EWP Chapter 113: Being seen


“Water Dragon Slash!”

Ouyang Wei’s body was washed away by a blue dragon.

Mu Qian’s figure flashed, and when she was about to attack Ouyang Wei once again, everyone was surprised that the eldest miss of the Ouyang clan who was always proud suddenly said. “I give up!”

Jinwutang’s referee shouted: “The opponent has given up, may Lord Mu step back.”

Right now, Ouyang Wei who was stunned and fell on the ground smiled and said. “Mu Qian, You’re so dead.”

“Are you sure about that?” Mu Qian raised her eyebrows slightly, gently moving her fingers, and then a small needle suddenly pierced through Ouyang Wei’s skin.

Ouyang Wei only felt a slight sting; she did not feel anything abnormal.

She proudly said, “Mu Qian, it won’t take long for you to find out.”

“Oh, is that so?” Mu Qian bent down and whispered. “But Ouyang Wei, playing poison with this Lord, how naïve can you get?”

Ouyang Wei widened her eyes and said inconceivably: “How did you… know.”

Ouyang Wei suddenly thought of something, and laughed maniacally, “Even if you notice it, it’s too late! It’s impossible for you to cure it!”

Mu Qian calmly walked down the arena, she smirked. “That’s why I said, you are too naive.”

Mu Qian returned to her room, Yue Ze immediately ran to her side and asked. “Leader! What did that Ouyang Wei do to you? How could she laugh like that back there?”

“Nothing, it’s just …”

At this moment, a dark figure inexplicably appeared inside the room.

Icy blue eyes fell on Mu Qian and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Qian said: “It’s a drug that stimulates sexual desire. Commonly, this drug has no antidote, unless …”

Yue Ze was so angry. “Ouyang Wei actually used such means in the competition. What would you do leader?”

She said that drug has no solution!

Mu Qian calmed down a bit, she said. “Aren’t you listening to me? I said this drug “commonly” had no cure.”

She took out a few medicine bottles, and then mixed several medicines together, then injected it on herself using a needle. She said. “This kind of petty trick won’t work on me.”

Yue Ze breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

Leader is really powerful, even drugs without solution can be solved by her easily.

He glanced at the opposite room and asked, “Leader, what about Ouyang Wei! Are we going to let her go just like this?”

A flash of cold light flashed in Mu Qian’s eyes, “Relax, she’ll definitely be in a worse state than me!”

Poisoning the Ghost Doctor, Ouyang Wei definitely lifted a stone and hit her own feet.

(TN: It means “want to harm other person, but harm oneself instead”)

Ouyang Wei, who had just been treated by a pharmacist, suddenly ripped off her clothes.

Sounds of tearing filled the arena.

Not only that, but she also entangled herself on the 50 year old pharmacist, jumping on the poor man.

“Miss Ouyang, stop! Please conduct yourself!”

The pharmacist was almost frightened to death. He hurriedly pushed Ouyang Wei away, rushing forward to escape.

“Don’t go!” Ouyang Wei was already unconscious at this point, stripping some of her clothes.

All the audience was stunned when they saw this scene. “What’s going on? What happened to Miss Ouyang?”

As soon as Ouyang Wei felt the breath of the opposite sex, she threw herself over. “Give it to me!”


For a time, the entire Jinwutang was turned upside down. Ouyang Wei who was almost caught had cornered some people earlier. Seeing Ouyang Wei’s luscious body, added the fact that not everyone is a gentleman, since this beauty threw herself to them why bother to resist? Some couldn’t help but took advantage of the situation.

Ouyang Wei tore and pulled her clothes completely, and started to hunt preys like a wolf.

There are a lot of famous and precious nobles that gathered here in the capital. Seeing Ouyang Wei’s bold behavior, not only did she ruined her innocence she even lost some face for her clan as well.

Ouyang Zhi filled with fury shouted. “Ouyang Wei, are you out of your mind!”

“Just calm down and don’t embarrass yourself any further!”

Unexpectedly, Ouyang Wei pounced directly at him, and Ouyang Zhi had to let the guards knock her out in order to take her back to their residence.

After a good fight among geniuses, such an accident happened, everyone is still shocked.

In any case, the competition must go on. The top five will be selected today.

Ouyang Zhi who was depressed by Ouyang Wei’s actions earlier has long been distracted since his match. In addition, the person he fought was Yue Ze.

Not only was he defeated, but his leg was even broken badly.

Ouyang Zhi said indignantly: “Yue Ze, how can you act so cruel!”

Yue Ze retorted. “If you know what your good sister has done to others? Then you’ll know I’m not the one who’s ruthless!”

Yue Ze’s eyes were cold, Ouyang Wei dared to set up a trap to his Leader, if it wasn’t for this competition, he would definitely kill this Ouyang Zhi!

Ouyang Zhi was carried out and the next three matches were set!

The top five are Mu Qian Xi, Yue Ze, Mu Ruyan, Xuanyuan Qingyun, and Wen Xinran.

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, who was originally the first in the previous genius list, was unable to harm a single hair of his beloved woman, Mu Ruyan. He admitted defeat very quickly.

Mu Ruyan who looked distressed said to Xuanyuan Li Shang , “This… I didn’t intend to.”

Xuanyuan Li Shang appeased her and softly said. “I’m willing to lose to you, so don’t feel bad Ruyan.”

“Wuwuwu!” Mu Ruyan kept crying.

“I won’t let you down, for tomorrow’s match I promise you I’ll win and bring the honor back that should belong to you.” Mu Ruyan clenched her first.

“But Mu Qianxi is too strong.” Li Shang said.

Today, Mu Qian Xi showed that she is stronger than when he first confronted her. He knew that no one is her opponent now.

“I know that I’m not an opponent for Xi’er but for Brother Li, I’m willing to try.”

“Alright! I believe Ruyan will definitely win! Help me clean up my name!”

At the end of Yue Ze’s match, Mu Qian has already taken a stand and went home, she ordered. “Quickly prepare cold water for me.”

“Yes, my Lord!”

Mu Qian stripped off her clothes and soaked her entire body to cold water. Although she took medicine to cure the drug, there are still signs of toxicity left. This can only be eliminated by soaking in cold water overnight.

When Mu Qian had just stepped into the tub, the air around her suddenly became cold, and a man akin to a demon suddenly appeared inside her room.

“Come out!” He spit out those two words coldly.

Mu Qian’s mouth twitched. “Jiu Ye, I’m taking a bath! How am I supposed to get out, huh!”

Jiu Ye does not like anyone disobeying his orders, even if that one is the most special to him.

(TN: This is one of his bad traits that I really don’t like! Argh!)

The black figure flickered, Jiu Ye stretched out his hands to pull Mu Qian out of the tub.

“Crash!” A lot of water splashed in the room.

In front of his eyes, her skin look like the highest quality of jade, Jiu Ye suppressed the emotion emerging from deep within.

Mu Qian was truly ashamed of this Iceberg’s behavior; she didn’t care how dangerous he was. She slapped him directly yet her hand was easily caught by Jiu Ye.

Translator’s Note:

Jiu Ye is really annoying on this chapter. Like Dude! C’mon! She’s taking a bath!


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