EWP Chapter 82: Genius in a way

Genius in a way.

“Boom!” Two violent forces slammed into each other. At the same time, Mu Qian rushed out.

Apparently, she had prepared enough medicinal pellets for Qi recovery than Xuanyuan Li Shang. While Xuanyuan was still in a daze, Mu Qian casts another spell. “Fall and bloom! Flower Rain!”

The water on the ground once again condensed in the air, forming into sharp arrows.

“WOOSH!” Countless arrows lining up in the air advance to Xuanyuan Li Shang’s direction!

The arrows continue to fall like rain, even if Xuanyuan Li Shang tries to resist. Without certain amount of Qi, his last line of defense broke!


Few arrows hit Xuanyuan Li Shang’s body. His face was so pale due to the heavy wounds he suffered.

“Water Charge!”

Mu Qian continued to release another batch of spells. Making Xuanyuan Li Shang unable to act!

The whole crowd was stunned, someone muttered. “How can she still go on…?”

“!” Xuanyuan Li Shang’s body was pushed into the edge of the stage where it could collapse at any moment.

“”Cough! Cough! Cough! Xuanyuan Li Shang was pale as a paper as he coughed up blood.

Mu Qian said. “Crown price, you lost.”

There was uproar; the scene in the crowd suddenly became chaotic.

“I can’t believe this! The Crown prince actually lost? I’ve placed all my fortune to him, Argh! What do I do now?”

“What kind of aberrant being is she? How in the world, did she manage to defeat someone with a higher strength than her?”

At this time, someone shouted. “His highness didn’t lose! Look!”

The Crown prince who is seriously injured suddenly unleashed a great deal of power!

“T… The First-Stage Spirit Master! The Crown prince made a breakthrough!”

“How could the Crown prince lose? Mu Qian Xi, it’s too early to celebrate! Ha-ha!”

Xuanyuan Li Shang casts a glare towards Mu Qian’s direction, his handsome face showed a hideous look.

Xuanyuan Li Shang felt that not only did he breakthrough to Spirit Master but also would reach the Second-Stage soon!

This is naturally not a breakthrough but a result of consuming a forbidden drug!

The drug’s effect differs from people to people. This isn’t the same with Ouyang Shilong’s case where it could easily be dealt!

Suddenly, their role had reversed. Xuanyuan who was suppressed by Mu Qian earlier made a move. “Dance! Wind Emperor!”

This move is three to four times stronger than whirlwind. The immense pressure coming from it terrified the crowd.

They were all nervous. They couldn’t even imagine what Mu Qian would do in this critical situation.

She can’t block it with her water dragon because the gap on their strength is too big. They all assumed that Mu Qian would be seriously injured after this.

Surprisingly, Mu Qian only motionless stood there!

Isn’t she scared?

“Leader!” Yue Ze’s face turned white and the porcelain cup in his hand is crushed!

“Xi’er!” A familiar voice came out in a hurry; her soft voice is akin to a fairy.

(TN: Why you gotta be so fake???)

As the whirlwind was about to reach Mu Qian side, she hastily made a water shield around her to protect herself!

Sounds of clothes tearing filled the arena…

Mu Qian’s whole sleeve was ripped open; her snow-white skin is now filled with various scratches and bloody marks.

In the next moment, Mu Qian’s figure move like a ghost, she found a gap inside the vortex and quickly rushes out!

“Baby, I leave it all to you!” Mu Qian laughed, and then she threw away the poisoned needle in her hand towards Xuanyuan Li Shang.

Xuanyuan Li Shang felt a murderous intent, in a flash; his eyes caught a fine needle aiming at his head. He coldly said. “Mu Qian Xi, Does this mean you feel cornered by me already? To even resort using a concealed weapon to attack this prince! “

“Aeolus!” A gust of wind tried to block Mu Qian’s poisoned needle!

However, the fine needle unexpectedly shrinks and its speed doubled. By the time Xuanyuan Li Shang saw its changes, the needle already pricked into his skin. “No!”


No matter what he does, the needle did not leave his body. All of a sudden, Xuanyuan Li Shang whole body was paralyzed. Xuanyuan Li Shang then fell flat on his face and skinned his nose.

Mu Qian walked slowly towards the Crown prince and said. “Crown prince, this time, it’s truly you who lost!”

Xuanyuan Li Shang countered. “Mu Qian Xi, how dare you break the rules? You clearly poisoned me!”

“Oh? But aren’t you forgetting something? You consumed a forbidden drug earlier didn’t you? Why don’t we let the staff of the Jinwutang check you, see if it’s me or you that would be exposed first.”

Mu Qian is sure that even the greatest alchemist in the Purple Moon Kingdom can’t detect her poison!

“You… You…!”

“Cough!” Xuanyuan Li Shang who was so angry vomited a mouthful of blood. He wanted to say something but his body given up and he fainted immediately.

Mu Qian said to the crowd. “The Crown prince’s body is so weak. He fainted right away with just coughing up blood.”

A deep blue figure jumped down the stage, quickly took off his robe to cover Mu Qian’s arm.

(TN: Ayieeeeeh!)

As a person who lived in the 21st Century, Mu Qian is okay to show her arms and legs. However, she can’t say no to Yue Ze’s compassion either.

“Crown prince, although you’ve passed out, our contract is still in place. Even if you try to deny it later, I won’t let you off!”

“Yue Ze, inform his highness, the crown prince of his debts!” Mu Qian waved her hand.

Yue Ze’s mouth is twitching, ever since he became her subordinate, reading lists of someone’s debts became a common thing for him.

In addition to Mu Qian’s clan, her strength alone makes it hard for those who have debts to run away! Making the collection easier!

Yue Ze took out a scroll of paper and read each word out loud. “The Granddaughter of the Second Elder, Mu Ruyan, from birth have used third-grade medicinal pellet every month to build her foundation…”

From early birth to her eighteenth birthday, the immortality elixirs she have used amounts to half of the clan’s treasury.

Yue Ze cleared his throat and said. “Amounting to a total of ten million gold taels! Crown prince, your highness, must pay this off within a month. Else, we will add an interest of ten thousand every following day!”

“Leader, I’m done reading, we should go back now.” Yue Ze was resolute on this matter.

Although Mu Qian used healing elixirs, the fresh wounds on her body needs to be dealt first. That’s also the reason Yue Ze summarized the list he read a moment ago.

The two figures disappeared, leaving everyone in uproar.

“Wow! It turns out that Miss Ruyan used a lot of the Mu Jia’s money ah! Ha-ha that’s hilarious!”

Ptui! What genius? If someone spends so much valuable medicines on me, I’ll probably be a better cultivator than she is!”

“Your highness, your highness! Are you all right?” Mu Ruyan was so flustered that she hurriedly ran towards the Crown prince to save his relationship with him.

“Look! It’s Mu Ruyan!”

“I didn’t expect that she would have the nerve to watch this match! Ha-ha! She really have no shame or whatsoever! Ha-ha! “

“She looks like a fairy but her shame knows no boundaries!”

Everyone’s jealous and irritated towards Mu Ruyan, all kinds of insulting words were thrown at her relentlessly!

The title of the second genius in the whole Purple Moon Kingdom had now become a joke!

“I… I didn’t know…” Mu Ruyan cried her eyes out upon hearing their words. She looks helplessly at the crowd.

Mu Qian and Yue Ze didn’t care what will happen to Mu Ruyan afterwards. The two of them went straight at home to help Mu Qian deal with her wounds!

But when Yue Ze and Mu Qian came out from Jinwutang, a murderous intent filled the area. Suddenly, Mu Qian was brought into a cold hard embrace.

“Who hurt you?” His tone was cold and ruthless.

Translator’s Mini Skit:

Me: Hi Wu’er! Long time no see!

Mu Wushuang: Mm.

Me: You… Wait are you angry?

Mu Wushuang: Mm.

Me: Eh? Why? I didn’t even see you since New Year you know!

Mu Wushuang: Mm.

Me: What’s wrong with you?

Mu Wushuang: 

Me: What…?

Mu Wushuang: Do you really not know or you’re just pretending?

Me: What is it? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mu Wushuang: Sigh* I can’t believe you.

Me: What? Wait – where you going??? HEY WAIT!!!

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