EWP Chapter 85: Don’t like women

Don’t like women.

Mu Qian boasted. “I heard from someone that this place has the best beauties so far. On top were four beautiful women who excel at different talent. I’ll book them all today to accompany you!”

Nalan Yu is flabbergasted; this kid is being ridiculous again.

He protested. “Brother Mu, can we not go?”

Mu Qian skim him from head to toe and was a little bemused, she said. “What’s going on with you too? Isn’t it every man’s wish to have fun at this kind of place? As for me, this is the very first time!If you persist on acting that way, I’ll poison you and drag your body up there by myself!”

Looking at the eyes of Mu Xi who seems serious, Nalan Yu’s mouth can’t help but twitch. Is he really his friend?

He had been deceived by his clear appearance as an elf.

Nalan Yu let out a sigh and said. “I understand. Brother Mu, I’ll go up with you.”

Anyway, Mu Xi said that he was only curious to try it the first time. When they go inside and Mu Xi dislikes it, they can leave immediately.

Even if Mu Qian didn’t introduce herself as the owner, they still garnered a lot of the beauties attention from the reception alone due to their unworldly beauty!

“I believe this is the first time this one sees such guest. Do tell what can this one do for you?”

Mu Qian directly took out a stack of gold banknotes on her spatial ring and propped it all in front of the beauty, she said. “I want you to take us to the most expensive room on the top floor, serve us the best wine and foods and then take the four tablets of Chu Kong, Mei Jian, Ye Ying and Chan Yu from the list. They will serve me and my friend here for tonight!”

“… …But isn’t this your first time here?”

“Bam!” Mu Qian dropped another stack of gold banknotes. “Don’t talk nonsense! Here, I believed this amount will suffice!”

Besides, no matter how much she pays them; all that money would still end up in her pocket, so Mu Qian was surprisingly being generous today!

Some of the guests around saw the two stacks of gold banknotes on the counter and was frightened by the sight of it. If they’re guess is right, the amount should reach about a million!

It was common for the Purple Moon Kingdom to have a lot of rich people, but to see a young master to spend such sum is so absurd that it reminded them of a certain someone.

That person was from a nouveau riche family…

Nalan Yu’s mouth is twitching, where did Brother Mu learn to spend money just like this?

The woman in charge at the reception was stunned by the young man’s behavior; it would be stupid of her to refuse them at this point.

Not just the top four beauties, even if these two wanted to have all the women on this ship there would be no problem at all.

“Understood. This servant will prepare it immediately.”

Mu Qian sat at the top floor of the Liushang Rumeng which is both luxurious and top-class. The lake was peaceful and statue still, a faint stream of light protruded her face, even the wind slowly blows her long gray-green hair which can be regarded as a live painting.

Nalan Yu froze at the beautiful sight in front of him that can make both the Heaven and Earth lose it s color!

Not only Mu Xi’s enchanting looks, his identity is also a total mystery for Nalan Yu. Mu Xi is like the wind that even if Nalan Yu can hold on to it, he can also flow out of his fingers anytime.

Despite all of that, Nalan Yu still wanted to get closer to him…

Without waiting for Nalan Yu to appreciate enough, gentle voice came outside.”Young Masters! Chu Kong, Mei Jian, Ye Ying and Chan Yu arrived; please let them serve you with their utmost ability.”

These four are considered as the top beauty, Mei’er that looks gentle and refined. Chu’er who has an exquisite body and gorgeous face, Ye’er like her name is smart and lovely while Chan’er beauty was akin to a fairy.

Upon going inside the room, these four girls beauty was instantly outshined by the two young masters they were supposed to serve.

These two gentlemen make them feel inferior! If these two young men didn’t spend so much already, they assumed that they’re here to ruin their reputation as the top-class beauties instead.

Mu Qian motioned them to sit. “Meiren, please have a seat! Nalan, you’re a businessman. I’m sure you’re more familiar with this kind of place than I am.”

Nalan Yu can’t even let out a fake smile, he had come from this kind of place many times but he always talk about business and will leave immediately after that’s all.

This is definitely the first time he’d come here to play!

“What about you? I really can’t believe that it’s your first time here, especially with the things you’ve done earlier.” Nalan Yu heaves a sigh.

[1]You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, how would I know if I never tried?” Mu Qian lazily said.

“But forget about that! Here, choose whichever beauty you like!” Mu Qian cast her eyes away from the four beauties in front and sips her tea instead.

Although her appearance right now is a man, she is still a girl inside. She will never be interested in women; after all, these four ladies are only for Nalan Yu, nothing more.

Nalan Yu laughed, he said. “Brother Mu, since this is your first time here today. Isn’t it better for you to pick first?”

“I invited you here as my guest, of course you have to pick first.”

“Didn’t you know the saying that every Lord’s words is for the guest to obey?”

Two people continued to push the decision onto the other, Mei Jian pitifully said. “Masters, do you not like us here?”

Even though the beauty already said those words with teary eyes, the two of them hadn’t put her in their eyes at all.

Mu Qian sighed, then took Mei Jian’s hands and sincerely said. “How could that be? It’s just that this master doesn’t like women, so you all just have to serve him without me.”

Mu Qian finally said it, so Nalan Yu can’t shirk his responsibility any longer.

“… … Eh?” The four beauties opened their mouth and looked at Mu Qian in an incredible way.

This enchanting youth, who is more beautiful than any other woman turns out to be a… He is a…

In a while, they all thought it was normal. Such an enchanting man, it is estimated that in this world there is no woman alive than can be worthy of him.

All the beauties turned to look at Nalan Yu, Nalan Yu was also shocked at Mu Qian’s declaration. At this moment, he was really unsure of what is going on? Mu Xi does not like women, does that mean that he…

His heartbeat starts to increase, in fact he doesn’t have a clue on what’s going on with his body either!

But seeing the cunning pale green eyes of him, Nalan Yu is not sure if he’s telling the truth or not.

When the four women was about to go on his side, he declared. “I don’t like women either.”

“Thud!” all the four beauties fall off from their chair.

Mu Qian suspiciously stared at Nalan Yu, she asked. “Nalan, are you sure you’re not lying to me?”

Nalan Yu smiled gently. “When did I ever lie to you?”

The two young men stared fixedly at each other; the women around them can feel the tension between them. Are they a…

‘Ah! It’s possible!’

Chu Kong was the first one to break the silence, she said in a low yet lovely voice. “Then, us four won’t disturb the two gentlemen any longer. We’ll leave first.”

When her voice fell, suddenly a loud noise came, the high class ceramic glaze wall were broken into pieces from someone’s fierce kick!

An anxious voice was heard outside. “Third Young Master, you really can’t go in there, we have a very important guest at this moment!”

A mad voice came. “Which important guest? In this Purple Moon Kingdom, is there any more important guest than me?”

[1] People use this expression to mean that someone who is not up to a job will never be good at it, no matter how much training they receive.

Translator’s Note:

This guy never learn!


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