EWP Chapter 111: The power of the Night Prince

The battle had consumed a lot of the youth’s energy and being his voice so quiet, it seems that his strength has also weakened.

With today’s confrontation with the Ouyang Family together with the Fire Sect, Mu Qian knew the youth contributed the most. Hence, Mu Qian readily took out a bottle of elixir supplementing spiritual power to the youth in front of her and with a smile, she said. “Here! This is for you!”

The youth took the bottle and regardless of what’s inside, directly downed it like a drink.

Mu Yi and the other Shadows smirked; they knew exactly what the youth would do, they are already used on seeing the youth’s absurdity.

After finishing one bottle, the youth clad in blue looked at Mu Qian once again with anticipation; his meaning was quite obvious at this point.

‘He still wants more!’

Mu Qian let out a chuckle; she took out all of her elixirs and pressed it all to the youth arms! She said. “If you like it very much, then you can have it all!”

Other people were shocked, in their opinion this youth is already crazy but what their Lord has done is much more absurd! If they were to compare, only their Lord would be this bold to hand so many precious elixirs to someone!

After finishing all of it, the youth’s facial expression still looks indifferent.

“Xi’er.” Mu Wushuang called out.

“Little Uncle, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Those people can’t possibly hurt me.” Mu Wushuang shook his head.

At this moment, the color of his eyes turned back to normal. He glanced at Jiu Ye and said. “For today’s matter, I thank his highness, the Night Prince for helping us back there.”

Jiu Ye apathetically said. “She is my fiancée, naturally I’ll help.”

(TN: He’s saying the “I” here in a really haughty manner. LOL)

A faint light flashed in Mu Wushuang’s eyes, he retorted. “His highness must be joking. Do you really think my Mu Jia will take the Imperial edict seriously?”

Jiu Ye seriously said. “Yes.”

Two pair of cold and sharp eyes met, not saying a thing.

While in fact, there is a silent war happening in between.

“If you dare hurt or bring danger to Xi’er, I will make sure you’ll regret coming to this world.”

At this point, Mu Wushuang’s voice was neither as warm nor gentle as before, but instead stern and austere.

“I don’t need your reminder!” Jiu Ye coldly said.

When his words fell, Jiu Ye took his bloody red skeleton army and the unconscious Ouyang Xiang away.

Housekeeper Bai tossed Ouyang Xiang’s body to the Ouyang’s household and said with a smile. “Ouyang Lord, don’t forget that my master is now the fiancé of Mu Qian Xi. If Ouyang Lord continues on acting against the Mu Jia, my master would eradicate your whole clan to existence. This is a warning, please heed my words carefully.”

Ouyang Ju’s hands has long been sweating and trembling, with a fake smile he said. “This Lord will surely listen to Housekeeper Bai’s words.”

Ouyang Ju didn’t expect that with the Emperor’s imperial edict, Mu Qian did not end up dead while being engaged to the notorious Night Prince and the most terrible thing is that the Night Prince even became her backing!

If he were to compare, Jiu Ye would be a hundred times worse than Mu Wushuang!






“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” At this moment Ouyang Xiang opened his eyes and shouted in panic.

All medicine did not work on pacifying Ouyang Xiang’s fear. Ouyang Ju knew his son, Ouyang Xiang was completely traumatized.

On the other hand, without any warning, Ji Kai’s body was plopped inside the Fire Sect.

The Third Elder of the Fire Sect who had lost a loved one wanted to go to the Mu Jia to avenge his disciple. With grief and indignation he’s feeling, he knew that with Mu Wushuang’s level he would win.

Even if the Royal Family does not support going against Mu Wushuang, he felt there is nothing to fear!

But upon hearing the warning the Ouyang Clan got from Housekeeper Bai through the Ye Clan, the Third Elder dare not move.

“The Lord of the Mu Jia is now the fiancee of the Night Prince. If you dare move against the Mu Jia, then our Fire Sect will be destroyed!”

The Sect Leader hurriedly tried to persuade the Third Elder on acting rashly. He said again and again. “Don’t be too rash! Do you all want us to die?”

The Third Elder couldn’t help but shout. “What about my disciple? Is my disciple’s life insignificant to you! Are you saying I should just leave them be after all they’ve done to him!”

“I understand what you’re saying but for the time being, we can’t mess with the Mu Jia, especially with Xuanyuan Jiu Ye on her side.” The Sect Leader said.

The second young master of the Ouyang Clan became stupid, while the Sect Leader of the Fire Sect surprisingly decided to let the matter go.

After a storm comes calm, In addition to some damaged buildings, the Mu Jia’s state once again returned to its former glory.

Mu Qian Xi continued her days on refining medicines, cultivating her strength and making money.

On this day, she had just finished concocting a pot of elixir when a cyan figure appeared beside her, drooling while looking at the cauldron.

Mu Qian’s mouth twitched, she asked. “Do you want to drink it?”

The youth nodded and said. “Yes!”

After watching the youth for a few days, Mu Qian finally knew that this guy doesn’t need to eat nor drink water; the only thing that keeps him alive is through medicines!

“Here.” Mu Qian gave him the whole cauldron of elixir.

The youth directly swallowed its contents. Meanwhile, Mu Qian took another bottle out and handed it to him. She said. “Here, take this also.”

Apparently, the vial of the new elixir looks unique to the youth. He only looked at it with caution.

Seeing that, Mu Qian opened the bottle and let the youth smell first its scent. In a flash, the youth snatched the bottle on her hand and downed it in a blink. “Glug glug…”

“A really weird man.”

Mu Qian asked. “What’s your name?”

The youth shook his head and said. “I don’t know.”

Mu Qian asked again. “Do you plan to stay here?”

“I’ll follow you. When I’m with you, there are medicinal pills to eat and elixirs to drink and I won’t fall asleep. If I’m without you, I’ll surely be asleep somewhere again.” The youth finished his words stiffly.

Mu Qian froze. “You actually rely on medicines as your energy!”

No wonder he fell asleep before after fighting with the Ouyang guards. It turned out that the effects of the elixirs he consumed were almost depleted.

Mu Qian laughed. “You can stay, I can let you eat and drink enough medicines, but I have a condition.”

“Say it.”

“I want you to listen to me. If I ask you to fight someone, do it. Remember this clearly, if someone wants to hurt my family, you have to protect my family at all cost.”

The youth’s fighting ability is very strong, and Mu Qian suspects that the stronger the medicine he consumes, the greater his fighting powers would be.

There is nothing bad about having another strong comrade.

She felt that even if she tried to drive the youth away, he wouldn’t budge a bit.

“Since you don’t remember your name, then I’ll call you Qing Ying? Do you like it?” Mu Qian asked.

“Qing Ying. Mm, I like it!” The youth nodded.

(TN: Qing Ying means “young shadow”)

The Mu Jia has gained another powerful ally. Although the amount of elixirs he consumes everyday can make the Royal Family cry, Mu Qian didn’t care.

Qing Ying only needs medicines and as an alchemist, she can causally make it anytime she wanted. She has an overwhelming amount of raw materials anyway, she can still afford to keep him.

In the meantime, Mu Yi handed a letter to Mu Qian, he said. “Lord, the Yun Clan delivered an invitation letter to you.”

Mu Qian who is slightly surprised said. “The Yun Clan who has always been low-key? What are they trying to do now?”

In the invitation letter, it says that in order to let the talents of the Purple Moon Kingdom compete and promote with each other, the list of geniuses must be re-ranked, this would also help others to have an opportunity to be on that list.

Mu Qian Xi defeated the Crown Prince, Xuanyuan Li Shang who ranked first in the geniuses list. Naturally, she was invited to participate on this year’s ranking.

Mu Qian folded the letter and casually said. “Send my reply to Yun Xinran, this Lord is bored, so I’ll play with them.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

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