EWP Chapter 107: Abnormal Spiritual energy

Abnormal Spiritual Energy

Mu Qian’s mouth twitched. “I didn’t expect you to be so gossipy like the other people who have nothing to do ah!”

“But I can’t help it! That’s Leader’s fiancé, he liking men is…”

“That’s a decree made one-sidedly by the Emperor. Do you think I will take it seriously?” Mu Qian asked.

“I don’t!”

Yue Ze felt really miserable In the Queen Dowager’s feast but a hope suddenly appeared today.

Now that he knew that the Night Prince prefers men and Mu Qian doesn’t take the marriage decree seriously, then everything can go back the way before.

But what confuses him is despite the Night Prince’s preference, why did that person continues on pestering Leader?

In the end, Yue Ze was grateful for the Night Prince liking men. That is truly wonderful news ah!

The spiritual mine is not far away from the capital, the outer layer of the mine has been hollowed out by the Royal Family while inside there is an internal stone sealing the area, no matter what kind of attack the stone won’t budge.

Mu Qian ordered. “Yue Ze, you try.”


“Boom!” Yue Ze did his best but the stone didn’t shake a bit.

Mu Qian looked at the internal stone and said. “There must be something strange going on. That stone is too tough, this is unusual.”

“No matter what attack is used it won’t open.”

“Mu Yi, Mu Er, you two try to attack it together!”

In spite of the successive attacks, the internal stone still remained the same.

“Only the stones surrounding it broke. Forgive us my Lord!”

Mu Er asked. ” How can we mine is this goes on?”

Mu Qian said. “Don’t worry, I knew the Shadows already done everything to get this stone out. This Lord will think of another way so I’m going back first.”


“The Mu Jia’s people stopped working?” The crown prince, Xuanyuan Li Shang who is currently overseeing the Kingdoms affairs, continues on keeping an eye towards any movement of the spiritual mine from the sidelines.

“Yes, Crown prince!”

“Hahaha!” That girl must be really disappointed now! She, becoming the Night Prince’s fiancée only amounts that much! She and that spiritual mine are truly compatible, both are useless!” Xuanyuan Li Shang roared.

The Crown Prince has always been very dissatisfied with Xuanyuan Jiu Ye.

It is a pity that that man cannot be easily provoked. Hitting him is like striking a stone with an egg.

(TN: it means “to invite disaster by overreaching oneself/ to attempt the impossible”)

Additionally, there is the Night Prince’s boy toy that he can’t get out of his head. Xuanyuan Li Shang’s grievances against the ninth prince are getting bigger and bigger.

Now that he got this news, he is now in a good mood.

Meanwhile, Mu Qian ordered people to purchase some things like Niter, charcoal and so on! These days there are no medicines but strange contraptions surrounding her.

(TN: another term for potassium nitrate – a constituent of gunpowder.)

“Yue Ze, follow my instructions carefully. We’ll open that mine this time!”

Yue Ze took that black lacquered thing and asked. “Leader, this thing that doesn’t have a spiritual energy, can it really destroy that hard stone from the mine?”

Mu Qian patiently explained. “Although this isn’t a spiritual weapon, don’t ever underestimate the black gunpowder’s power. Once you’re done, tell me the results quickly. Move faraway after igniting it. Don’t hurt yourself.”

Yue Ze: “Understood!”

“Boom!” Suddenly, on each sides of the spiritual mine, successive loud noise occurred, followed by a landslide.

Fortunately, Yue Ze listened to Mu Qian’s warnings, he hid himself faraway beforehand or else he would be stuck in a miserable state.

“Opened! It finally opened! Gongzi, that blasts really opened up the mine!”

The power of the black gunpowder was stronger than the attack of a Spirit King; finally the internal stone is shattered to pieces.

However, this is obviously not enough. If they truly want to mine, the excavation must continue until they reach the depth.

Yue Ze said with excitement. “Someone report this immediately to Leader!”

Since the effect is better than expected, Mu Qian continued on creating another batch of the black powder to send to her people.

After some hard work, good news came up regarding the spiritual mine.

“Lord, there are a lot of spiritual jade inside the spiritual mine! Not only is the quantity even the quality of the spiritual jades are better than what the Royal Family has!”

Mu Qian sternly said. “Block the news. Send our most trusted people to mine and then distribute the spiritual jades to the Shadows. This will help them to become stronger as soon as possible.”

“Yes, my Lord!”

If news that the worthless spiritual mine is actually a rare one filled with high-quality spiritual jades instead came out. With the Royal Family’s shamelessness, those scums will definitely think of a way to get it back. So, she must be very careful with how they will proceed from now on.

The mining of the spiritual mine was very smooth. Meanwhile, the Emperor finally made a breakthrough to Spirit King. Mu Qian also used most of her time to cultivate.

“Lord, there is another discovery inside the spiritual mine.”

“What did you find?” When she’s still at the spiritual mine that time, Mu Qian can guess that the spiritual mine is quite unusual from the first glance.

“We found a mysterious channel; it wasn’t formed naturally but looks like dug by something.”

Mu Qian asked. “Did you check it inside?”

“No, we will wait for the Lord’s command first.”

Mu Qian said. “Then, guide this Lord to where it is! I want to see it myself!”


Upon reaching the entrance of the mysterious channel, Mu Qian saw that the size of the channel is very narrow, at most, reaching a tall person’s height.

“Go!” Mu Qian ordered.

As they went deeper, the more spiritual jade appears.

But the temperature is getting hotter as they proceed.

When the temperature increases, those who are already at the Martial or Spirit King can use their Qi to protect their bodies.

However, Mu Qian Xi who is only a Spirit Master can only summon her water spiritual energy to wrap herself from the heat.

At the end of the channel, Mu Qian saw a huge lake underground.

Upon close inspection, the lake isn’t made of water but filled with lava instead.

(TN: In the raws it says “red flame” but I don’t think it would make a lake so I used “lava” as an alternative.)

Mu Yi is the first to speak. “I don’t think that the Royal Family controls a place like this.”

Inside the so-called “lake”, the lava is surging in frenzy. This time, a gorgeous lotus slowly floated at the center.

In Mu Qian’s eyes a glimmer of light flashed. “SanSheng Fire Lotus!”

SanSheng Fire Lotus, each petal is crystal clear and connected symmetrically together. If that isn’t the SanSheng Fire Lotus, then what is?

This is a rare ninth-grade elixir! How did it appear in here?

Mu Yi said. “The Lord wants it? Then, I will take it!”

Mu Yi rushed inside the lake; suddenly his clothes are caught in a fire, he took a step back. Apparently, spiritual energy doesn’t work.

Mu Qian coldly said. “Mu Yi, come back!”

Mu Yi breaks into a cold sweat, he hastily retreated.

By the time he came back, the fire already covered his whole left leg. Luckily, Mu Qian already summoned her Water Dragon in time to extinguish the flame. After the flame is doused, Mu Yi is filled with severe burn marks and pain in his left leg.

Mu Yi in a frightened state asked. “What is that flame? Lord, don’t go! Spiritual energy doesn’t work in there!”

His Lord rarely caught any interest in things, when Mu Yi saw the look in her eyes towards the Fire Lotus; he unconsciously went to grab it. He never thought that with his strength he is still unable to get it. His heart sank.

Mu Qian said. “Stay here, I’ll go.”

“No!” All of them shouted.

Mu Yi who is a Spirit King already burned himself to death. If the Lord who is only at the First-Stage of Spirit Master go, it would be dangerous!

Mu Qian waved her hand and said. “Don’t forget that this Lord has a water element! Since normal spiritual energy doesn’t work. Only I with a water element would withstand it!”

After that, Mu Qian leaped towards the center. When the lava started to reach her feet, her whole body was instantly wrapped in a blue veil.

“Boom!” When lava and water collide with each other, Mu Yi and the others who are watching from the sides were shocked.

Translator’s Q and A:

Me: Jiu Ye, do you know the rumors that is going around these days?

Jiu Ye: No

Me: Do you wanna know?

Jiu Ye: No

Me: Do you only answer “No” every time I ask something?

Jiu Ye: Yes

Me: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Me: Fine! I’ll talk instead! Rumor has it that you’re gay!

Jiu Ye: So?

Me: What do you mean so? Don’t you know? The guys hanging around Mu Qian now knew that they still had a chance due to you being gay and all!

(Jiu Ye finally looks me in the eye, he said.)

ME: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Translator’s Note:

This chapter is so long compared to the previous one. Whew~

Also someone asked me before if the Q & A are part of the novel by the author. I say “NO”, it’s not. Its my own random rambling so I can interact with the characters, haha, Its kind of an extra thing. So it doesn’t matter if you guys read it or not. Well I know some of you hate it, while some are not. (I hope)

Welp, my long vacation is going to end so, I’ll be returning from vacation on September 1. The updates will be more maybe 3x a week? ?

So I hope you enjoy reading~ ❤

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