EWP Chapter 116: Hiding Too Deep

Mu Ruyan is now ‘Mu Ruoyan’

It’s never clear what Mu Ruoyan learned from her mysterious master. Now she’s finally exposed!

Mu Qian’s fingers moved, and countless medicinal needles flew out in all directions!

Her illusions couldn’t confuse her, and she just happened to use the medicine needle to break the surface!

‘Rip and pull!’

The needles cut through Mu Ruoyan’s white satin.

Her spirit weapon was a five-grade spirit weapon, but the medicinal needles created by the senior alchemist, Huo Lao, were sharp enough to break through the five-grade spirit weapon.

There was no way for Mu Ruoyan to avoid the onslaught of needles from all directions!

“AH!” A painful scream was heard, and the white satin fell down, and the crowd saw Mu Ruyan fall on the stage.

When people saw Mu Ruoyan’s miserable appearance, they all had a numbing feeling that Mu Jia’s Lord was really a ruthless character.

At this time, Mu Ruoyan’s body, hands and feet were pinned to the tournament stage by four medicinal needles of varying lengths that penetrated through the bones.

The positions of the hands and feet were very symmetrical, not deviating one iota, and the alignment was really beyond reproach.

Mu Ruoyan did not shed a single drop of blood, but her face was blue with pain, and her pitiful appearance made all the men present look heartbroken.

Xuanyuan Li Shang roared, “Mu Qian Xi, you are so vicious!

“Sister! Sister! Mu Ruyun ran out crying and was worried about Mu Ruoyan.

These two people portrayed their affection for Mu Ruoyan to the extreme, leaving the crowd deeply moved.

Mu Qian pointed at Mu Ruyun and asked, “Do you want to go home and cry?

“As for you, Crown Prince if you are still not convinced, you can go challenge this Lord. Don’t make a scene like a skank looking for trouble.” Mu Qian glanced at Xuanyuan Li Shang and scorned him.

Mu Ruyun’s face froze, and Xuanyuan Li Shang’s face turned green, “Mu Qian Xi, don’t be too arrogant.

Mu Qian languidly said, “Your Highness, your debts are still unpaid and the deadline is approaching, I don’t think you want me to take anyone to the East Palace to collect them, right?”

Xuanyuan Li Shang was speechless, for that debt he even sold a lot of things, but he still hasn’t paid off everything.

Now Mu Qian Xi has even brought it up again, making him furious.

“I don’t need to remind you that Ruoyan is in urgent need of healing, so I won’t talk nonsense with you first.” Xuanyuan Li Shang hugged his sweetheart and left in a hurry.

Mu Qian has won three games in a row, and there is only one game left.

Mu Qian’s last match was against Yun’s young master, Yun Xinran.

Yun Xinran, dressed in hanfu clothing for scholars, slowly walked up to the tournament stage, and it was hard for the crowd to imagine that this seemingly scholarly and weak young man had made it to the top five in the young generation of the Purple Moon Kingdom.

Compared to the royal princes and the two brothers of the Yue family, Yun Xinran’s appearance can only be considered average.

However, his elegant temperament, astonishing intellect, and high cultivation talent are very attractive to the women of the Purple Moon Kingdom, and has already become a role model for the young talents of the Purple Moon Kingdom.

Mu Qian slowly greeted him, “Yun Xinran.”

Yun Xinran elegantly said, “It’s an honor for me to fight with Lord Mu, and I hope Lord Mu will be more lenient later.

A dark light flashed in Mu Qian’s eyes. “If Young Master Yun is unlike my previous foe, this Lord will naturally show mercy but if he is, what happens to Mu Ruoyan will also happen to you.”

Yun Xinran smiled faintly and said, “How could I be the enemy of Lord Mu? Lord Mu really knows how to make a joke.”

“Fine, let’s stop talking and start the fight.” Mu Qian said.

Yun Xinran may not necessarily be the person behind Mu Ruoyan since she couldn’t detect any murderous intent coming from him.

“Good.” Yun Xinran smiled readily and calmly.

Suddenly, Yun Xinran’s body was wrapped in a white light, emitting an aura that definitely did not resemble Mu Ruoyan’s.

The people’s eyes showed astonishment. Although he was originally ranked fourth, they did not expect him to reach the peak of the First Stage Spiritual Master already at his age.

“What a surprise, Young Master Yun is only eighteen years old!”

Yun Xinran enthused, “If I want to win against Lord Mu, I have to do my best!

Then, Yun Xinran’s strength even increased once again, to the Second Stage Spiritual Master.

Yun Xinran’s power skyrocketed to the limit, and with a leap and a swing of his palm, he attacked Mu Qian.

“I didn’t expect Young Master Yun who looked so weak can make a wave aura so neatly and smoothly!” The people exclaimed.

Yue Ze’s face paled, If Yun Xinran hadn’t run into his Leader today, they wouldn’t have known that Yun Xinran was so powerful.

Mu Qian didn’t dodge, she even said, “You can’t even defeat me with such little power!”

“Water Dragon Slash!

The water dragon tore through the void and struck Yun Xinran.

Yun Xinran’s figure swept past, dodging the blow, and smiled helplessly: “It seems that I really underestimated Lord Mu.”

He stood floating, and suddenly his palms transformed into somewhat thousands of hands, and a deep voice echoed. “Ten Thousand Buddha Hands!

The hand of the Ten Thousand Buddhas thundered down, and even a Third Stage Spiritual Master had to dodge it, not to mention Mu Qian who is just a First Stage Spiritual Master.

The power of the Ten Thousand Buddhas is so imposing but Mu Qian found a flaw, her eyes flashed with a light.

“Break it for me!”

The water drops turned into thousands, and Mu Qian’s next move followed!

“Scatter! Icicle Rain!” 

The icy aura of water enveloped Yun Xinran and Yun Xinran hurriedly dodged.

“Water Dragon Slash!” But Mu Qianxi didn’t want to give him a chance to breathe, and the attack came again!

“That water dragon attack is amazing!”

“Boom! Boom!” 

On the tournament stage, Mu Qian’s attacks came one after another.

The corners of people’s mouths were twitching. “Lord Mu’s spiritual power is completely inexhaustible! It’s too fearsome ah. I’m afraid the young master will be consumed alive.

Under Mu Qian’s chaotic attack, Yun Xinran was overwhelmed.

He was about to concede defeat when suddenly a purple figure approached like the wind.

If he tried to make any move the cold and poisonous needles in her hand would be sunk into his lethal point.

Yun Xinran’s pupils suddenly shrunk, Mu Qian actually wanted to kill him!


Under the threat of death, Yun Xinran’s instinct to protect his own life allowed him to explode with his true strength.

The violent spiritual energy bounced Mu Qian away, and Mu Qian’s figure took a few dozen steps back in the air.

The face of Yue Ze, who was watching the game, turned heavy at once, “Third Stage Spirit Master! How deep does Yun Xinran want to hide this?”

Everyone in the area was stunned, “The young master of the Yun Clan is really powerful! A Third Stage Spiritual Master under the age of eighteen is considered one of the best in the entire Snow Continent in terms of cultivation. Why did he have to hide it so much?”

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