make a move on Mu Qian Xi!

Mu Qian looked at Jiu Ye, she was really embarrassed!

This killer has the strength to break into the Mu Jia’s residence to assassinate her, and then this man’s strength is at least at the initial stage of Spirit King.

But this person when faced with Jiu Ye is as weak as a small ant.

At this point the killer felt unparalleled fear, the opposite person is the none other than the Night prince, under this man’s hand and to escape is undoubtedly a luxury.

At this point, the killer’s entire arm has completely turned into a white bone. Mu Qian suddenly shouted. “Jiu Ye, wait! Don’t kill him yet!”

Translator’s Notes:

This is the sweetest chapter I’ve read so far ! ❤

Isn’t Jiu Ye the best when it comes to planning a date?

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