EWP Chapter 104: Watching together

Watching together

“I have nothing to do with him. In the Royal family, except for Xuanyuan QingYun, I have no qualms on which you have to kill. I have no ties with them.” Jiu Ye coldly said.

It seems that in his eyes, the lives of those people have no value to him.

Mu Qian nodded. “Alright.”

As for Xuanyuan QingYun, it seems that in her memories this prince didn’t do anything bad to the former Mu Qian. There was no grievance at all.

Unexpectedly, the Night prince who is always indifferent with everyone specifically mentioned his name. That was quite an amazing feat. Indeed.

In what way does QingYun is special?

After their chat, Mu Qian is confused why Jiu Ye is still here. She yawned and stretches out her arms. “Jiu Ye, I’m a little tired today. I have to excuse myself first.”


Although he confirmed, Jiu Ye didn’t seem to get her meaning.

Mu Qian’s mouth cannot help but twitch. She said. “You can help yourself then. Don’t say I’m treating you unfairly later okay?”

Jiu Ye, even from before and now seems to disregard to act as a guest. Since Mu Qian dare not treat him lightly as a guest either. She trotted her way back to her room and leave him be.

After confirming that she’s asleep, Jiu Ye finally made his way.

Jiu Ye came back at this palace. Housekeeper Bai hurriedly went to find him. He slowly approached and asked. “Master, the palace sent an Imperial decree. How should we deal with this?”

“Keep it.”


“Damn evil creature! He even killed my men! That brat surely doesn’t put me in his eyes!” Emperor Xuanyuan screamed violently inside the palace.

The eunuch and guards he ordered to send to the Night’s palace were all killed.

Eunuch Gao tried to calm him down. “Your Majesty, it shows that the Night Prince is clearly dissatisfied with this marriage. Since he cannot move you, the prince would surely kill Mu Qian Xi.”

“I really hope that tomorrow, I will hear Mu Qian Xi’s death!” Emperor Xuanyuan coldly shouted.

The Emperor dreamed about Jiu Ye turning his fiancée into a skeleton that very night. But contrary to his expectations, Jiu Ye not only did visit Mu Qian but also accompanied her till she sleep. There was no movement at both sides.

The next day, the Emperor did not hear the news he wanted to hear. His head was filled with confusion. “How could this be? He didn’t kill her?”

“Your Majesty, the Mu Jia sent their people.”

“Let them in.”

Naturally, the Mu Jia sent people to send Mu Qian’s dowry after the receiving the title of the Spiritual mine bestowed by the Emperor.

Mu Qian took the deed from one of her servants and ordered outside. “Send the people to the mine.”

The so-called spiritual mine is filled with a certain kind of jade that is filled with spiritual energy.

Spirit Masters can easily absorb the spiritual energy inside the jade which is much faster than cultivating normally.

But Spiritual mines were very rare. Even in the Snow Continent there aren’t many. In the Purple Moon Kingdom, this is the only Spiritual mine, in fact the quality of the jades aren’t that good either.

“This servant obeys!”

The three days passed by, the Auction for the seventh-grade medicinal pellet, HuangLuo pellet is about to begin.

This auction will be very exciting; of course, Mu Qian wouldn’t miss the fun.

Therefore, Mu Qian changed her appearance once and again and went to the Number one Auction house.

“Mu Gongzi, you finally arrived. We already prepared your box. Come this way.” When Mu Qian came, Master Bai came to greet her first.

“Sure. Lead the way!”

When Mu Qian opened the door, she only found out that the cold Ashura is sitting inside already.

Master Bai was shocked; he didn’t expect to see another person here. “Night Prince, how come you…”

When his eyes met that pair of icy-blue eyes, he suddenly couldn’t speak.

Mu Qian sighed and accepted her fate. She waved her hands. “Master Bai, its fine Jiu Ye is my friend. You go first I’m sure you’re busy.”

The frozen Master Bai started to sweat; Mu Qian’s words undoubtedly freed him.

He made a bow and said. “Then, please excuse me for now.”

Mu Qian walked in and asked casually. “Jiu Ye, if I remember. Isn’t your box next door?”

“You’re here, so I came here.” Jiu Ye faintly said.

Jiu Ye looked at her and said. “Why? Are you driving me away?”

“Since you’re here now, how could I drive you away? Anyways, today there is a good show. Watching with someone would be more exciting than having to watch it by myself. Don’t you think so?” She smiled lightly.


The auction is about to begin, this time the one presiding is still the chief auctioneer, Cai Xuan.

She made a charming smile and spoke. “Today is definitely the most exciting auction since the auction house was build. For today, there is only one thing that is up for auction. I’m sure everyone here knows what it is?”

“That would be the seventh-grade, HuangLuo pellet! And that’s not all. The success rate of this pellet is 70%! If a Martial or Spirit Master eats this, he would have a seventy percent success rate to breakthrough to the Martial or Spirit King!”

In order to attract the people’s attention, the auction house only mentions its name.

When they heard the ‘70% success rate’, in the next moment, everyone was boiling with excitement!

70% ah! Even in the Snow Continent, there is no alchemist that can refine a HuangLuo pellet with that high of a success rate!

The seventh-grade medicinal pellet, they must have it no matter what!

Cai Xuan laughed. “The price for this HuangLuo pellet isn’t limited. Every increase on its price is also not limited. The auction shall start now!”

Her words had just fallen yet a clear voice came. “Ten million.”

The speaker came from the Xuanyuan Royal family’s box. Other than that, he is also the ruler of this kingdom, Emperor Xuanyuan himself.

After all, most of the citizens already know that his Majesty is doing this personally for the sake of his son, the crown prince.

“Eleven million.” After the Emperor’s bid, Ouyang Ju opened his mouth.

This made the Emperor’s face that is hidden in the dark to become heavy. ‘Does the Ouyang clan want’s to rebel?’

“Twelve million…”

“Thirteen million…”

The major forces of the Qing clan also shouted.

Finally, Emperor Xuanyuan shouted and directly raised the price to 30 million.

The strong dragon must press the snake’s neck. The Qing clan must also be defeated.

They are all rich but money isn’t everything in this world.

This people knew that the Emperor would do everything to get what he wanted. From borrowing money that even leads to selling one of his sons. None of it matters as long as he get the HuangLuo pellet in the end.

At this time, another clear voice came out. “Thirty-one million!”

The bidder is unexpectedly one of the chancellors, Yun Xinran.

Although their clan is filled with scholars and most of them acts as a government official in the palace, added with the fact that Yun Xinran is the right chancellor. Their status is comparable to the Ouyang clan in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

(TN: In China, there were sometimes two chancellors, differentiated as being “of the left” (senior) and “of the right” (junior). Ouyang Ju is the senior (Left) chancellor btw.)

Nevertheless, when compared to the Ouyang clan, the Yun clan is obviously low-key with their ways. In fact, the people here in the auction didn’t think that the Yun clan’s Lord would unexpectedly compete for today’s auction for the HuangLuo pellet.

“!” Emperor Xuanyuan already crushed the cup in his hands into dust.

He said in anger. “Even the Yun clan dares to fight with zhen!”

Translator’s Omake:

(I squat while looking at the fishes in the pond)

Me: Jiu Ye, don’t you want to explain yourself more to Mu Qian? I mean. You obviously know that she’s dense as a rock. So why just explain that even without that old fox’s decree you would still pursue her? Maybe only in that way, she would see you properly as a man?

Jiu Ye: its fine.

(I glance at his way.)

Me: Really?

Jiu Ye: Mm. All great things take time.

Me: Oh? Hehe, is that so? Fine. Do what you think is right. In fact take my words here as an advice. If you want her, value her. If you want to keep her, honor her. If you want to see her grow, support her.

I knew this is your first love, so can you prove to me that it would also be the last?

(Jiu Ye looks at me straight in the eyes and solemnly said.)

Jiu Ye: I will.

Me: I support you so remember what you said to me today. Else I don’t know how can I help this explain to Wu’er okay?

(I stand up and slowly walk away.)

Jiu Ye: Thank you.

Me: Eh? Ehhh??? Did my ears deceive me? Are you seriously thanking me right now? HAHAHA! Are you sure you’re not sick?

Jiu Ye: Your words. I will remember everyone of it.

Me: He-He-He. I can make fun of you now! Jiu Ye! You must keep your words!

(I wave and make my way back)

Jiu Ye mutters to himself. “Benjun is a man of his words”

Translator’s Notes:

Hey guys! Sorry for the another delay. Actually my big sister’s wedding happened yesterday. Its a simple wedding with only a couple of friends from the bride and groom and their family. As I was watching them I thought “Wow, they must be truly in love”. I felt happy when I saw how happy my sister was. She was like uhm shining in that moment? I can’t describe, maybe because it was her most special day she was kinda bloomin’ in a sense? IDK. But it was really a good day, we were like busy the entire week that I forgot to post the chapter again. Haha. Sorry.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the chapter like I do. I felt that in this chapter, although Jiu Ye is being low-key with his feelings, you can still feel that he’s happy. The feeling I got in the wedding made me want to write an Omake with Jiu Ye so I hope it’s fine with you guys.

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