EWP Chapter 115: Fighting the White Lotus

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A sudden bang resounded! Ouyang Wei’s body directly flew out by the powerful force.

“Ack!” Ouyang Wei who was already weak was continually coughing out blood.

Her already fleeting life would’ve been lost if it weren’t for Mu Qian. Jiu Ye truly wanted to turn Ouyang Wei into a skeleton just now; if he succeeded Mu Qian wouldn’t know about the person behind that incident anymore.

“Night Prince… You already did it with his highness right? Else, how could you easily solve the effects immediately! It turns out that you two are already in a close-relationship. No wonder his highness protects you so much, even your own clan. No wonder my Ouyang… my poor clan…” Ouyang Wei’s voice is cold.

If she knew that Mu Qian and the Night Prince are this close already, she wouldn’t dare lay a trap for Mu Qian, not at all! Not in a million chances would they dare cause trouble if they knew.

If she states her reasons now, they would never buy it. It is too late for that now.

Mu Qian coldly said. “Tell me, who is that person? As long as you tell me, except for the other people who made a move like you I will leave them without a scratch!”

“It’s-” Ouyang Wei’s voice broke, something was shot straight at her throat.

‘Swish!’ Jiu Ye caught a black dart.

“AHHH!” Ouyang Wei screamed. A black bug broke through her heart and jumped out.

She widened her eyes in disbelief and muttered. “You… Why did you do this?”

Mu Qian quickly moved away, she said coldly. “This disgusting grub!”


Mu Qian took out a bottle and sprayed it on the grub, its body completely dissolved.

On the other hand, the assassin, unable to escape from Jiu Ye’s clutches, directly took poison and killed himself.

Ouyang Wei is dead. Mu Qian’s only clue was broken.

Mu Qian said. “There’s nothing we can do here. I will go home first.”

“I’ll send you back.” Jiu Ye followed Mu Qian and left.

The next day, In the Capital of Purple Moon Kingdom, Ouyang Wei’s corpse was found in a corner. All kinds of rumors came out, making the Ouyang people unable to raise their heads while walking outside.

Ouyang Ju, filled with rage shouted. “Despicable! Even if she died in a mass grave is better! How can she let herself be killed on the streets, how dare she discredit the family’s name!”

Ouyang Zhi hurriedly said. “Father, it’s not my sister’s fault. It must be Mu Qian Xi who has done it! There’s so many of us guarding sister before, how could she escape here if it wasn’t for that damn Mu Qian Xi!”

Ouyang Ju shouted. “Imbecile! Mu Qian is now the fiancée of his Royal Highness the Night Prince. Who dares make a move on her would result in death. Is there any news on the Great Fire Sect?”

A trace of sadness flashed in Ouyang Zhi’s eyes. “The Great Fire Sect doesn’t want to fight against Xuanyuan Jiu Ye.”

“They’re terrible!”

The next day, the genius ranking continued and the five contestants left were already present.

Each person will play against the other four in turn; each win will count as a point.

The person with the highest point will be ranked first, consequently until remaining rank is set.

The first match is between Mu Qian Xi and Yue Ze.

Obviously, when the match of the two was announced, one would know the result right away and so no bets were made.

The absolute winner will be Mu Qian Xi.

Sure enough, as soon as Yue Ze stepped inside the arena, he admitted defeat.

“You don’t want to compete with your leader?” Mu Qian asked.

Yue Ze laughed. “I don’t want to fight and I also don’t want to be beaten badly by Leader. Admitting defeat is my best choice.”

Since the other already said it. Mu Qian scored a point without moving a single step. Her next match is with Xuanyuan Qingyun.

When the man’s name was declared by the arbiter, Mu Qian takes a good look at the person in front of her. This was the first time she saw Xuanyuan Qingyun clearly. He was tall and handsome. His perfect moon-white silk brocade wrapped his lean body.

His lustrous black hair was tied by a white jade hairpin, and his thick eyebrows looked like a crescent moon.

Those eyes looked clear yet held no authority like other royalty does.

A fine and elegant young man with indifferent eyes just like a solitary orchid on a deadly desert.

“I admit defeat!” This is his first sentence to Mu Qian.

Mu Qian was taken aback for a moment, Yue Ze is considered as her little brother and it was justifiable for him to admit defeat.

But his highness also admits his defeat without a fight, this is too unreasonable!

Mu Qian asked. “Do you mean it with your words just now?”

“Yes. You are [1]Xiao Jiu’s fiancée thus I will not fight you.” He said lightly, his figure suddenly disappeared in the arena.

Mu Qian froze. She felt that someone was misunderstanding about her being Jiu Ye’s light.

Mu Qian’s first two matches ended smoothly, her last match was against Mu Ruyan.

Mu Ruyan slowly entered the arena, she smiled softly. “Xi’er, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Are you okay?”

“Mu Ruyan, don’t spout nonsense things, let’s hurry up and fight!” Mu Qian made her move first.

Someone wanted to use this genius ranking game to find an opportunity to kill her, apart from Yue Ze and Xuanyuan Qingyun, the only persons left were Mu Ruyan and the one who invited her to this event, Yun Xinran.

Only after this fight would she have the time to properly investigate.

 “If this is what Xi’er wants, I must give my best too.” Mu Ruyan said softly.

Among the crowd, someone said. “What do you think? Is there a chance Mu Ruyan would win?”

“I heard that Miss Mu Ruyan followed a mysterious master and she hadn’t been here in the capital for nearly a year. Maybe she has made a lot of progress!”

“Let’s just wait and see.”

Mu Ruyan turned into a white smoke, rushed towards Mu Qian. White mist surrounds the arena.

Everyone was stunned. “A spiritual element! Miss Ruyan also has an element!”

Xuanyuan Li Shang looked at Mu Ruyan’s shadow with pride.

Ruyan’s talent is the real deal. She who was rumored to be relying on elixirs has achieved this result on her own, not due to the things that Mu Qian spread just to discredit her.

Mu Qian flew sideways to avoid Mu Ruyan’s attack, an offensive water spell was already gathered at her hands. Mu Qian mercilessly attacked Mu Ruyan.

“Water Dragon Slash!”

At this time, countless white satin appeared, blocking Mu Qian’s water dragon.


A tremor sounded and two different forces confronted each other. Two figures both backed away a few steps.

“What kind of weapon does Mu Ruyan have? It can actually block the water element attack of Lord Mu.”

“It must be more than a third-grade spirit weapon. There are not many weapons of that grade here in the whole Purple Moon Kingdom. Miss Ruyan actually got one, what blessing!”

“This time the match is worth seeing. Although Lord Mu has water element Miss Ruyan who has the same level as her as well as having a fifth-grade spirit weapon shouldn’t be weak!”

Everyone was excited. They all focused on the fight below.

“Ha!” Mu Ruyan’s figure moved and the graceful figure danced like a fairy princess, leaving the crowd in astonishment.

What a lovely view!

Mu Ruyan’s figure became more and more blurred in the white satin and multiple murderous attacks came from all directions.

Mu Qian stood at the center of the vortex, her figure stood still, closed her eyes muttering to herself. “Is this an illusion?”

[1] Xiao means little in English. It’s an endearment to those who are close with each other.

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