EWP Chapter 87: He’s got his hands full.

He’s got his hands full.

Though she can’t accept it, Mu Qian is really having fun with Jiu Ye! Her mouth twitches with this silly thought.

But as usual, Jiu Ye watches her with an indifferent face. Mu Qian leaning on a soft couch finally voiced out. “Jiu Ye, since we’re here to have some fun, its a must to have a delicious wine right?”

Jiu Ye with a wave of his hand presented all sorts of delicious foods in the table in front of her!

There are also a few jars of wines, that even with the cork on she could still smell the mellow aroma coming from it.

“There’s wine and food… …But where’s the beauty?”

With his delicate fingers, Jie Ye slowly took off his mask, stares directly at Mu Qian eyes and said. “I’m already here.”

“Pft!” Mu Qian can’t help but let out a hearty laugh, this Ashura even admitted that he was a beauty!

In a while, Mu Qian stopped laughing, because she noticed a certain someone looming above her.

Jiu Ye’s face is so close; she could actually feel her nose touching his delicate skin.

Jiu Ye’s cold and husky voice resounded on her ears. “Are you not satisfied with this gentleman?”

“Ha-ha! That’s not true, in fact, in my whole life you are the most beautiful man I had seen!” Mu Qian titters, deep inside she added another sentence. ‘Except for my Little uncle!’

She is still biased with her family members after all.

“Mu Qian Xi, you bastard! How dare you say that using my face? Don’t even say such a lie just to please him!” Ah Ting angrily shouted in her head.

This narcissistic guy, he can only be third at most, Mu Qian secretly told herself.

Jiu Ye’s thin and graceful lips curved slightly upwards in the faintest hint of smile. Mu Qian’s answer, he’s very satisfied.

Unexpectedly, Jiu Ye held out his hand to touch Mu Qian’s face, he said. “Change back, I don’t want to look at him.”

Mu Qian was surprised to see his cold eyes aimed at her again. She felt that there’s also a hint of disappointment thrown in there, how rare of him to show many emotions this time!

Isn’t he the first one to claim the Jiuzhong Chaos Pavilion from her…? That Ninth-Tier Chaos Pavilion?

Mu Qian hadn’t thought that Jiu Ye would detest Ah Ting’s appearance so much that he can’t bear to look at her any longer.

“Fine! Anyway, I’m also not comfortable at using his face. If not for the convenience of moving as a man in the capital, I wouldn’t do this you know.” Mu Qian then turned back her original appearance; her clothes nevertheless stayed the same.

Jiu Ye look more satisfied looking at her face now; he unconsciously heaves a sigh of relief.

He slowly said. “Delicious foods, fine wine and a beauty, I’ve prepared all of them now, so how about you?”

This is definitely the longest time she heard him speak while they’re alone; it made her speechless for a moment.

Even if Jiu Ye hadn’t said it in more details, she, more or less guessed his meaning!

Mu Qian got a slight twitch in her mouth, how could she be ignorant with these things?

“I know.”

Jiu Ye probably felt the hesitation from Mu Qian, so he directly patted her back.

To call it a proper pleasure boat, delicious foods, fine wine, beauty and beautiful songs are all necessary.

Jiu Ye already prepared the first three items; the only thing that was left is…

Mu Qian broke another cold sweat; somehow she can feel that she had fallen to a trap. Unexpectedly, this Ice-block is also a black belly at some times.

Mu Qian let out a smile and said. “I don’t know how to sing properly, I’m always out of tune. I’m afraid that me singing would only be a joke to you.”

In fact, she never tried to sing in front of anyone before even in the modern times, because she is a certified tone-deaf from birth.

Even if she tried to sing in KTV for three days and three nights no improvement will happen. So for any matters regarding music, she had given up on it long ago.

Jiu Ye faintly said. “I don’t mind.”

“I do not know many songs. I’m afraid that the songs I knew are not to your liking.”

“It’s fine.”

“I’ve forgotten some of the lyrics; I’m afraid I won’t even reach the end…”

“It doesn’t matter!”

Regardless of how much she struggled, Jiu Ye with an expressionless face and clear voice refuted her back.

Mu Qian finally gave up. “It seems that I only have this choice huh…”

“But before we start, let me eat my fill first!” Mu Qian Xi began to sweep the food on the table, she didn’t even let the wine go.

The wine Jiu Ye brought is not only fragrant but also has high alcohol content. With just a cup, Mu Qian is already tipsy, seems that she can gather a lot of courage when drunk.

She stood slowly in front. Her long ebony black hair is swaying along with the wind.

She composed herself and let out a deep breath. “I will now start.”


“I will really start now!”



A crisp voice came out.

(click here for the song)

“A butterfly stays at my fingertips

Saying she’s leaving before dawn

To find the sky with you inside

Though life is as brief as tide”

“Do not imitate the fictions

Among so many ancient legends of love

I just met you by coincidence”

Although, Mu Qian was out of tune on the first run, she managed to stay at tune on the second half and her voice never break which can be considered as a good thing.

At this time, a Guqin was taken out from Jiu Ye’s spatial ring. Following Mu Qian’s singing, he began to accompany her and the song was a lot more colorful now!

On the luxurious boat, a woman in purple dress stood against the wind and every word that comes from her mouth is full of melody.

While the man in black robe is playing the Guqin so gracefully at the back.

Jiu Ye look at the woman’s back, and his face showed a gentle smile.

Maybe, because that woman is trying her best to sing this song, she did not pay any attention on what’s happening behind her at all.

“Among so many mysteries in the world

True lovers never let go at last

More deeply you lost in love

More ripples appear in your heart”

Suddenly, Mu Qian’s tune made a big change. Whether it’s the lyrics or the song, the notes are going up and down incessantly.

With Jiu Ye’s skills, no matter how high or low it was, he still matched Mu Qian’s song perfectly!

“If our love flows east with the wind I will not escape

Because of you, endless mountains and rivers are never far away

No more afraid of tempests or rainstorms”

“Neither will I sob for the remote journey

It is our unswerving love

It is the chance to be fascinated by our predestined matching”

Mu Qian turned and smiled at Jiu Ye. “Jiu Ye, the song is finished. I finally did it!”

Perhaps with the effect of the wine coming up, Mu Qian snowy-white skin turned into a little pinkish color.

The smile on her face made the icy-blue eyes sway a little bit from the embarrassment.

In the past life, Mu Qian did drink a lot, but she had never been so tipsy before like this.

At this moment, her head was a little blank and she forgot some important details such as the Night prince in front of her was a mad-killing machine!

She unscrupulously revealed her true thoughts in front of the Night prince. “Jiu Ye, the reason I wanted to go to that flower building was because I wanted to see a beauty that I’ve not yet seen before. But in the end, no one can compare to you…”

Translator’s Note:

﴾ ꗞ ‸ ꗞ ﴿

Drunk MC is dangerous OMG!!!

Btw, the song Mu Qian is singing came from the anime “Fox Spirit Matchmaker

Related image

Synopsis: True love never dies—even when it is between a human and a near-immortal youkai. Thankfully, fox spirit youkai have discovered a solution which allows a human to be reincarnated, and with the services of a Fox Spirit Matchmaker, eventually recall memories of their past life, so they can begin anew with their beloved youkai.

Enter Bai Yuechu—a powerful human Taoist who desires freedom from the ruling Yi Qi Dao League—and Tushan Susu, a small and innocent fox spirit who dreams of becoming a renowned matchmaker, despite her reputation as a colossal screw-up. After Susu literally falls through the roof and into his life, Yuechu gets dragged into helping her bring together two separated lovers: prince Fan Yun Fei and his reincarnated lover, Li Xueyang. However, not everyone wants them to be reunited, including Xueyang herself. Thrown together by fate, Yuechu and Susu will discover who they truly are… and who they used to be.

If you want to watch it, there are already episodes of it with English subtitles on Youtube!

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