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If the Ouyang clan and the Yun clan knew that the Emperor is at the peak of Ninth- Stage Martial Master and that it was very necessary for him to get HuangLuo pellet to finally breakthrough to Martial King, this fight would have never occurred in the first place.

Due to the Emperor being secretive and astute, no one could guess what he is planning.

The Emperor felt that his plan is getting farther and farther away. It was truly lifting a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet.

At this time, Ouyang Li Shang who was beside the Emperor received his Father’s instruction. He shouted. “Thirty-two million!”

Ouyang Ju pursued his victory. “Thirty-three million!”

“Thirty-four million!” Yun Xinran yelled.

It became a three-man fight, making the monarch and his two ministers the main protagonist of this good show.

Mu Qian whispered. “It seems that even though the Yun clan is filled with scholars, their financial strength is as strong as the Ouyang clan. If it wasn’t for today, I might neglect this Yun clan forever. This place sure has many crouching tiger and hidden dragon.”

“You’re my fiancée, nothing will happen to you.” Suddenly, Mu Qian was pulled in front of Jiu Ye, as he whispers those words in her ears.

Mu Qian who was a bit startled said. “They aren’t enough to impose fear on me.”

On the other hand, the fight still went on. The crown prince, Ouyang Ju and even Yun Xinran’s faces are all red from shouting.

Meanwhile, sitting with the Ouyang Clan is the senior disciple of the third elder of the Purple Moon Kingdom’s Great Fire Sect. He angrily said. “Xuanyuan Li Shang has some guts. Did he really think that after ten years, he is able to reach the peak of the Ninth-Stage Spirit Master? That dream is too big, don’t you think so?”

Ouyang Zhi smiled and said. “I agree. Senior brother Nian reached the First-stage of Martial King at 50 years old. In order for him to achieve the peak of Ninth-Stage Martial King he needs that medicine, naturally, we as the Ouyang clan must assist senior brother to get it.”

(TN: They aren’t brother, the term Zhi said here is “Shixiong” which means “senior male disciple of the same master/teacher”)

“Eighty million!” Ouyang Ju shouted loudly.

Although, Great Fire Sect is only a one-star sect and has no rank. Inside the Purple Moon Kingdom, no one can compare with the Sect Leader’s might, even the Royal Family.

Ouyang Ju’s son and daughter have good cultivation talents and both of them were already accepted as the inner disciples of the Third Elder of the Great Fire Sect.

The Great Fire Sect occasionally supported the Ouyang Clan; as a result, their Ouyang clan became more and more popular in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

This time, if the senior disciple of the Third Elder got what he wanted, which is the HuangLuo pellet, this would leave a good impression. With their power, they could even replace the current Royal Family.

So it doesn’t matter if it’s the Emperor or the Crown Prince, Ouyang Ju is set to get the HuangLuo Pellet today!

Meanwhile, in the Yun Clan box, an old man in white clothes said. “When you acquire this HuangLuo pellet, let the ancestors study it. Maybe we can refine another HuangLuo pellet or increase its efficacy more. The door to a new world is just around the corner.”

Yun Xinran smiled. “Master, this disciple will definitely help you obtain the HuangLuo pellet!”

The competition continues!

“100 million!”

Xuanyuan Li Shang once again shouted a sky-high price.

Knowing that the price reached a hundred million, the Ouyang clan couldn’t afford it any longer. Ouyang Ju roared. “Damn it all! How much exactly did that Mu Qian Xi give to the Royal Family?”

Ji Kai, the senior disciple of the Third Elder was also angry. “What the hell! I didn’t expect that the Mu Clan’s lord is this spoiled!”

Ouyang Zhi supported him and slowly said. “Brother, this is all because of that Mu Qian Xi, if it wasn’t for her, the Xuanyuan Royal Family won’t have money to compete for the HuangLuo pellet.”

Ji Kai scoffed. “When this auction is over, I must report this to Master. I will not let them off easily!”

Ouyang Zhi felt proud, in his heart he said. ‘Mu Qian Xi, you are really dead this time! Offending the Great Fire Sect, let’s see what your little clan can do!’

Without enough money, the Ouyang Clan can only give up. But it wasn’t the case with the Yun Clan.

Dan Jizhong is an alchemy sect. Naturally, their wealth is higher compared to other sects.

Yun Xinran shouted. “200 million!”

“220 million!”

“230 million!”

“240 million!”

With the Xuanyuan’s treasury and Mu Qian Xi’s dowry, The Emperor is extremely lavish today.

As a crown prince, this the first time that Xuanyuan Li Shang experienced the immense pressure money could give. He became more and more embarrassed on his own financial situation.

He sighed in his heart. It was truly a pity that Mu Qian Xi is not his fiancée. However, he did not expect that she would assign to Jiu Ye in the end by his Father Emperor. Having that violent man is definitely not a good thing.

In the Yun Clan box, Yun Xinran turns his head towards the person beside him. “Master…”

The old man waved his hand. “That’s enough. This is already our bottom line. When did the Royal Family become so rich?”

“Because of the Mu Jia.” Yun Xinran said. In his mind, the only thing the Emperor is capable of is to sell his own son. Yun Xinran’s eyes went cold.

“This Emperor Xuanyuan sure is unpleasant. At least we aren’t as shameless as he is. This only proves that the Mu Jia is filthy rich!”

The Ouyang and Yun clan eventually retreated.

Just when Li Shang and Emperor Xuanyuan thought that the HuangLuo Pellet belongs to them. A seductive voice of a young man reached the ears of the people inside the auction house.

“Great! Such an interesting auction, how could this gongzi miss this kind of fun! This gongzi will also bid!”

“Hm… I bid 241 million!”

The voice is unusually soft and clear. Just like spring, light and very pleasant.

“Boom!” Emperor Xuanyuan was so mad that he crushed the table to pieces. This boy must be doing this deliberately.

Everyone was amazed. Which family gongzi is this? When the Ouyang and Yun clan withdrew, he openly challenged the Royal Family!

“That box and that voice, it seems it was the same person who attended the auction last time.”

“Oh God! It was the boy who has a really good fortune! He came back again!”

Many people here also participated on the previous auction. Naturally, they recognize Mu Qian’s voice.

“But who is he?”

At first, he appeared and disappeared without a trace.

These people didn’t think that this boy would come out again this time.

In the Purple Moon Kingdom, there has never been such a sly and arrogant boy like him!

At this time, Xuanyuan Li Shang couldn’t stop thinking on how much is left with Mu Qian’s dowry.

However, Emperor Xuanyuan is much calmer than him. “Continue to increase the price, our funds are enough.”

“Yes! Father!”

“260 million!”

Mu Qian continued. “261 million!”

Now the crowd is sure about one thing. This boy is doing this on purpose! No doubt about it!

Otherwise, how could he only add a hundred thousand every bid and nothing more.

Xuanyuan Li Shang is about to explode, even Emperor Xuanyuan who is calm just a moment ago has his eyes burning from anger now.

“When this auction ends, be sure to find out who the boy is! Dare to provoke my Xuanyuan Family! He must be prepared!” The Emperor eyes were filled with desire to kill.

“Father… This HuangLuo… How?” Xuanyuan Li Shang asked.

“Continue to bid. No matter what happens, we have to get it!”

“270 million!”

Mu Qian smiled and sarcastically said. “His royal highness is absolutely rich, always adding ten millions every bid. Compared to his highness, this gongzi is really too poor. I could only add a hundred thousand. That’s pretty pathetic, right?

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