EWP Chapter 84: Flows as if it was a dream

Flows as if it was a dream.

“Leader!” When Yue Ze heard the familiar voice, he turned around and rejoiced.

In addition to Mu Qian Xi, Yue Ze also saw a pair of icy-blue eyes that can freeze people staring at him.

Yue Ze calmed his mind and raised his eyes to also stare at that person.

Four eyes are now at a stalemate, a silent war begins.

However, in just a few moments, Yue Ze’s palms began to sweat and he felt that blood will come out of his mouth if he continues.

Yue Ze cleared his throat and laughed. “Since Leader came back safely, I am relieved. My old man is probably angry at me, so I’ll go home first!” The blue figure disappeared in front of Mu Qian.

Mu Qian looked at the person by her side and reminded him. “Jue Ye, It’s late. You should also go back!”

“Mm.” Jiu Ye also disappeared, leaving without saying anything more.

“Cough!” In an alley, Yue Ze lean his body on the wall, the corner of his mouth has blood and his face are so pale.

That man is too strong! If it wasn’t for his Leader, Yue Ze felt that he would die without any burial just from that man’s gaze alone!

“!” Sounds that appears to come out of hell are approaching Yue Ze in a fast pace, Yue Ze raised his eyes and saw multiple blood red skeletons heading towards his way.

Infernal skeletons are what the people of this Kingdom call them and are considered as one of the Night Prince Murder weapon. Worthy of its name, no person alive ever escaped from these creatures of Hell.

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye wanted him dead.

A black figure, gracefully fall from the sky, like a devil-incarnate, Yue Ze with his every fiber felt the murderous intent coming from that man.

He lowly asked. “Xuanyuan Jiu Ye, you’re a dangerous man! Tell me, what is your purpose with Leader?”

Even though death is in sight, the one thing he cared the most was not his own life but someone else!

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye icy-blue eyes flashed a light, he coldly asked. “You care about her?”

“Yes… Therefore, if you hurt even a strand of her hair, I don’t care if you’re stronger than me. I will do everything to stop you.”

Yue Ze gathers all of his Qi in his fist and made a blow towards Jiu Ye!

But when he was about to reach him, a barrier blocked Yue Ze!

“!” Yue Ze’s eyes were disoriented. Is he going to die?

In Yue Ze’s mind he wanted to spend more time with Mu Qian, he wanted to stay by her side a little longer!

“It seems you realized your purpose.”

“Unfortunately, you’re too weak!”

Before Yue Ze lost his consciousness, he heard these merciless words.

Mu Qian went to a certain room, In the midst of the rom, a man wearing a mask lay on the bed, she asked. “Did he wake up when I was gone?”

“Reporting to Lord, since we brought him over here, he didn’t wake up; he did not move a muscle either.” Mu Yi said.

Even though he looks like a human, the young man doesn’t have any organs in his body. For a Ghost Doctor like Mu Qian even if she wanted to wake him up, she doesn’t know where to start.

“Observe him carefully, if he wakes up call me. I don’t believe that this person is easy to beat.”

“Inform Yue Ze to come see me tomorrow!”


Yue Ze was awakened by Mu San the next day, when he woke up and found himself still alive. Yue Ze felt blessed!

He’s alive and he has no injuries.

He never believed that someone like him could escape the Night Prince’s eyes!

“What is the meaning of this? Xuanyuan Jie Ye… What is he planning exactly?”

“Young Master, Lord is looking for you!”

“Tell her, I’ll be there in a minute!”

He got away from that devil the first time, since he was given another chance. He would cherish his life more!

Mu Qian let out a playful smile and asked. “…Yue Ze, what’s the situation of the Flower boats after renovation?”

Yue Ze said. “Excellent.”

“Oh? Then let’s go this evening! I’ll find you some great beauties, what do you prefer? Mature or a pure one? We can also find a beauty as gentle as the water if you want!”

“I… I won’t go!” Yue Ze’s forehead is full of black lines.

“What’s the matter? Don’t guys always love going on these kinds of places?” Mu Qian is doubtful on his nonchalant attitude.

“I have to settle some accounts first; I don’t have the time to go…” Yue Ze said quickly.

“You really won’t go? It seems that I have to go alone then.” Mu Qian muttered.

“Leader… This… You’re a woman; you don’t have to go on those places by yourself.”

Although, Mu Qian doesn’t act like a normal woman, that kind of place is still not good.

Mu Qian raised her brow. “I’m your Leader; I can go wherever I want to. Besides, who dares to stop me?”

“Don’t you have more things to do? Hurry up and settle those accounts! By the way, I don’t have time to check the repair situation of the Ghost Doctor’s Building, so add that to your list!”

Mu Qian pushed him out adding another burden that was supposed to be hers originally.


“Yue Ze, I am sure lucky to have you as my little brother! While you’re busy counting money, this Lord will go out to have some fun. I will leave all those matters to you!” Mu Qian smiled so brightly, that Yue Ze can’t help but nod his head in agreement instead.

Since she is going to a visit a *Flower Building, Mu Qian decided to dress up again as a man!

(TN: the name of the brothel.)

Ah Ting shouted. “Damn woman! You dare use my face to visit a lowly place! Are you trying to ruin my perfect image!”

Mu Qian’s mouth twitched. “You? Perfect? Ha-ha are you injured in the head, isn’t it you who created this idea in the first place?”

“Argh! Why did I let you use my face! I shouldn’t have done that!” At this time, Ah Ting was filled with regret.

Mu Qian who left the house and is ready to head towards the Flower Building suddenly thought of something, resulting to changing her direction.

A deep purple figure appeared in the number one auction house. Mu Qian looked at the top floor where a man sitting beside the window is resting. The golden sunlight gilded his jade-like face.

“Nalan, are you free today? How about joining me for a drink?” Mu Qian laughed.

Seeing a teenager with pale green eyes like an elf, Nalan Yu’s narrow fox eyes flashed a hint of surprise.

“Mu Xi, you finally came. I thought you’d forgotten me.”

“How can that be? I regard you as my friend! I was just busy with other matters than I only have this time to come and visit you. So, you must come with me today, as I’ve prepared a surprise for you!”

“Surprise?” Nalan Yu unexpectedly becomes excited. “What surprise?”

“You will know when you come with me.” Mu Qian’s figure flashed while Nalan Yu followed.

On the Purple Moon Lake, blue waves gently rippled. When the both of them got on a luxurious little boat, Nalan Yu thought that they would leisurely drink while watching the sun sets, he was really happy!

But when the boat move towards a magnificent ship, Mu Qian stood up and said to him. “Nalan, let’s go up!”

Nalan Yu’s mouth twitches. “Mu Xi, isn’t this the Purple Moon’s largest pleasure boat? Liushang Rumeng? You said we’re going there?”

Mu Qian grabbed him by the arm and said. “Yes, yes! Nalan, let’s go up and have some fun! Come on, don’t be shy.”

Translators Skit:

Me: Uhm, Jiu…Ye? Why did you ask for me to come here?

(Housekeeper Bai handed a tea for me to drink.)

Jiu Ye: Do you really not know or you’re just pretending?

Me: *gulps. I… I really have no idea…

Jiu Ye: Mu Qian.

Me: Eh?

Jiu Ye: I have something to ask about Mu Qian.

Me: Oh? Is that so… He-he… What is it? (*sweating profusely.)

Jiu Ye: I heard she is going on a flower building?

Me: Ah… Yes, I also heard it from Yue Ze. (*drink another mouthful of tea to ease the tension.)

Jiu Ye: What’s a brothel?

(*Spurts cup of tea out of my mouth)

Me: Ack! Ahack! Are you fucking kidding me?

Jiu Ye: (*glares) Just answer the damn question, woman!

Me: Eep! I…I… Housekeeper Bai should be the one explaining this to you, not me. Housekeeper… Bai? Eh??? He was just here a moment ago?

Jiu Ye: If you don’t give me an answer, I’ll kill you here and now!

Me: Iyahhh! Jiu Ye… OMG!!! Please calm yourself! I WILL TELL YOU! I WILL TELL YOU!!!

Jie Ye: Good.

A few moments later…

Jiu Ye: (crushed the cup in his hands to pieces.) That woman! How dare her!

Me: *shaking all over…

Jiu Ye: YOU!

Me: Eek! What? I already explained it to you! What do you want now?

Jiu Ye: Tell me where that place is!

Me: Eh? I don’t kno….! AHHH! Jiu Ye! You fucking liar! Let me down!

Jiu Ye: Stop moving so much!


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