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“That’s right! For more than a decade his majesty has always been good to you. Now is the time for you to lend a hand.”

These people, one by one said some good things about the Emperor. Especially those who are on the side of the Crown prince, they didn’t think it is shameful to borrow money since it will be all for the sake of the crown prince.

The messengers from the neighboring kingdoms were perplexed by this scene. They did not think that aside from the Emperor even his ministers were all shameless to this degree.

In order to get the HuangLuo pellet, even if it is the Empress dowager’s birthday it wouldn’t stop them from asking money from a certain lady, in the eyes of these messengers these people are out of their minds.

For them, they could never do such a thing.

Mu Qian have already guessed that Emperor Xuanyuan would borrow money from her. However, she didn’t think his courage would reach the highest height and would ask on the Empress dowager’s feast, more so in front of these many people.

Did this old man never think of losing his face?

Afterwards, his highness the Crown prince also showed his sincerity with his father. He stood up and spoke in a genial manner. “Father, I have been admiring Lord Mu for a long time, asking Father to grant us marriage.”

If Mu Qian Xi become his Princess consort, then the whole Royal Family will receive a lot of wealth which they would take for granted.

At the same time, the Empress dowager looked at Xuanyuan Li Shang and Mu Qian, a warm smile appeared on her face. “A perfect match, really a perfect match to each other!”

“Your highness!” the woman sitting beside the Crown prince bit her lip. Her heart feels like it has been stabbed by a knife. Seeing his beloved woman in pain, Xuanyuan Li Shang was also distressed.

Although he was very disgusted by this type of woman (MQ) he must get this marriage no matter what!

Mu Qian was daring enough to not put this prince in her eyes; she also made him lose so badly in their previous match.

Nevertheless, the benefits that the Crown prince could get once they’re betrothed are surely a lot. Not only she is rich but her cultivation and talent is also top-notch. This would be a win-win situation no matter where you look.

“What!” Xuanyuan Li Tian broke the cup in his hand, leaving the broken pieces on the ground.

In his eyes was rage as he looked at Xuanyuan Li Shang. He did not expect that his older brother would ask this kind of thing in front of their respected father.

Even though his engagement with Mu Qian is gone, he believed no one would ask for her hand due to her vile attitude.

An inexplicable anger rushed up to his head. He also stood up and loudly declared. “Father! I also have feeling for Mu Qian Xi. May Father grant this prince a marriage with her once again!”

(TN: LOL!)

“Brother Li Tian!” Mu Ruyun’s face is pale and her eyes lose its shine.

He… How can this be…?

Everyone is stunned and felt awkward by this development.

Mu Qian once stalked the Seventh Prince and persisted on asking the Emperor to bestow her Imperial edict that could let her be Xuanyuan Li Tian’s legitimate wife. This had been going on for three years yet the prince never paid attention to her until she decided to break the engagement herself.

However, they did not expect that this prince would ask their marriage this time. He stood up and boldly asks the Emperor for his blessing. This…

Two brothers are fighting for a woman!

On the other hand, the Purple Moon Emperor was in a state of confusion as well. In order to raise a huge sum, which son would be sold is floating in his mind.

(TN: I have no words for this man.)

“These two children!” The Empress dowager made a hearty laugh.

She smile towards Mu Qian and spoke softly. “Child, these two are very good. You can choose one among them, you are about to be an adult. I’m sure your uncle won’t mind.”

The Empress dowager isn’t partial; inside the Imperial harem she knew that this child (MQ) will be a perfect match to the future Emperor.

But no one expected that Mu Qian, as she slowly stood up would say. “I won’t choose among these two. I would never pick anyone here.”

All the people were shocked and stunned. She dare speak arrogant words of refusing a monarch in front of the guests! She didn’t bother to look at the two princes and only speak her thoughts.

Emperor Xuanyuan’s palm broke the table. He roared. “Mu Qian Xi, you are too arrogant! Tian’er and Shang’er wanted to marry you. It’s your great blessing yet you dare refuse!”

Mu Qian raise her brow and said. “It seems that his majesty forgot what I said long ago. In order for someone to be my man, he should pass my two requirements. If he lack one then he isn’t suitable at all. Not just the Mu Jia’s door, I won’t let that person enter the Mu Jia’s windows either!”

The young lady in exquisite purple dress stood proudly and bravely voiced her opinion on this matter.

The messengers from the Qing Kingdom were excited by these events. “I never knew that there could be a woman of this caliber here in this small kingdom. How come we haven’t heard of her name before?”

Emperor Xuanyuan’s face is heavy, filled with uncertainty that he could provide a son matching her two requirements.

The first one is that person must be stronger than her.

The second one is that there must be no other woman.

Emperor Xuanyuan glanced at Xuanyuan QingYun who was aware of everything. Qingyun has always been clean and upright but he did not qualify on the second condition.

His strength is not as good as the Crown prince, leaving him out of his options.

Suddenly a person flashed on his mind. Emperor Xuanyuan’s eyes shone at Mu Qian’s direction.

Emperor Xuanyuan coldy said. “Mu Qian Xi, zhen have picked a person in line with your standards. If you refuse again, you are clearly disobeying zhen! Even Mu Wushuang won’t easily protect you. Think about this carefully.”

“Eunuch Gao! Prepare as I will write a decree!”

On the Empress dowager’s feast, Emperor Xuanyuan directly wrote an Imperial edict clearly selling one of his sons to Mu Qian Xi.

Soon the edict was finished. Eunuch Gao solemnly said. “Mu Fengyun’s daughter, Mu Qian Xi, today the Emperor of the Purple Moon Kingdom bestow you a marriage with his Ninth son, Xuanyuan Jiu Ye. You may choose the day to marry. Come forward and receive this decree!”

“!” After listening to the Eunuch’s words, the crowd was speechless. Almost everyone expressions cannot be described.

“Your majesty… Your majesty, you… Why did you arrange her with that evil star?!” The Empress Dowager’s words were filled with anger.

Mu Qian also froze. She never thought that this old man still had this trick.

Mu Qian coldly said. “Your majesty, if the Night prince came to know of this matter. Aren’t you afraid of making the Night Prince unhappy?”

Emperor Xuanyuan scoffed. “I’m his parent, of course he would listen. I also believed that you’re close enough to Jiu Ye. I’m sure he won’t mind.”

Everyone twitched from the Emperor’s remarks. Not long ago, his highness was seen with a pretty boy at a Flower House. The news of him being a cut sleeve was spread within the Purple Moon Kingdom, they’re sure that the Emperor is also aware of this, yet he still done it anyway.

Mu Qian is a woman. Will the Night Prince really like her?

The Emperor is really getting more and more brazen in their eyes.

If the Night Prince came to know about their engagement, he would probably take this woman’s life the next day, right?

If the guests thought is already like this, then the in the Emperor’s mind it’s also the same. Upon hearing this decree, Jiu Ye would surely kill Mu Qian.

Xuanyuan Jiu Ye can easily kill Mu Qian Xi. Even with Mu Wushuang’s strength, he is no match to the Ninth prince.

Hitting two birds with one stone and the other bird is surely finished. When that time comes, all of the Mu Jia’s properties would fall directly to her fiancé.

He can buy any precious medicine he wants, what’s more a seventh-grade medicine pill?

Mu Qian clenched her fists. In the previous feast she won from the Emperor’s schemes. Yet this trap had successfully laid out for her today. If she refuses she and her clan will held the crime of disobeying the Emperor that may cause the death of their nine generations.

Since he did not hear any objections from Mu Qian Xi, the Emperor finally lowered his vigilance.

However, Xuanyuan Li Tian boldly said. “Father Emperor! I want to marry her! Please take back your decree! Don’t let her marry the Ninth Prince!”

Engagement to the Night Prince

Translator’s Note:

This chapter is the key to Jiu Ye’s happiness! Important things must be said thrice!




Hope Mu Wushuang won’t go berserk with this news! HAHAHA!

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