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Not Good

The little red pig’s ear that looks as big as a fan was being held by Jiu Ye as if it was a cup. Even with its tangled state, the pig still made a skeptical gaze towards Mu Qian. It said. “You’re telling ‘ME’ that ‘I’ should let ‘MYSELF’ be contracted to this woman who’s only at the realm of Martial Spirit Master? Are you insane?!”

(TN: He is referring himself in a very arrogant manner in Chinese. The term used is “大爷” which means uncle or a term of respect for an older man.)

After that, Jiu Ye made a leap beside Mu Qian, he asked. “Do you like to eat roasted pig today?”

Mu Qian finally understood. With a twinkle in her eyes, she let out a sly smile to the little pig. This little guy almost scorched her to death! How could she miss this chance to retaliate!

Mu Qian nodded. “Roasted suckling pig sounds delicious alright, definitely one of my favorites!”

Mu Qian’s unscrupulous eyes scared the living daylights out of the little pig, it wailed loudly. “D-Don’t! Don’t eat me! I-I agree! I’ll make a contract with you!”

It said so reluctantly, therefore Mu Qian was still dissatisfied with it.

“You want to have a contract with me and your expecting me to agree easily? My Wudi is invincible and cute, why would I want you?”

“Meow ~” Wudi who’s been praised twice sticks its tail straight up.

“Compared to that white cat, I am much stronger!” The little red pig was angry.

It looks towards Jiu Ye and its heart almost stopped once again. The little pig wagged its tail and rubbed Mu Qian’s sleeve with its nose, with its pitiful appearance it speak softly. “Won’t you have a contract with me? If you still reject me, this devil will surely kill me…wuuuu

“Accept him. He can protect you.” Jiu Ye looks straight at Mu Qian.

Wuuu… Please!” The little red pig continued its pitiful look with teary eyes.

This pig is definitely much stronger than the kitten. With its strength as a Holy Beast, even a Spirit King or Martial King cultivator won’t stand a chance.

Mu Qian smiled and said. “Fine! I will make a contract with you. If you dare not listen to my orders, let’s see if I won’t make you a roasted pig!”

“I wouldn’t dare! I won’t let you down, Master!”

In terms of contract, the little pig’s case was way worse than the kitten. After being forced by Jiu Ye, it took the initiative to create a slave contract with Mu Qian. After this, it won’t even have any pig rights.

Mu Qian exclaimed. “This…This is Holy beast level?”

Mu Qian felt that the strength it had showed earlier and now were completely different.

The little red pig said. “Master, don’t you worry! I don’t have any unsustainable injury or illness; it’s just that I need to replenish my strength with a good rest after a fight. You have to believe me that when I rested enough I will be even more powerful!”

It pointed itself with its tiny feet and said. “If Master did not wake me up while I’m recuperating, I would not be so angry earlier…”

Mu Qian asked. “Then how long do you usually sleep?”

The little red pig smiled and said. “It isn’t that long actually! Just ten thousand years!”

“What!” Mu Qian almost slapped the pig to its death.

She exclaimed. “After sleeping for ten thousands of years, don’t tell me that you’ve only reached the holy beast level? Are you recuperating or simply slacking huh!”

The little red pig laughed innocently. “Wow! Master is so powerful! How did you know everything? In fact you’re right, I am lazy!”

Mu Qian’s face is full of black lines; she pulled the little pig’s ears and said. “Jiu Ye, this pig is too unreliable. Can I return it?”

Jiu Ye faintly said. “Mm, if it can’t protect you then you can roast it to eat.”

The little red pig shuddered with horror, it hurriedly assured Mu Qian. “Master, After I’m healed, I won’t be lazy anymore! Y-You must not eat me!”

‘What did I do to deserve this?’

The first beast that she made a pact with was not only good at selling [1]‘meng’ and but also eating beast cores, nothing else!

While this one, who have thrown a variety of attacks earlier was a complete dunce!

(TN: MQ is saying that little piggy is a 二货 Erhuo which is slang for “foolishly cute person.”)

Mu Qian asked once again. “What kind of beast are you exactly? Do you have a name?”

“HAHAHA! I’m not a spirit beast but a…” The little red pig smiled and was about to give his identity but suddenly closed his mouth almost immediately.

Its heartbeat jumped wildly! Fortunately, it did not say its name else Master wouldn’t want him anymore and the devil behind him would surely make a stew out of him pronto.

“Uhm, I have slept for too long… I don’t know what kind of beast I am either. I don’t even remember my name anymore.” The little red pig showed a sad expression.

A dark light flashed in Mu Qians eyes, this little guy must be a [2]demon.

However, since it had already signed a slave contract with her. She’s not afraid no matter what kind of beast it is. Its life is within her hands after all.

Mu Qian said. “Since you are anxious about your name, how about I give you a new one? Is it alright with you?”

The little red pig raised it feet. “Master, please bestow me a name!”

Mu Qian laughed. “I’m naming you [3]Xiaohong. How is it? It’s easy to remember right? “


Wudi laughed uncontrollably, its Master it truly a genius when it comes to names! It’s really spot-on!

For him, the name Wudi Tianxia is truly living up to his glory! So unique and unmatched!

“Thud!” Xiaohong fell directly to the ground.

It wailed once again. “Master! Are there any other options left? That’s a sissy name! I’m a male! Male! Wuuu…

Xiaohong felt the world is so unfair, no matter how sad he express himself, Mu Qian doesn’t budge.

Meanwhile, Mu Yi exclaimed. “Lord! Look, there are a lot of spiritual jades over there!”

“The explosions earlier broke out so many spiritual jades outside.”

Mu Qian smiled. “It seems that the Xuanyuan royal family are not so bad after all. After all, this is quite a generous amount indeed. Everyone! Let’s proceed to the next step!”

“Yes, Lord!”

After handling the veins, Mu Qian went inside her carriage and Jiu Ye came after, intending to go back together with her.

Mu Qian asked. “Jiu Ye, how did you find me?”

“I sensed the power of the Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion going wildly as if it was in danger, so I came.” Jiu Ye faintly replied.

Mu Qian knows that there is no way Ah Ting had a method to contact Jiu Ye in a flash. Otherwise, Jiu Ye wouldn’t find her so quickly back then.

“I really appreciate what you did today.” Mu Qian smiled.

“You don’t need to thank me.” A small flash of light glimmered in Jiu Ye’s eyes.

Mu Qian nodded and helplessly said. “Okay!”

On the other side, a fierce and arrogant person tries to usher himself inside the Mu Jia.

A guard at the gate asked. “Who are you to dare break inside the Lord’s home?!”

“Get out of my way! Let Mu Qian Xi come out to see me!” A violent voice came out.

“The Lord is out.”

“If that’s the case, then let Mu Wushuang know that we’re here to see him.” Another somber voice was heard.

Afterwards, a gentle jade-like voice passed over.

“Ouyang Jia’s second young master, Ouyang Xiang and the disciple of the Fire Sect, Ji Kai. Why did you two suddenly want to visit us in our humble abode? Is there any matter?”

Mu Wushuang in a wheelchair was slowly pushed out by a shadow.

His white robe that has no stain or dust, coupled with his jade-like appearance was truly pleasing to the eye.

Ji Kai, full of disdained with Mu Wushuang, rudely asked. “You are Mu Wushuang?”

The man in front of him has his two legs crippled, his eyes were both blind yet his unique charm is still there simply making ordinary people ashamed.

“Yes.” Mu Wushuang’s face is as calm as water.

Ji Kai said. “I heard that Mu Qian has a lot of medicines taken from the Ouyang clan. This gongzi is in need of the said elixirs. Hand them all over to me.”

[1] 卖萌 Meng means “Acting cute”

[2] Not to be confused with the literal demon we know. In here MQ is referring the little pig as a Demon (鬼 Gui) or alternatively translated as Monsters. Born when an animal, plant, or even an inanimate object absorbs spiritual energy over a long period of time and then gains spiritual awareness. Not inherently evil, although many have antagonistic relationships with humans.)

[3] 小红 Xiaohong means ‘Little Red’

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Hope some of you still remember this novel. I tried to post this chapter way before but I kinda forgot my password on this site so it took too long for me to post this chapter. Also what name do you readers want for the little pig? the pinyin version which is ‘Xiaohong’ or just the english version ‘Little Red’?


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