EWP Chapter 103: Unmarried couples

Unmarried couples

Xuanyuan Li Tian is not clear on what he feels about Mu Qian, but when he heard that she would be wed to someone, he was angry and sad at the same time.

(TN: To XLT, never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.)

Emperor Xuanyuan is truly annoyed by this son’s incompetence these past months, he shouted. “You shut up! This matter is settled!”

Things were about to move the way he really wanted, the Emperor won’t let his son ruin this perfect plan to kill the entire Mu Jia using Jiu Ye.

“Your majesty, I…” Yue Ze stood up.

He did not want his leader to be caught in the Emperor’s trap. In addition, he did not want her to marry that Xuanyuan Jiu Ye at all. Call it selfishness but that’s what he truly feels inside.

His words did not yet finish, when Mu Qian interjected. “Yue Ze, we will withdraw!”


“Stand back! Don’t say anything.” Mu Qian coldly said.

Yue Ze felt angry but he can only retreat.

Mu Qian composed herself and looked up at the Emperor. “Your majesty, what will happen if I refuse?”

Emperor Xuanyuan smirked. “You have raised two conditions in front of zhen and Jiu Ye is the perfect fit. If you still dare refuse, you declare challenging this Royal Family!”

Mu Qian probably did not think things would end like this. Her two strict conditions were finally met by one of the Emperor’s sons. How naïve was she before to miss this detail?

She forgot that this kind of shameless Emperor is indeed Jiu Ye’s father by blood.

Once this idea pops in his mind, Emperor Xuanyuan found a good chance to wipe out her clan.

Even if her Little Uncle is now at the third-stage of Martial King, she doesn’t want to make a sudden mistake. The stable life of Mu Jia was disrupted once again by the Royal Family.

Besides, this is only a marriage contract! The next step would be still in Jiu Ye’s hands. It isn’t impossible to her to talk Jiu Ye regarding this matter.

Mu Qian’s mood suddenly turned better. She will let the Emperor be proud of this accomplishment for a while! When the time comes, she would make him cry blood!

Mu Qian looked at the Emperor straight in the eyes and smiled. “This blessing from the Emperor, I’m fine with it.”

Emperor Xuanyuan let out a laugh. “Good!”

Eunuch Gao sent the decree to Mu Qian’s hands. Although Xuanyuan Li Shang was flatly rejected by Mu Qian in front of many guest and had lose some face, his mood is definitely better.

He held Mu Ruyan’s hand and speak softly. “Yan’er, I will always love you and only you alone. In the present and the future, I only love you.”

“Your highness, why are you so good to me?” Mu Ruyan was moved by his words.

(TN: Eww! I rather read Jiu Ye’s cold remarks than this. Blegh!!!)

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Li Tian is extremely irritated and can’t wait to rush towards Mu Qian and shred the decree on her hands to pieces!

Meanwhile, Xuanyuan QingYun is still indifferent as he drinks, as if the whole confrontation just now has nothing to do with him.

Yue Ze looked at Mu Qian and there is an inexplicable pain in his heart. He felt that he is getting farther and farther away from her.

Emperor Xuanyuan added. “Since you already agreed on this marriage arrangement with Jiu Ye, then shouldn’t you bring back the dowry you’ve taken before?”

The people’s mouths started to twitch, while kneeling down they knew that his majesty started to collect his money after selling one of his sons.

Mu Qian said. “Your majesty doesn’t have to worry about that! I will prepare everything by tomorrow, enough for his majesty to get the seventh grade HuangLuo pellet. If it’s still not enough, just let me know.”

“As long as I get the HuangLuo pellet, it’s enough.” Emperor Xuanyuan smiled with satisfaction.

Mu Qian forced a smile. “Your majesty only cares about my dowry, didn’t you realize that in order to marry me, your son must also prepare enough bride price or else you’re simply looking down at my clan.”

At the beginning, in order to get the Emperor’s decree, Mu Qian rushed inside the palace and prepared a lot of dowry to marry Xuanyuan Li Tian. In that time, she never asked for a bride price.

For the Royal Family, in order to make Mu Qian Xi the princess consort in the future, preparing the same amount of her dowry must be done.

Everyone held their breath; they didn’t expect that Mu Qian that was caught in the Emperor’s trap earlier would make a counterattack at the last moment.

The bride price of the Mu Jia’s Lord is definitely not small.

If the Royal Family insists on being stingy, the marriage would be void.

Emperor Xuanyuan was silent for a moment, after a while, he said. “My Purple Mooon Kingdom has a spiritual mine, would it be enough?”

“Your Majesty!” Ouyang Ju almost fainted on the spot. He always wanted to get the rights to that spiritual mine, yet he didn’t think that the Emperor would just give it to someone like Mu Qian.

Mu Qian nodded. “Alright. When my dowry is sent to the palace tomorrow, his majesty must hand over the title of the mine to my men. If there is nothing else, I bid goodbye to everyone.” No matter how ugly the Ouyang Lord’s face become, she will leave first.

“Leader!” Yue Ze hastily chased Mu Qian.

After leaving the palace, Mu Qian roared inside the carriage. “That damn old fox! Forcibly selling your son while waiting for the payment! You’re asking for death!”

Yue Ze with a worried look said. “Leader, Are you really fine with this?”

Mu Qian waved her hand. “This is nothing. His good days would end soon anyway. If that old fox wants to play then this Lord won’t back out! That person, selling his own son, he truly is shameless!”

When Mu Qian returned to the Mu Jia, she found Jiu Ye standing outside her room.

The slender figure looked extremely charming under the moonlight, his icy blue eyes aiming at her way. He said. “You are my fiancée.”

Mu Qian muttered to herself. “The Emperor’s edict was only said a while ago, he already knew this? Isn’t this too fast?

“Jiu Ye, you shouldn’t take this marriage edict seriously. This isn’t the first time the Emperor tried to sell his son. Tsk! This is the first time I came to know an Emperor with this caliber.”

While saying these words, Mu Qian already held the edict in her hands, ready to burn it any minute.

But her arm was held up by Jiu Ye. “Don’t burn it.”

“I am your fiancé from now on.” Icy blue eyes focused on Mu Qian Xi.

Mu Qian was startled, she seems confused. “You want to marry me? Jiu Ye, you don’t have to listen to that man! I know you don’t want this!”

Although Jiu Ye helped her many times already and never tried to hurt her, marriage is definitely a topic that never floated in her mind even in her previous life.

Mu Qian felt a sudden stir of emotion inside when the word ‘marriage’ left from Jiu Ye’s mouth. That nightmare, the nightmare she had long forgotten, will emerge once again.

Mu Qian’s eyes were deep, compared to Jiu Ye’s gaze hers is obviously filled with fear.

“No.” Jiu Ye said.

The Emperor isn’t qualified to order Jiu Ye around, asking Jiu Ye to be obedient is also impossible. No matter who the Emperor ties to Jiu Ye, Jiu Ye has the final word.

“Then why!” In Mu Qian’s eyes, a flash of doubt was seen.

“If you become my fiancée, then no one will dare to touch you.” He solemnly said.

It turns out that Jiu Ye is trying to change his way to protect her.

Mu Qian let out a sigh. “Since there is no way I can cancel this marriage, having the Night Prince to be my fiancé in my opinion should be that bad!” She let out a smile. “Jiu Ye, please take care of me then!”

Although Mu Qian tried to say it in a joking manner, Jiu Ye didn’t care.

She already admitted that she is willing to be his fiancée, Jiu Ye’s mood had risen and he made a slight nod.

“My fiancée, I will take good care of you.”

Mu Qian changed the topic, she asked. “By the way, Jiu Ye, why are you here at this hour? Is there something you want to talk about?”

“No, benjun just heard the news, so I decided to come here.”

“Today. I was tricked by that old fox. In the future, I will retaliate against him in a brutal and inhumane way. Will it affect you?” Mu Qian asked.

If it wasn’t for the Emperor’s marriage decree, she would without doubt forget that Jiu Ye is that old fox’s son.

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The wattpad versions were now deleted/removed thanks to your support.

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