EWP Chapter 112: Genius Rankings

Jinwutang is now hosting another competition, the Purple Kingdom’s Genius Ranking.

It doesn’t matter if the person is a noble or not, as long as they’re under 30 years old, they can come and participate on the said event.

At this time, the most popular contestant is none other than the Lord of the Mu clan, Mu Qian Xi.

The preparation for the preliminary is done, but the owner of the Jinwutang has received a certain guest.

“I want you to arrange me on a match with Mu Qian Xi.”

“What? You want to fight Lord Mu?”

The owner thought that the young lady would be beaten easily before. But now almost every contestant wants to avoid being matched with her. Never did he imagine that someone would take the initiative to ask him this.

Jinwutang’s owner said. “Of course, I can!”

The woman’s eyes flashed with resentment, Mu Qian Xi, even if I lose, I won’t let you go.

On a sunny day, the preliminary round was set in Jinwutang. The top ten on the previous list automatically qualifies on the next round. Naturally, Mu Qian who defeated the first on the list would be excluded on the preliminaries as well.

The preliminary was very fierce; the second master of the Yue clan won and is now qualified to go on the next round.

“Brother! Brother, I passed!” Yue Xu eagerly said.

Yue Ze laughed. “Mm,You did great.”

Twenty-nine people were selected to participate to the next round.

The top ten geniuses and Mu Qian arrived at the scene, and the lottery for people who will fight next already began. An unlucky guy saw his opponent’s name and immediately wanted to cry.

“No! Why is my luck so bad?” Mu Qian would be his next opponent.

His ability is only in the sixth-stage martial warrior, compared to Mu Qian he won’t even last a minute. At the very beginning of the match, he directly gave up.

Mu Qian’s second opponent is Yue Xu, Yue Ze was thrilled. “Little Xu, good luck!”

On the arena, Yue Xu looked helplessly towards Mu Qian.

Mu Qian laughed. “Yue Xu, the last time we fought you let me do three moves first. This time how about I reciprocate your kindness and let you do three moves first?”

Yue Xu said. “Are you sure? You don’t have to underestimate your enemy.”

Mu Qian said. “It’s fine.”

Yue Xu: “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Since Mu Qian said he can do three moves first, Yue Xu filled with confidence is ready to seize this opportunity to land a blow using all of his strength.

At the same time, Yue Xu did not see the look of sympathy his elder brother is giving him. The gap on their strength are too wide, even if Leader gave him a chance to attack first, landing a blow is another matter.

“Here I go!” Yue Xu’s body looks moved like a beast, rushing on towards Mu Qian Xi.

“Boom!” with a loud noise, Yue Xu missed the target.

Yue Xu grits his teeth and said again. “Another one!”


“This is the last! I don’t believe that my attacks would not reach you!”

In Yue Xu last move, he poured all his strength.

It’s a pity that the difference in their strength is too great.

The purple figure flashed by, Mu Qian approached Yue Xu and smiled. “Little Xu, the three moves are over. It’s time to end this.”

“Ahh!” Yue Xu’s figure flew outside the arena.

The crowd was flabbergasted. “Strong! The Mu Clan’s Lord is getting stronger and stronger.”

“First-Stage of Spirit Master, in the entire Purple Moon Kingdom, she is the first who reached that realm before the age of 16.”

“It looks like she would take the first on the list this time.”

Mu Qian returned at her waiting area and said helplessly. “It’s boring here! There is no use on betting myself either, I can’t even make money anymore due to the low odds ah! Jinwutang is getting on my nerves.”

Yue Ze said. “That’s to be expected, many people are betting in you. If jinwutang doesn’t raise the bar on the other side of the bet, they would eventually go bankrupt.”

After two more rounds, ten people finally reached the semi-finals.

Because of Mu Qian entry, the previous tenth in place was kicked out.

The other nine people had maintained their slots.

This time the fight for the genius list ranking is overwhelming. Soon, the result for the drawing lots was announced.

“First match, Mu Qian Xi against Ouyang Wei.”

Ouyang Wei once defeated the old Mu Qian and rendered her useless in the same arena before. The old Mu Qian’s strength was inferior, and no matter what she did she couldn’t win against Ouayng Wei.

But now, Mu Qian’s strength has improved in leaps and bounds, naturally the ending have been already guessed.

Mu Qian glanced at Ouyang Wei and said. “Do you want to go down yourself or would you like me to send you down?”

Ouyang Wei angrily said. “Mu Qian Xi! Don’t be too proud of yourself! Do you really think you have won by now?”

“Boom!” At this point, Ouyang Wei’s spiritual power erupted completely.

The crowd was amazed. “I did not expect that the eldest miss of the Ouyang clan has a hidden card left. Her strength must’ve been improved by a lot.”

Ouyang Wei’s voice echoed on the raging fire, it burned tremendously until a lightning sword came out and fell from the sky.

“World Slash!”

(TN: Enter Dio’s the world meme!)

To deal with Mu Qian Xi, it was necessary to land a stronger attack first. If this landed on her, the chance of her fighting back would be zero.

Mu Qian waved her hand gently. “Water Shield!”

The lightning sword was blocked by the water.

“This is the gap between a spiritual master and a spiritual warrior. Miss Ouyang couldn’t possibly win.”

“Yeah, not everyone is as aberrant as Mu Qian Xi. Just look at her speed of cultivating!”


Mu Qian’s strength was beyond Ouyang Wei’s expectations. Ouyang Wei gnashed her teeth, she is not willing to lose! “I refuse to lose!”

Even if she died, Ouyang Wei would pull Mu Qian to hell!

Ouyang Wei flew towards Mu Qian Xi again; Mu Qian waved another water shield, condensed another qi and attacked the rushing Ouyang Wei.

“Scatter! Icicle Rain!”

“AHHH!” In the face of Mu Qian’s attack, Ouyang Wei could not escape her whole body continued on heading towards Mu Qian Xi’s direction.

Ouyang Wei’s clothes were torn open, revealing a fine gold armor.

“What the! It turns out she’s wearing an artifact! Miss Ouyang is still approaching Lord Mu, is she going to for a close combat?”

Ouyang Wei made a sharp wind on her palm; she closed the distance between her and Mu Qian Xi, and started to fight intensely.

However, fighting hand-to-hand proves Ouyang Wei’s abilities is still inferior.

“Agghh!” Mu Qian struck Ouyang’s Wei’s back of the neck that knocked her out to the ground.

Ouyang Wei struggles to get up, said. “I haven’t lost yet!”

Ouyang Wei rushed once more like a madman, attacking Mu Qian Xi again and again.

With scars surrounding her body, how could Ouyang Wei just continue on fighting without a plan?

Obviously, she had come up of a plan!

There was a glint on Mu Qian’s eyes; When Ouyang Wei attacked her a few more times, a colorless and transparent powder spilled out of her hands.

The two were fighting close at each other, but as an alchemist, how could she miss such a thing. Mu Qian knew what kind of powder it is.

Cheating her way to this match, Mu Qian will surely send Ouyang Wei to her death!

Translator’s Note:

Ouyang Wei really wants to die early eh.

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