EWP Chapter 106: Night Prince’s boy toy


In Xuanyuan Li Shang’s box, several things were blasted away from the table. “You… You…” The father and son duo was completely filled with rage as they listen to the provocative words of the youth.

Meanwhile, the crowd also looks at each other and wondered. This gongzi must be strong enough to dare challenge the Royal family so openly like this right?

Jiu Ye looked at the eyes of the woman beside him; he could see the faint smile on her eyes.

“280 million!” Xuanyuan Li Shang continues to bid despite of the extreme anger he’s feeling right now.

Mu Qian languidly said. “This gongzi will add another million.”

“Kid, you better let go or else!” Regardless of his image, Xuanyuan Li Shang made a blatant threat towards the youth.

Mu Qian smiled and said. “This is an auction house! Whoever bids the highest will be the winner! You can’t control me if I still want to bid. Let me remind you that this is not the palace but the auction house! You’re barking like a wild dog!”

“Cai Xuan!” Xuanyuan Li Shang released his aura and tried to pressure the auctioneer instead.

Cai Xuan let out a charming smile and said. “Your highness, please don’t embarrass your esteem self any further. This gongzi haven’t violated any rules in our auction house so I see no problem here.”

Cai Xuan’s Lord is very concerned with the youth, between the Crown prince of a small kingdom and the youth; naturally she will obviously pick the latter of the two.

The crowd became more curious about the youth’s identity. They didn’t expect that the Number One auction house will also take his side.

The Emperor face sank; he waved his hand towards the Crown prince and said. “Continue!”

“290 million!” Xuanyuan Li Shang shouted.

“291 million.” If the prince increases the price again, then this gongzi can only give up.

“300 million!” The Crown prince immediately places his bid after hearing the word of the youth.

Mu Qian smiled. “Wow! His royal highness sure is worthy to be a member of the royal family ah! Actually, this gongzi is just playing with you. I really don’t have that kind of money.”

“Damn it!” The crown prince felt his head going crazy.

In a split second, a ruckus started.

Cai Xuan announced. “Three hundred million! Going once, going twice, sold!”

“The HuangLuo pellet will go to the Crown prince!”

A cold glint flashes in Mu Qian’ eyes. “I will make sure you spit all the things you’ve swallowed, until nothing is left. If you dare play me again, I’ll make sure you die with regrets!”

The total amount she has sent in the palace was exactly the 300 million the Crown Prince had bid earlier.

Master Bai said. “Mu gongzi, the payment for the HuangLuo pellet was already deposited on this crystal card. If you ever need money when you decide to go in the Snow Continent, you can also withdraw money in there.”

“Is there no fee?” Mu Qian asked.

Master Bai smiled. “You are a good friend of my Lord. Young Master said that after handling your payment, there is no need for us to take a fee.”

Emperor Xuanyuan not only lost a son, but also a spiritual mine. Her loss was easily taken back in her pocket. If that Old fox came to know about this, won’t he die from shock?

After the auction ended, Emperor Xuanyuan and the Crown prince decided to stay a little longer. Even the Ouyang Clan and the Yun Clan are present. They obviously wanted to see the youth from the Fifth Box. Who is he exactly?

“Mu gongzi… this…” Master Bai wanted to offer his help but a cold voice interrupted his words.

“No need.” Suddenly, Mu Qian’s waist was hugged by Jiu Ye and they went straight out.

The eyes looking forward to the youth’s identity was overwhelmed by the immense pressure coming from inside.

Just as everyone was about to see the youth, a wave of coldness suddenly made their bodies unable to move.

As they wait for the youth, a man with a black mask with an aura of a Demon God slowly descends from the stairs.

“The Night prince!”

But earlier… Wasn’t it the youth’s voice coming from that box? How could the Night Prince be here! Their eyes lowered until they finally saw the enchanting little youth in the Night prince’s arms.

Hiss!” Seeing another shocking scene, everyone gasped.

The youth’s eyebrows are like painting; his skin is white as snow, eyelashes that are so long it almost look like a butterfly’s wings. And finally under that thick lashes are a pair of pale green eyes, an angelic face pure of innocence with no ounce of blasphemy!

(TN: I am not sure on my translation for this one. orz)

His gray-green long hair flows like satin down on his highness’s arm.

Deep black and clear green figures are intertwined forming a perfect picture.

The combination of the Demon God and the elf child truly made a strong impact on the people watching, their eyes locking on these two.

“Ah!” The silence was broken with someone’s cry. They couldn’t help but feel a chill on their backs. Turning their eyes and never dared to look again.

In the next second, the two figures have already disappeared.

Mu Qian asked. “Jiu Ye. You holding a man like this while strolling, aren’t you afraid of the rumors this may give to you?”

“You are my fiancée.” Jiu Ye said.

“Only you and I know it! They don’t know!” Mu Qian helplessly shouted.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Naturally, Jiu Ye ignored Mu Qian’s pleas.

Jiu Ye and Mu Qian left their box casually but the uproar in the auction house is still not subsiding.

“No wonder that kid is arrogant! He turned out to be the favored one of the Night prince ah!”

“That youth is so enchanting. It is no wonder that his highness that is always so cold is tempted.”

A rumor is starting to form. Emperor Xuanyuan’s face is getting darker and his mood is getting gloomier.

“That damn brat turned out to be Jiu Ye’s boy toy!”

Emperor Xuanyuan slowly said. “The youth looks important to Jiu Ye. We must not act carelessly; wait until the time is right.”

“An elf-like child dares to provoke my royal family? Once he falls out of favor, I will immediately kill him!” Disregarding the fact that his son is a “cut sleeve“, the Emperor could only remember that peerless appearance of the youth.

After getting the HuangLuo pellet, the Emperor pretended to be sick, letting the Crown prince to supervise the kingdom to hide and retreat.

Mu Qian glanced at the palace’s direction and sneered. “I’ll let you be happy for a while!”

“Lord, there is a problem on the spiritual mine!” Mu San suddenly appeared in front of Mu Qian Xi to report.

“What’s the problem?”

“Upon opening the spiritual mine and mining a miniscule amount of spiritual jade, an internal stone appeared. The stone is so hard, even if we use our Qi, it won’t budge.”

“I’m sure the Emperor knew this already. He already knew it won’t be profitable so he used this as a ‘gift’.”

Mu Qian also expected this outcome. If the Emperor really gave a mine with a good vein, that would surprise her more.

Mu Qian ordered. “First, stop the work temporarily. This Lord will go inspect it tomorrow.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

A medicinal pellet can help one’s cultivation but it cannot become the root of cultivation.

A cultivator still has to rely on their own strength to cultivate.

If she can mine more spiritual jade, she could at least upgrade the spiritual energy inside the Shadows together with their strength.

On the next day, Mu Qian took Yue Ze to the spiritual mine to investigate. Yue Ze suddenly said. “Leader, the Night prince, he seems to like men, he…”

Translator’s Note:

Yue Ze with his jar of vinegar…

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