EWP Chapter 83: Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Yue Ze turned pale at the sight of the person wearing a black skeleton mask. He feels his whole body trembling as fear creep over him. He exclaimed. “Night Prince!”

What is he doing here? Hold on… That’s not important! He took Leader!

The more he looks at those icy-blue eyes, the more goose bumps appear on his skin. Yue Ze truly felt that his soul will slowly disappear if this continues!

In the end, Jiu Ye stopped himself from inflicting Yue Ze any more danger, his figure slowly blending with the night.

Mu Qian, sensing the Ice-blocks’ intention quickly said. “Yue Ze, don’t worry about me! I’ll be back soon!”

Yue Ze wanted to chase after them but he can’t move his body, slowly digging his fingernails into his palms.

“Don’t worry” she said. How can he not worry?

The man who took her was none other than the Evil star of the Purple Moon!

That man was rumored to be homicidal, indignant, and inhumane. Someone even said that that man was a devil in disguise that climbed out of hell!

Suddenly, a thought strike him! The first time Yue Ze looked for Mu Qian Xi, a man’s voice echoed in his head. That deep voice is very similar to the Night Prince’s!

Yue Ze remembered Jiu Ye’s words clearly. ‘She’s the woman whom I swore to protect!’

Yue Ze felt his heart wrench a little, he flustered. “I need to find Mu Jia’s Third Master quickly!”

In any case, the fact that a dangerous individual took Mu Qian away must be reported first to her only relative or he won’t feel at ease.

“You’re saying that man took Xi’er away?” Mu Wushuang’s voice was warm like a spring breeze.

Yue Ze asked politely. “Third Master, what should we do?”

“If Xi’er said there’s nothing to worry about, then it’s fine. But that brat dared to take Xi’er, I really want to cut off his hands and turn him into a eunuch!” Mu Wushuang said slowly but the gentle tone earlier was replaced with a threatening one instead.

The porcelain cup on Mu Wushuang’s hand was pulverized.

Yue Ze was shocked to see the gentle Third Master become so angry like this. He secretly told himself.

“Looks like before a man can approach Leader, he must get Third Master’s approval first…”

“Go back and continue your work!”


Mu Wushuang slightly lowered his head, he muttered. “That man, what is he planning to do? Is he plotting against me and Xi’er, against our family…?”

They’ve been in the Purple Moon Kingdom for years, he encountered all sorts of people yet he cannot grasp what does the Night Prince is thinking. For Mu Wushuang, this Jiu Ye is a very strange existence.

Jiu Ye along with Mu Qian came to his chamber. He placed her down on the soft bed and wanted to take off her clothes.

Mu Qian hastily said. “I’ll get my own medicine, will you excuse me for a second!”

But Jiu Ye blankly said. “No need, mine is better.”

In a breath of time, the Night prince, Jiu Ye directly tears Mu Qian’s sleeves which is filled with blood!

On her snow-white skin, few shallow red traces was seen, his eyes are getting colder and colder…

Jiu Ye took out his own medicine, without waiting for Mu Qian’s approval; he starts to apply it on her wounds.

Mu Qian froze, everything happened too fast!

She never believed that someone like Jiu Ye can help someone with their wounds, but seeing it with her own eyes, she was quite shocked. In fact, Jiu Ye seems to have talent for this! He does it so well that it can be compared to her skill as a Doctor in her past life. How did he even get to know to do this kind of thing?

Jiu Ye saw her surprised expression; he gently brushes the messy hair on Mu Qian’s forehead and said in a low voice. “Benjun, just learned it.”

He rarely gets hurt so he had never done this before.

But the woman in front of him always gets hurt, how can he not learn?

Mu Qian smiled. “How come you’re so talented like this? From the beginning to end, you’re really efficient. I didn’t feel any discomfort at all! I even thought that you might be a physician that has thirty to forty years of experience! “

In the corner of his lips, a subtle curve was seen, he said. “That’s good.”

Jiu Ye then stood up and turned around. All of a sudden, a terrifying killing intent exudes from his body!

“East Palace, how dare he!”

To hurt the woman he’s trying to protect, there’s certainly a big price to pay!

Just when some of the skeletons are about to abide by their Master’s order, Mu Qian immediately holds Jiu Ye’s hand.

“Jiu Ye, wait! If you destroy the Crown prince’s palace, how can he pay the debts he owes me then?”

“Fine!” Jiu Ye waved his hand, the skeletons outside were left on standby.

Mu Qian looked up and at that moment, she can feel that Jiu Ye is actually angry for her sake.

“Jiu Ye, although I don’t know why you’re trying to protect me. I’m not a [1]paper tiger, for a person like Xuanyuan Li Shang, I can deal with him myself.”

“Mm. We’ll do what you want.” Jiu Ye faintly said.

Mu Qian let out a sly smile. “I’m sure that Xuanyuan Li Shang won’t let us off easily after this! Say, does my wounds look serious?”

At this time, in the East Palace, Xuanyuan Li Shang felt hot all over his body. “Hot! So hot!”

“This…” Eunuch Zhang looked at the condition of the Crown prince, he’s convinced that it was…

But what baffles him is that even though his highness just lost earlier from his match with the Mu Jia’s Lord and suffered some heavy injuries. Upon waking up, he ended up as a wolf in heat instead!

“Hurry! Bring in all the prince’s concubines!”

After a while, the mouth of the Crown prince started to foam. His condition can’t be delayed any longer!

Eunuch Zhang ushered. “Ladies, please come here…”

In the end, the Crown prince took all of his women but they couldn’t suppress him enough.

(TN: What the heck!? What? How? All of them? Really?)

If Eunuch Zhang let the prince go on like this, perhaps his highness would go out and find another woman. But he remembered that the Crown prince is too picky about women.

“Boom!” One of the prince’s guards was knocked out.

“Eunuch Zhang, I found the Princess consort and brought her here. She should be of use!”

“I… I can’t…” Mu Ruyan started to panic; she knew exactly what they need her for.


A horrible scream came. “Crown prince! What’s wrong?”

Before she became one of the Crown prince’s women, his highness, the Crown prince fainted.

The result of the imperial pharmacists’ diagnosis was out, they said that the Crown prince was overworked and for a period of time he probably can’t (*cough) get it up.

Regarding on how long this period of time was supposed to be, all the pharmacists inside went silent. They aren’t certain but perhaps it can even last a lifetime!

On that very night, on the other side of the palace, Mu Qian asked. “Jiu Ye, my wounds are all healed. Can I go back now?”

“Until you’re scars disappear, I won’t permit you to go!” Jiu Ye insisted.

Mu Qian accepted her fate. “Fine… This won’t last long anyway!”

Besides, his healing ointments are much better than what she got!

It wasn’t because she could not make it, but that kind of elixir was completely worthless for her and she doesn’t want to do it either.

Mu Qian silently laid herself sideways on the bed to avoid pressing on her wounds.

All of a sudden, Jiu Ye turned over to lay by her side. He put one hand on her waist and took her into his arms so naturally.

Mu Qian who was stiff all over, said in a hurry. “Jiu Ye! What are you doing? Why did you have to squeeze in here? You have so many other beds!”

“Hugging you is pleasant.” He murmured.

Those icy-blue eyes slowly shut and his beautiful face that can match no one is only an inch apart from hers.

His heartbeat is very calm; he had done this in order to keep Mu Qian from pressuring her wounds while she sleeps, so he forced her to sleep with him, nothing more.

The more she gets along with him, the more she came to know that no matter how much she struggles, Jiu Ye won’t let her refuse if he wanted to do something.

In the end, she just imagined that there is a beautiful and unique human body pillow on her bed for her only use!

Mu Qian had rested for a long while, when nightfall came, Mu Qian woke up.

She stretched her body and confirmed that she’s already in good shape, all her scars are gone!

Mu Qian wanted to leave but as she was about to ask for Jiu Ye’s permission, he said. “I’m hungry!”

As a result, she was left to eat a delicious meal first before coming back to her own place.

The black figure’s speed was akin to lightning. In a short moment, Jiu Ye and Mu Qian arrived at her courtyard.

On the ground, there was a shadow which is pulled long by the oblique Moonlight.

Mu Qian shouted. “Yue Ze…? It’s late, why are still here?”

[1] something that seems fierce/threatening but is actually much weaker than it looks.

Translator’s Mini Skit

Me: Wu’er! I have something to report to you!

Mu Wushuang: (*sigh)… What?

Me: He-he! Get ready for a shock!

Mu Wushuang: …

Me: Your lovely niece… He-he… Slept with the Night prince on the same bed!

Mu Wushuang: WHAT!!!

Me: That’s not all! Apparently he also bandaged her wounds… Wu’er? Wait, where you going? Why are you carrying that sword?

Mu Wushuang: How dare he! I’ll turn that brat into a eunuch!

Me: What! Are you crazy? Wha… Why are there so many Shadows outside???

Mu Wushuang: Shadows! This is an order! We will go into the Night Prince’s Palace at this moment!

Shadows: YES!

(I hastily grab Mu Wushuang’s arm.)

Me: WAIT! There is gotta be a misunderstanding right? He probably had his reasons… Uhm, how about we wait for Mu Qian to come back first, before going on a suicidal mode?

Mu Wushuang: 

Me: …So, what do you think?

Mu Wushuang: Shadows, let’s go!

Me: WTF!!! Wu’er, come back!!!

‘Oh shit, shit, SHIT!!! Jiu Ye’s gonna kill me for this!’

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