EWP Chapter 108: Jiu Ye came

Jiu Ye is here

The spiritual energy that is protecting Mu Qian Xi from harm doesn’t come from her own but from the Water Dragon Ring, the eternal ring itself.

Even if she’s still weak, with the ring’s power, it can still stop the flame from burning her alive.

Mu Qian’s figure leapt and landed safely at the side of the SanSheng Fire Lotus.

Mu Yi and the others finally breathed a sigh of relief. “Great! The Lord is fine!”

Mu Qian reach out her hand and took the Fire Lotus, forming a satisfied smile on her face.

A ninth-grade elixir! Since arriving from this world, this is the first time she had found one.

Just when Mu Qian is preparing herself to return to the others, Mu Yi with a pale face shouted. “Lord! Be careful!”

“Stupid! Did you honestly think that a ninth grade elixir is easy to get? Just where does your survival instinct before go!” A series of Ah Ting’s insults flooded her ears

Mu Qian felt a sudden horrifying power coming from behind. When she turned back, she saw a fierce and huge fire-shaped monster that can spray a flame hotter than the sun.

(TN: Basically,VERY HOT!)

A suffocating aura shrouded the area, almost as if death has come.

At this time, the surrounding air seemed to stop from flowing, and in a matter of seconds, a horrible flame attack is heading before her at a frightening speed.

Ah Ting used his powers and shouted. “Ugly woman! This is not the right time to lose your focus! Run quick!”

Mu Qian’s figure flashed as she tried to return with the others.


A loud blast echoed inside. The fireball that was sent out made a huge hole on the wall and had formed a pit.

“Lord!” Mu Yi and the other were shocked. In the next second, they saw Mu Qian standing at the side, unharmed.

Mu Qian ordered. “Don’t act recklessly! Let’s get out of here, quick!”


Sure enough, an elixir with a grade like this also poses the same kind of danger.

A deafening roar came out. “Wretched woman! Stop right there!”

A wild series of fireballs were thrown after them! Mu Yi and the others did their best to run with Mu Qian, they are undoubtedly racing against death!



Upon seeing the exit of the tunnel, several of them rolled out from the mining area. However, at this time, a creature covered with flames also rushed out.

Mu Qian knew there’s no way out of this, so she put down the Fire Lotus on the ground and said. “I didn’t know that this elixir has a guardian. Please believe us that we did not deliberately take your stuff. You can take it back and we can just forget that none of this happens alright?”

The anger on the creature’s voice didn’t diminished a bit. It roared. “Who cares about that little lotus! You puny human! How dare you to interrupt this deity’s sleep! This sin is enough for me to take all of your lives!”

(TN: the creature is in a state of hibernating. I think.)

Just when the fireball was about to hit Mu Qian, a white small figure flashed in front of her. “What show is this? Even dares to kill my master, dream on!”

“I, Wudi Tianxia, will kill whoever dares to hurt master!” Wudi’s figure turned into a cannonball and rushed towards the fireball head-on!

Mu Yi said. “Lord, your contracted beast seems to be a seventh- rank beast now but the power I feel from the Fire Beast is stronger, if I’m correct it should be a holy beast. Is this really fine?”

Mu Qian calmly said. “Wudi is very afraid of death; it won’t do things that have no certainty.”

Wudi, although the level is a little lower, wields a special power.

Everytime the Fire Beast launch an attack, Wudi on the other hand easily avoids it.

“I will kill you! Come out!” The Fire Beast is getting angrier and is in a hot pursuit of the white cat.

This time, the white cat wails. “Master! Run! This thing is too strong. I can’t handle him! Hurry and ask for help. Find the terrible man! Only he can deal with this thing!”

“You want to run? No way!” The Fire Beast heard Wudi’s entire plan. In a flash, it rushed to Mu Qian’s direction instead.

He waking up when it isn’t the right time yet was really a sin that requires death. It will definitely kill all the people who woke him abruptly from its slumber. In its mind, killing them is not yet enough!

Just when the Fire Beast’s fireball was about to reach Mu Qian, a black figure suddenly appeared. letting the flame completely disappear.

“Jiu Ye!” Mu Qian looked at the person in front with shock.

“Mm, it’s me.”

The icy-blue eyes flashed a cold light. Xuanyuan Jiu Ye already rushed towards the Fire Beast side and attacked it.

A small white ball floated in the air and suddenly fell. Mu Qian hurried to try and catch it. She asked. “Wudi, are you okay?”

Wudi turned his eyes open and gasped. “Damn! This cat was almost burned to death! If my strength is restored, see if I won’t roast that pig!”

Series of explosion flooded their ears, as the fight of Jiu Ye and the Fire Beast went on, the entire mine cave began to collapse.

Jiu Ye coldly said. “Wait for me outside.”

“Alright.” Mu Qian together with the others quickly made their retreat; this level of fight is not what they can handle.

Earthquakes and tremors began to spread.

Mu Yi sighed. “His Highness, the Night Prince’s ability surely surpasses others! If I remember correctly, his highness isn’t even twenty year old yet, but somehow his abilities and cultivation probably exceeds Third Master’s!”

In the face of such powerful enemy, the Fire Beast was annoyed. “What are you exactly! How can you be so powerful? Are you really a human?”


The terrible flame rushed out of the mine and into the sky, dyeing the entire sky into a fire red.

With the immense power coming out, the mining area began to collapse. Mu Yi pulled Mu Qian and said. “Lord, we must go! I’m afraid the Fire Beast has another trick. We must leave this place immediately!”

Fortunately, this mining area is located at a remote area.

If there is such a big commotion inside the capital, the whole place will burn out.

Such terrible force, Mu Qian could not help but worry, Jiu Ye is still inside, what if an accident happens to him!

In the flame akin to a volcanic eruption, a black figure suddenly comes out.

With his black robe, he looks like a demon floating down in the mortal’s world.

The hot flame could not hurt him and it even became a background that added to his demon-like image.

“Argh! Let me go!”

A scream of a piglet came, destroying everyone’s trance.

“Are you alright?” In Jiu Ye’s hand, it seems that he’s holding something. Upon closer look, Mu Qian was shocked.

Wudi who was resting in Mu Qian’s arms said. “It is the red pig that spurts fire!”

It is indeed a round red piglet. Its hind leg was carried by Jiu Ye as he hangs it in the air.

The red piglet is not much bigger than Wudi. Mu Qian’s mouth began to twitch. “The creature attacking us is this little red pig?”

“Yes!” Wudi nodded.

She initially thought that it was a powerful ancient beast! Never did she expect that it would end up as a pig!

In any case, this red piglet could not escape from Jiu Ye’s hands at all. Before reaching Mu Qian, Jiu Ye’s bone-chilling voice entered the red piglet’s ears. “If you want to live, then do what I told you.”


Red Piglet: Why didn’t you say that your master has a strong person backing her!

Wudi: You’re chasing me with fire remember?

Red Piglet: Damn! If I knew this would happen I will never let myself out from my nest!

Wudi: (*crosses his arms towards the piglet.) Welcome to my world. Just to remind you. There is no turning back now!

Red Piglet: (இ﹏இ`。)

Translator’s Note:

Sorry guys for the delay again.

Actually, as of now I’m trying to find another job. There are many reasons but let me tell you only one thing. The working hours are slowly killing me. I feel that my body won’t last long if I overwork myself any longer. I’ve been busy going from interviews the past weeks and I already informed my boss about my decision too. If I got another job, I’ll tell you guys later.

Also, I’m not dropping this novel. I too have real life problems so please be patient with me. The next chapters may take longer than I’ve said in the previous chapter but all I ask is patience from you guys. Please be very patient with me.


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