EWP Chapter 101: Emperor’s Debt

Emperor’s Debt

Ouyang Ju made a provocative look towards Mu Qian. He believed that she could not come up with a more precious gift than what he gave earlier.

Although her clan is not lacking in money, a third-grade medicine pill can’t be bought that easily.

Ouyang Ju’s mocking was heard by everyone. “Lord Mu, since your clan is more prosperous than mine, certainly your gift will be better right?”

Mu Qian smiled. “But of course! I assure you that my gift isn’t inferior to yours.”

At the same time, Mu Qian brought took out a transparent glass bottle for the crowd to see. She announced. “This is my gift to the Empress dowager.”

This elixir was refined by Mu Qian, she then placed it an unadorned vial. She went towards the front and offered her gift to the Empress dowager.

Everyone saw the little bottle and froze.

Emperor Xuanyuan looked annoyed by her gift; he couldn’t help but speak aloud. “Xi’er, this is the Empress dowager’s celebration. Stop this nonsense this instant!”

Even if Mu Qian could only give the Empress dowager with millions of gold, Emperor Xuanyuan wouldn’t mind at all. Yet, he didn’t expect that this damn girl would only offer a bottle of elixir, he couldn’t keep his composure anymore.

Mu Qian raised her eyebrow, she sneered. “Nonsense? For the Empress dowager’s feast, would I dare fool around? Your majesty might not know but let me tell you that this elixir is a treasure!”

“Hmph! I only see plain water inside. What effect does it even have?” Emperor Xuanyuan frowned upon hearing Mu Qian’s words.

“This is called Rejuvenating water and was refined by the Ghost Doctor’s alchemist himself. As soon as someone smeared this water to her face, her appearance would turn younger and smoother again.”

Emperor Xuanyuan clenched his fist, the dragon’s armrest are broken due to his force.

He had already inquired about this certain alchemist. The medicines that were auctioned long ago by the Snow Auction house and the medicines that can be bought in the Ghost Doctor’s Building are very identical to each other. This mysterious alchemist apparently has a relationship to the Mu Jia.

This person personally refined another precious medicine for Mu Qian in order to please the Empress dowager on her birthday. Based on his generosity, it seems he had a deep relationship with the Lord, Mu Qian.

“Really?” At this time, the Empress dowager’s eyes shone.

At her age, although she is looking forward to extending her life, in the end she is still a woman. She searched for ways to make herself young and beautiful again.

Mu Qian smiled and said. “Yes, you may try it now to know the effects.”

Mu Qian handed the bottle to the Empress dowager’s attendant.

Emperor Xuanyuan said. “Xi’er, stay right here first! We’ll see if this elixir of your truly live up to its name.”

Not long after, after applying it, an unparalleled joy blooms from the Empress dowager’s face.

Her whole body was rejuvenated; her dry skin regained its vitality, making it look delicate and rosy. Even the wrinkles in the corners of her eyes were gone.

All the people who saw this only thought of one word which is ‘Miracle!’

“That elixir is incredible!”

At the same time, many ladies who were present are looking at the elixir like a predator hunting its prey. They all turned to look at Mu Qian Xi. If this is not an official celebration, they would have rushed to her side and ask for the same kind of elixir, no matter the amount would be.

Beauty is a woman’s nature. There are many women in this world that can be crazy for beauty.

Mu Qian went back to Yue Ze’s side. She whispered. “Looks like we’ll be busy again once this feast is over. I didn’t expect such great opportunity to open here in the palace.”

Yue Ze was confused. “Leader is this really fine…?”

“Don’t worry. This product can be produced in batches, besides we already got the Empress dowager to advertise it for us. In front of these women, I know that once this thing goes on the market, it will definitely be sold easily that the building may collapse due to many people rushing in.”

When Mu Qian and Yue Ze were still discussing, the Empress Dowager laughed, she said. “The gift of this child really made me happy. The Emperor must reward this young lady.”

As for Ouyang Ju, the effects of the Rejuvenating water already made the Empress dowager to completely forget about the third-grade pill.

Ouyang Ju hated this result to the max, for his priceless treasure to be looked down compared to Mu Qian’s small bottle is an insult he won’t dare forget.

Emperor Xuanyuan smiled but his tone is unwilling, he spoke hurriedly. “Mother may not know but even if I want to bestow reward to this child, she won’t necessarily need it.”

Everyone in the event also had this kind of thought. Her clan is not lacking in terms of wealth, what treasure did she not seen yet? Is giving her a reward truly worth it?

At this point, Mu Qian completely acted like a behaved child, she politely declined. “I don’t need any reward. As long as I can make the Empress dowager happy, it’s enough for me.”

The Empress dowager was smitten by Mu Qian, a satisfied smile appeared on her face. “What a good girl.”

The celebration continued. Joyous songs and dances echoed and the entire XingNing hall is filled with laughter and joy.

“This granddaughter will offer a dance for grandmother’s birthday!”

Along with this announcement, the eight princess Xuanyuan Jia stood up and made her way in front.

“Good! Jia’er is really a sensible child.”

Xuanyuan Jia’s dance is extremely good that it ushered a lot of applause at the end.

Since the Eight Princess made this chance, the other princesses didn’t let her grab the limelight alone.

After a long while, many flowers bloomed in front of the guests, their talents and beauty are truly a feast in the eyes.

In this birthday feast, Mu Qian and Yue Ze sat in their own position to eat and drink leisurely.

When the feast is about to end, Emperor Xuanyuan looked at Mu Qian, he suddenly said. “Zhen has something to ask of you.”

Everyone felt awkward by the Emperor’s sudden remark. As the ruler of the Purple Moon Kingdom, they could easily guess what this request would be.

But knowing is different from seeing, if they were in the Emperor’s shoes, they would probably do the same. Who let the Mu Jia have more money than the Royal Family?

Mu Qian looked at the Emperor and asked. “May his majesty enlighten this Lord, what help do you need exactly?”

Emperor Xuanyuan quit beating around the bush. He spoke calmly. “The Number one auction house released news recently. In three days, they will auction the HuangLou pill. Nowadays, most of the funds in the treasury have been used to replenish military funds. In order to get the seventh-grade medicine pill, my funds are still not enough. I hope you can help me on this matter.”

(TN: LIES!!!)

All the people are stunned. They didn’t think that his majesty would really borrow money from the Mu Jia’s Lord to buy the HuangLuo pellet.

However, the Emperor strength isn’t at the peak of Martial Master yet. He obviously doesn’t need this pill so why bother losing his face and continue to borrow money from the Mu Jia.

Mu Qian said. “The HuangLuo pellet only had an effect to people at the peak of Martial and Spirit Master. Why do you want to get it?”

Emperor Xuanyuan already guessed that she would ask this, he spoke naturally. “The crown prince’s cultivation is high and I’m sure that he would reach the peak of Spirit Master within ten years. This HuangLuo pellet I am preparing it for my son. I don’t know if I would have the chance to get it after the auction so I must get it this time.”

The poor parents hearing the Emperor’s words did not expect that he would do it for his son.

Xuanyuan Li Shang looked away from his father; he knew exactly what’s going on his mind.

A selfish person like the Emperor wouldn’t do that for him. Li Shang knew the Emperor did it all for himself because he wants to reach the peak of the Martial King.

“Lord Mu, third master Mu is already suffering from his old disease, even if there is a HuangLuo pellet, it would not benefit him in any way. Please support his Majesty!” This time, many ministers pleaded to Mu Qian.

Translators Note:

Wow, shameless emperor + shameless ministers = Kingdom’s fall

Sorry for the late update, I kinda messed up the schedule haha.

My left hand is fine now. I can move it but the doctor forbids me to lift heavy things, which I rarely do.

Thank you for wishing me a good health. You’re all so sweet ❤

Btw, what do you think Mu Qian will ask to the Emperor if she really let him borrow her money?

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