EWP Chapter 114: Bathing Together

“You!” Mu Qian stared at him angrily .

Jiu Ye’s eyes fell on her flushed face, he said . “Wait for me to take off the mask before you hit again . ”

His mask is invulnerable, no fire or liquid can melt it . It was made of the hardest metal under the heaven and earth .

If her slap really hit him, it wasn’t his face that would be swollen but her hand instead .

Mu Qian was stupefied . This guy is so honest that she lost the mood to reward him with a slap .

“Jiu Ye . Close your eyes, otherwise I would really be tempted to poison you . ”

What’s with this person! He still looks cold and indifferent even when taking advantage of other people which leave Mu Qian extremely helpless .

This time, Jiu Ye really closed his eyes, took his robe and wrapped it over Mu Qian, taking her away .

Mu Qian shouted . “Jiu Ye, where are you taking me? At least let me get dressed!”

“No need, besides you have to take it off later . ”Jiu Ye whispered .

Mu Qian’s hair was disheveled with the wind . What on earth does Jiu Ye want to do?

She knew Jiu Ye doesn’t have human feelings that normal human has, he’s so cold to the point that she couldn’t think she is interested in her body .

Jiu Ye held Mu Qian and took her into his Palace’s backyard . It was a place shrouded in white mist .

He gently put Mu Qian down . Mu Qian said in consternation . “This is a cold spring . ”

Earlier, Mu Qian decided to remove the toxicity by soaking in the tub the whole night .

“If you soak in this cold spring, it would only take half hour and your physique would also improve as well . ”

Mu Qian said . “Thank you . ”

Soaking throughout the cold water all night can make oneself uncomfortable .

“Plop!” Mu Qian jumped straight into the water . She thought the cold temperature might freeze even the blood, Mu Qian couldn’t help but shudder, but it was still within the tolerable range .

Besides, she successfully soaked in the spirit lake to wash the impurities on her body and survived after all .

But what irked her most is not the cold temperature but the irritation before her eyes!

Jiu Ye also undressed and walked slowly into the cold pool!

His long ink-like hair slowly scattered down, and the water droplets radiates a crystal-like luster on his delicate shoulders .

The water is very clear, and his body submerged under the water is captivating .

Exquisite facial features, beautiful and alluring, even if his whole aura is coated with a layer of frost that no one can enter, it still can cause confusion, what an evildoer ah!

“Why did you… come down?” Mu Qian’s voice shivered .

“To accompany you!” Jiu Ye spit out these three words .

With her perseverance, the coldness is nothing .

Yet Jiu Ye said he stayed to accompany her?

“That is unnecessary! The water here is too cold . You should go back and wait for me to finish!”

Taking a bath with the “Ashura” Prince is not for the faint hearted! Mu Qian felt her heart is jumping out of her chest at this very moment .

As a result, Jiu Ye only leaned himself on the side, looking so incomparably sexy then gently closed his eyes, while disregarding Mu Qian’s words completely .

Mu Qian also closed her eyes, took a deep breath in order to calm herself! ‘It was only half an hour anyway . ’

Due to the unusual person beside her, Mu Qian even thought half an hour was longer than a night .

The remaining poison in her body was finally cleared, Mu Qian felt comfortable all over, and she said cheerfully . “Jiu Ye, I’m fine now, will you go out first or me?”

A splashing sound came, Jiu Ye slowly walked out of the pool like how he was on a flat ground .

With perfect curves, slender legs, well-defined abdominal muscles, and snow-like skin, he definitely looks like a son of the Heaven .

Jiu Ye took a dark robe from his own space, wrapped his sculpture-like body, and disappeared in front of Mu Qian like the wind .

Mu Qian grudgingly said . “I know you have a good figure, you don’t always have to show it! Fortunately, this Lord is not a man otherwise you will be no longer chaste! Hmph!”

Mu Qian’s voice is very small, but Jiu Ye has not left at all . He heard her clearly .

His icy blue eyes sank suddenly, and even a faint expression of pleasure flashed, and the corner of his mouth slightly evoked an arc .

Mu Qian took out a spare dress from her Water Dragon Ring and put it on quickly, she then went to Jiu Ye to say goodbye .

“I initially thought that I’ll be busy detoxifying the whole night! Luckily, I got rid of it in the cold spring so quickly . I will now go see the situation of Ouyang Wei . ”

For that kind of poison, Mu Qian felt that with only the Ouyang clan’s ability it still wouldn’t be enough .

She felt uncomfortable that Ouyang Wei could come up with this kind of insidious trick .

There is definitely a pair of hands behind Ouyang Wei, pushing her to dig a big hole for Mu Qian .

“I’ll also go!” Jiu Ye took Mu Qian and left the Night Prince’s Palace .

As soon as they left, Mu Qian felt something was wrong!

“Jiu Ye, this is not the direction to go to the Ouyang’s residence…”

“That woman isn’t there . ”

“What do you mean she’s not home? Do you mean Ouyang Wei’s family isn’t optimistic on her condition that they really let her out on her own? Aren’t they afraid of her running into some indecent men on the streets?”

After a while, Mu Qian and Jiu Ye went into a cold alley where Ouyang Wei is .

Ouyang Wei is now surrounded by a group of beggars, her breathing was ragged .

A pair of hands blocked Mu Qian’s eyes; afterwards those beggars was turned into bones until they turn to ashes and swept by the wind .

It’s just that there is a very bad smell lingering in the air that makes Jiu Ye frown slightly .

“Sob… sob…”

No other people was left apart from her, Ouyang Wei felt discomfort on her whole body, she then slowly crawled out of the alley .

Ouyang Wei sense a presence in front of her, upon lifting her eyes, she saw the woman she hated .

“Mu Qian Xi… Mu Qian…” While cursing Mu Qian inside, she saw another person beside her .

“Night Prince!” Ouyang Wei was truly terrified, although her legs are now weak, she tried to run as if seeing a ghost .

“Ahhh!” Ouyang Wei directly fell to the ground and could no longer walk .

At this time, Mu Qian walked slowly to Ouyang Wei . “Do you want to have a deal with me? Tell me who instructed you at our fight and I will let someone send you back to the Ouyang Clan . Otherwise, if you continue staying here until morning, news would spread all over the capital regarding you tomorrow . ”

Ouyang Wei shouted terribly . “Who are you acting kind for! The reason why I ended up like this, isn’t it because of you! You… tell me what you did to me!”

Mu Qian said . “Remember the poison you gave to me? Naturally, I’ll send it back to you ten times stronger . ”

“But… You… Why are you still okay? You aren’t poisoned at all! Why am I the unlucky one? Why only me…” Ouyang Wei saw Mu Qian’s state, her hope collapsed .

“Did I disappoint you? Looks like my poison is clearly higher than yours . ” Mu Qian said faintly .

“I don’t believe it! That’s impossible! He clearly said that his poison can’t be detoxified except with the help of a man, your body would keep asking for men and would no longer live without doing it for the rest of your life… ”

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