EWP Chapter 81: The Number One Genius

The Number One Genius.

Mu Qian coldly said. “Crown prince, I feel that you have a lot to say for yourself! Bring back that concubine of yours from where you got her in the first place. If you win tomorrow, that’s the only time you can send her over! You hear me?”

“Xi’er, please don’t be mad. I will leave with the Crown Prince today. For tomorrow’s match, I will surely cheer for you!” Mu Ruyan pretended to be strong in front of Mu Qian Xi.

The beauty went back with him, Xuanyuan Li Shang was proud of himself! This is exactly the right moment where he can prove his feelings towards Mu Ruyan.

Just like that, The Crown prince went back to his palace together with Mu Ruyan.

When Xuanyuan Li Tian heard the news concerning his elder brother, his right eye has been jumping from then on. He got this feeling that something bad is going to happen.

“Come! You may go on inside!”

Following the wonderful battle against Yue Ze, the seventh genius, Jinwatang became a great place for formal matches thereafter.

The whole Purple Moon is brimming with excitement; the tickets for the upcoming match were rising!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk! Lord Mu is getting more powerful. He defeated the seventh genius, Yue Ze first, then Ouyang Wei who is ranked fourth. But now, she unexpectedly has to fight the number one genius his highness, the Crown prince!”

“I heard from someone that they both have elemental affinities. One has the water element while the other one has wind! This is surely a good show to watch!”

Yue Xu said. “Brother, why are you so sure that your Leader would win? You better not lie to me or else! I already bet all of my possessions for her so she must win no matter what!”

“What nonsense are you spouting? Jinwutang pleaded Leader to limit her bets to three million gold taels. Your two thousand and two silver taels aren’t even enough for one percent of hers. Tell me, should I feel sorry for you?” Yue Ze faintly smiled.

Yue Xu clenched his fist and shouted. “Fine! I was wrong!”

“Kyaah! The Crown prince is on stage!” A nymphomaniac screamed, letting other people to look down on the stage.

Xuanyuan Li Shang’s outfit for today is white. He doesn’t look calm and collected just like before but he certainly looks capable and good at martial arts now.

His black hair gently sways against the wind while his handsome face bears no fear or anxiety.

If Mu Wushuang didn’t exist, Xuanyuan Li Shang would probably be the strongest man in the PurpleMoon Kingdom in the future!

In a while, a purple figure slowly walked towards the stage. With her excellent posture, her every step looks like there was a flower that would sprout at any moment. Whether appearance or mannerism, she is clearly above one level than the Crown Prince.

The crowd was shocked! Mu Qian Xi is worthy enough to be the Lord of her clan! So domineering!

In Xuanyuan Li Shang’s eyes a flash of dim light shone, he said. “Mu Qian Xi, because the both of us have a special identity. In order to avoid feud between our families once one of us were accidentally harmed, I prepared a contract already. How about we sign it first?”

Having a contract before a fight isn’t common in thePurple Moon Kingdom. Once signed, the law of the Heaven and Earth will be counterbalanced. It seems that the Royal Family prepared themselves before this to deal with her!

On the other hand, Mu Qian let out a smile yet not a smile. “Sign? Sure, No problem! I also have a contract here that needs your signature.”

Her contract states that if Xuanyuan Li Shang won today, Mu Qian would let Mu Ruyan to return in the Mu Jia and acknowledge her as her official sister. If Mu Qian won, Xuanyuan Li Shang would return all the resources Mu Ruyan consumed in the past eighteen years!

He was satisfied with the contents of the deed.

Because the Royal Family’s contract is limited, he can only prioritize Mu Ruyan’s wished first.

This is also what Mu Qian intended to do.

Xuanyuan Li Shang nodded. “I have no qualms either.”

Two contracts, two people each signed their own name, thus the contracts were established!

A blood-boiling match is about to begin!

The referee raised his hand and shouted. “This official match starts!”

“Mu Qian Xi, watch out!”

At the exact moment the referee’s words have fallen, Xuanyuan Li Shang rushed forth towards Mu Qian Xi.

Yesterday, he was called by his Father Emperor to give him some pointers. The Emperor emphasized that he mustn’t waste time and beat Mu Qian Xi as soon as possible!

[1]Aeolus!” Xuanyuan shouted.

In a while countless afterimages of Xuanyuan Li Shang appeared.

The crowd exclaimed. “Is this the power of the wind element? He’s fast!”

“The peak of Ninth-Stage Spirit Warrior! Crown prince is truly the number one genius!”

The wind element is so powerful that it couldn’t be compared with Ouyang Wei’s strength at all.

Mu Qian hastily dodged Xuanyuan Li Shang’s attack. Her body flashed and retreated a dozen steps.

Xuanyuan Li Shang made another pre-emptive strike, in hope that it can prevent Mu Qian from using her elemental power.

“Water Charge!”

In contrast to his expectations, Mu Qian wasn’t a meek rabbit; a large blue water dragon appeared from the void and rushed towards Xuanyuan Li Shang’s direction!

Boom! — When the blue water dragon and Xuanyuan Li Shang’s sword clashed together, a loud explosion happened.

Someone in the crowd exclaimed. “Oh God! Mu Qian reached the Eight-Stage Spirit Warrior already! Her cultivation speed is scary ah!”

“It doesn’t matter. Did you forget? The Crown prince’s strength is still higher and even though each of them has an element, the Crown prince is at the peak of the Ninth-Stage. Mu Qian clearly doesn’t stand a chance.”

Yue Xu, who’s like a deer in the headlights spoke. “Brother, is your leader some kind of an aberrant being? If I remember correctly, she was just at the Sixth-Stage last month you know!”

In just a month, she successfully breakthrough up to two stages! How could someone possibly accept such reality!

Yue Ze’s eyes flashed a light. “Leader had breakthrough the Eight-Stage, it seems I have to practice harder!”

Yue Xu trembled by his brother’s aura. “Don’t tell me you’re gonna breakthrough soon?”

Yue Ze nodded. “Mm, I’ve reached the peak ofSeventh-Stage. I feel that I’m going to breakthrough soon.”

Yue Xu grabbed his older brother’s hand and said. “Brother! Go ask Mu Qian Xi if she needs another little brother! The cultivation of the both of you is making me jealous! Let me in too please!!!”

“I think Leader is not in need of another brother. Besides if it’s someone like you, I’m sure she wouldn’t even spare you a glance.” Yue Ze showed no mercy, he instantly shattered Yue Xu’s fragile heart!

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” While the two brothers are chatting, Mu Qian has been dodging Xuanyuan Li Shang’s attacks longer than the crowds’ expectations.

The wind element against water element is no doubt an unparalleled showdown, dazzling everyone eyes.

What shocked them the most was; even if Mu Qian’s strength is lower she isn’t staggering at all. They can even say at this point that the two of them are evenly matched!

Xuanyuan Li Shang knew that he can’t go on like this. Unlike Mu Qian, who can easily eat a third-grade medicinal pill to restore her Qi, he on the other hand, can only depend on his own!

He must finish this quickly or he will be the one losing in the end!

Xuanyuan Li Shang shouted. “Whirlwind!”

Numerous wind forces gathered up in circles and formed a twister in the air, sweeping everything towards Mu Qian’s way!

At the same time, Mu Qian pushed all of her spiritual force out!

“Water Dragon!”

A huge water-blue dragon leaps into the sky and made an explosive move, turning itself into a huge tornado comprised of water.

“This move! It’s the same with his highness!”

“Look! This is a completely improved version!”


Xuanyuan Li Shang widened his eyes in disbelief. No one other than him knew how his skill works, that is exactly a replica of his whirlwind!

[1] it means god of wind.

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