EWP Chapter 110: One does not simply leave

One does not simply leave

“Xi’er’s things are hers only. That is precisely why, I, as her uncle won’t let someone take her things without permission, let alone touch it.” Mu Wushuang’s voice suddenly turned cold and serious.

Ouyang Xiang said with anger. “Mu Qian Xi is despicable and utterly brazen! She used my sister’s life as a threat and took almost all of our clan’s elixirs! As a promising master of my family, I have the rights to take it all back today. If you know what’s best, better give it all back to me this instant!”

Ji Kai who was full of himself added. “Hey! You, Mu people already angered me by helping the Royal Family to get the HuangLuo pellet. Just take out all of your elixirs and give it to me. I will take it as a compensation for the troubles you’ve brought to me initially. Else, don’t blame me what happens to your puny clan afterwards.

“Then why don’t you? I, Mu Wushuang am really eager to see you try.” Mu Wushuang move in front of Ji Kai and landed a blow.

Mu Wushuang’s attack directly hit the man, but Ji Kai who has just entered the First Stage of the Spirit King can withstand it.

Ouyang Xiang furiously yelled. “Mu Wushuang! You actually dare to attack the Fire Sect third elder’s disciple! Are you crazy! “

At this time, two old men suddenly appeared in front of Ji Kai, blocking Mu Wushuang’s another blow.

“Boom!” Three forces clashed together.

A cold light flashed in Ouyang Xiang’s eyes, Mu Wushuang offended the Fire Sect today! This small clan definitely won’t survive in the future!

These two were already at the peak of Martial King and considered as the best in the Fire Sect. It was a fight to death, each attack were delivered with the intent to kill.

At the same time, the people of the Ouyang Clan also started to make their move.

As a result, a series of fight broke inside the Mu Jia.

Half of the Shadows went out with Mu Qian earlier, and now only half of them are left. Although each of them had advance to the First Stage of Martial King, they still couldn’t beat these people.

“Damn! Even if I die, I have to take a few of them to hell with me!”

Just when Mu Shisan was about to self-destruct to burn these fools, a blue figure suddenly passed in his eyes, a surprise which made him to make an abrupt stop.

(TN: It seems these people can make their bodies explode. Uhm… like what Cell in DBZ had done? Yeah, I’m quite confused too.)

It was the clearly the youth who doesn’t have a heartbeat! He was alive!

“Y-You! I knew it, you are with them! Kill him!” Ouyang Xiang ordered.

As they make their way to the youth in blue, his shadow was the only thing they’ve saw, the youth’s speed is extremely fast.


They aren’t his opponents at all; the enemies seem to have learned of the youth’s strength. One by one, they’ve started to corner the youth, reducing a lot of pressure from the Shadows.

When Mu Qian entered the city gate, she heard a lot of noises coming from the Mu Jia’s direction.

A raging fire flashed on Mu Qian eyes. “Damn it! Who is the fool who dares to cause trouble on my own home! Are they tired of livin’ already?!”

A purple figure together with a kitten and a piglet on her arms went towards the ruckus.

When Mu Qian arrived, she saw a battlefield happening right inside her residence.

She also saw her Little Uncle being besieged by two expert cultivators, which made her angrier.

“Fuck! This Mu Wushuang isn’t at the peak of Martial King at all!”

“Is he really blind?!”

‘Two Martial Kings dealing with a disabled person, isn’t this supposed to be an easy feat?’ If this goes on, these two cultivators from the Fire Sect would lose all their reputation and fall into humiliation.

Suddenly, a cold voice came out. “Catch all these imbeciles for me!”

Ouyang Xiang harrumphed. “Mu Qian Xi, You finally have the courage to appear!”

Ji Kai also turned to take a look at Mu Qian, and he had to say that this woman bears a charm and beauty that no man can resist. He felt a burst of wind brought flowers on his face, his eyes glimmer with delight.

“You are the Lord of this clan, Mu Qian?”

Mu Qian confirmed. “It is me. Aren’t you supposed to explain first why you came here for trouble?”

Ji Kai looked at Mu Qian and said. “You gave funds to the Royal Family that led me to lose the HuangLo Pellet. This gongzi came here to ask for compensation to settle this immediately yet you’re uncle aren’t willing to do so. Since you are the head of this clan, better give me what we came for so we can leave. “

Mu Qian blatantly said. “Since you guys have no money to bid for the HuangLuo Pellet, when did that became my problem? You want my elixirs? Never!”

Ji Kai’s gaze fell on Mu Qian’s body; he raised a brow and said. “If you don’t take out your elixirs as compensation, then how about you use your body instead?” He licked his lips and said. “I didn’t think that the Mu Jia’s Lord would be this…”

Before Ji Kai end his words, a murderous attack was thrown in his direction.

With its speed, the two expert cultivators simple cannot stop it!

“AHHHH!” A deafening scream was heard after; Ji Kai’s body has already flown far away.

All the bones in his body were broken, no internal organs were intact. “Cough! Cough!” He vomited lots of blood until the end of his breath. He wasn’t even given a time to eat a healing pill.

“Ji Shao!” The two elders could only watch Ji Kai die in front of them, their eyes went red.

(TN: 少 Shao means “young”.)

They roared. “Mu Wushuang, how dare you kill our Fire Sect’s top disciple, Ji Kai! This isn’t over! You will soon taste the Fire Sect’s revenge!”

These cultivators suspect that Mu Wushuang isn’t just a Martial King at all; his strength surpassing them is the proof. Staying here for any longer would only result to more casualty, they must hurry back to their sect and report this immediately!

When they were about to retreat, a man akin to a devil suddenly appeared, leading a troop of bloody-red skeletons behind his back, blocking their only way.

The masked man, even if they were people from the outside, they knew how dangerous this person in front of them can be.

Their faces all paled immediately, exclaiming. “Your Royal Highness…”

Jiu Ye’s cold voice said. “One does not simply leave!”

With orders from his highness, Jiu Ye, the bloody-red skeletons start working like a bunch of grim reapers towards the Fire Sect and Ouyang’s people, easily pulling the lives of the Fire Sects and Ouyang people until none is left.

“Ahh! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” In the face of such a situation, Ouyang Xiang has long gone been silly and scared in the corner.

He originally thought that with today’s move, he can make the Mu Jia suffer! He did not expect that the Night Prince’s skeleton troop will suddenly appear ah!

The horror happening in front of him and blood spilling almost everywhere filled him with intense chill on his body. Everyone was dead, the people from his clan and even the elders from the Fire Sect!

The events today made his blood run cold, the horrifying images flooded his mind, Ouyang Xiang was as pale as a ghost.

“Thud!” Like a dead pig, Ouyang Xiang fell flat on the ground.

The bloody-red skeletons were efficient; the enemies surrounding the Mu Jia earlier were now wiped out.

Afterwards, a blue figure flashed in front of Mu Qian.

Jiu Ye’s face sank, and when he was about to unleash an attack to the youth, Mu Qian hurriedly said. “Jiu Yu, don’t do it!”

A pair of limpid black eyes looked straight at Mu Qian eyes with ecstasy.

Mu Qian asked. “What do you want?”

he strange young man slowly said. “Medicine… I… Eat…”

Translator’s Note:

RIP Ji Kai! He only appeared for like 2 chapters? and OX! What are you exactly? Are you secretly a cockroach? So hard to kill even for our MC, it’s like he doesn’t learn anything from the suffering he had before or maybe he’s just that dumb?

Also, remember the man MQ saved before? the one who wore a woman’s clothes? We’ll he’s back!

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