EWP Chapter 100: How have you been lately?

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How have you been lately?

Mu Qian once again changed her appearance to Ah Ting’s and went towards the Auction House. But she didn’t expect that she could only see Master Bai.

Master Bai told Mu Qian about Nalan Yu going back to their main headquarters. She couldn’t help but ask. “Nalan Yu is going back? The Purple Moon is too small compared to the main branch. He coming here is already strange yet he stayed for too long…”

Master Bai saw Mu Qian being immersed by her own thoughts, he immediately changed the topic. “Is there anything that I can help Gongzi? Lord ordered this old man that as long you request something I must fulfill it.”

Mu Qian smiled. “It’s not that serious. I just need your help to auction a medicinal pellet for me.”

Master Bai froze. “May Gongzi Mu enlighten this old man?”

“It’s a seventh-grade medicinal pellet.”

Such information made Master Bai’s heart tremor. “Is it a HuangLuo pellet?”

“Yes.” Mu Qian let Master Bai examine the goods.

Master Bai’s eyes shine brightly, he exclaimed. “It really is a HuangLuo pellet! I never thought that in this life I could see one!”

Mu Qian added. “This seventh-grade medicinal pellet has a 50% success rate that can let a Martial Master at the Peak of Ninth-stage breakthrough to Martial or Spirit King.”

Master Bai is shocked. “Fifty percent, that… is on par with the Medicine King, but…”

In the whole Snow Continent, he thought there is no other person that can surpass the Medicine King.

Mu Qian took out another bottle, she said quickly. “Add this too, it has 70% success rate. You can inform me when the auction will start. Let the people from all over the Purple Moon Kingdom know about this pellet. Lastly, make sure that only the citizens of this Kingdom have the opportunity to bid.”

“I will” Although, Master Bai isn’t sure why did Mu Qian set these conditions. He would surely perform this task well.

Soon news of a seventh-grade medicine pellet being auctioned was spread.

“Have you heard the news? It seems that the Snow Auction House will hold an auction later. I heard that there are five medicinal pellets that can rival a HuangLuo pellet there.”

“I knew this already, but probably this time only the Mu Jia has the money to buy those things.” The man added. “But Mu Jia’s third Master already made his breakthrough to the peak of Martial King three years ago, even if they had the money would they still bet for it?”

“That is uncertain; I heard from someone that the Qing Guo’s clan is interested with the medicines.”

When a clan gets a single HuangLuo pellet, there is a guarantee that a Martial or Spirit King would appear in their family. This is once-in-a-lifetime chance; no one would be willing to give it up.

The auction has yet started but the news was all over the place.

In addition, the auction time haven’t been announced yet.

“Damn! Why did that auction house have to sell such a good stuff?!” Inside the palace, Emperor Xuanyuan roared.

He clenched his fist. “That HuangLuo pellet must be mine!” If he can acquire that pill, Mu Wushuang, Mu Qian and even the Ouyang Clan would surrender to his feet.

(TN: That pill apparently can help breakthrough someone to Martial King while for the cultivator who already reached MK or SK; their strength would reach its peak. I’m really not sure about this one.)

Even if he is the Emperor it doesn’t mean that he could easily get it. When Mu Qian took her dowry back, the Royal Treasury had been empty since then. Emperor Xuanyuan knew he can’t fight with the Mu Jia or any other clan in terms of financial ability.

Emperor Xuanyuan eyes’ flashed. As long as he wanted it, no one can stop him!

When the news of the auction house spread, at this time an announcement of the Empress dowager’s 80th birthday also fell. The Emperor can use this chance to fill the treasury with gifts.

(TN: Shameless Emperor! Even the gift for her mother will be taken ah!)

Naturally, the total amount is not enough for the HuangLuo pellet; hence, he also planned another strategy.

In the Mu Jia, Mu Wushuang asked softly. “Xi’er, this time would you want Little Uncle to accompany you in the palace?”

Although she won the last time she entered the palace, Mu Wushuang is sure that Emperor Xuanyuan is already planning schemes for his niece, the risk at this time is not small.

There is a hundred percent chance that there is a trap awaiting for Mu Qian there!

Mu Qian said. “Little Uncle, rest assured! The last time I took all of the Emperor’s wealth and swept all of his medicinal herbs. He must be nuts if he wanted to take a revenge on me again.”

The time to enter the palace is approaching. Yue Ze has been waiting for Mu Qian at the palace’s gate. This time it would be only the two of them attending.

When Mu Qian entered the Palace, the first one she saw was Ouyang Ju’s carriage. Mu Qian lifted the curtain, smiled and waved. “Ouyang Lord, how have you been lately?”

From the start, Ouyang Ju decided to ignore Mu Qian the whole time. But he didn’t think that Mu Qian would be the one to start a conversation with him instead!

The clan is at their deprived state, his younger son is a crippled, his younger brother was killed, how can he still stand up?

“This Lord is fine, I will excuse myself first.” Ouyang Ju said this word by word as if he wanted to tear Mu Qian to pieces.

“In that case, I won’t disturb Lord Ouyang any longer. Hope you have a nice day!” Mu Qian’s carriage left immediately, leaving a blank Ouyang Ju behind.

“Fuck!” Ouyang Ju almost broke his carriage with his fist.

“Don’t be angry father, Mu Qian can’t do anything to use here. I and the princes won’t let her do anything. Besides, Mu Wushuang isn’t by her side again; no one can help her this time.”

Ouyang Ju nodded. “Zhi’er, it really is as you say. As long as we get the HuanLuo pellet, we will rise again.”

At this time the entire Purple Moon Palace was resplendently decorated.

For the Empress dowager’s 80th birthday the event is held at the XingNing Hall. Today will be the day where everyone will wish for the Empress dowager’s long life so that the Purple Moon Kingdom would continue to grow and prosper. Many courtiers and noble clan Lords, as well as messengers from the neighboring kingdoms would be present, this can be considered as giving the Empress dowager proper ‘face’.

(TN: It simply means “giving proper respect”.)

This is a joyful celebration yet the Emperor is unhappy. In his eyes these people are all competing for the HuangLuo pellet!

Although the Empress dowager’s age reached eighty years old, she managed to keep her health very well. At most, she only looks fifty years old.

She sat beside the Emperor, with her kind face she really looks like an amiable grandmother.

In the next moment, Ouyang Ju robbed Mu Qian of giving her present first, sending his gift towards the Empress dowager in a steady manner.

Ouyang Ju respectfully bowed and said. “This humble servant offers a third-grade medicinal pill, wishing Empress live a long life!”

“It turned out to be a third-grade medicinal pellet!” They stared at the exquisite box, it seems that the Ouyang Clan isn’t as deprived as what the rumors says after all.

In the Purple Moon’s Royal group of alchemists, only a second-grade pill can be refined.

Ouyang Ju sending out a third-grade pill shows how generous he is.

Ouyang Ju had no other way, if he wants to silence the Mu Jia later, he can only please the Royal Family first.

If he showed his sincerity and position, these will make the Emperor see their value.

“Lord Ouyang is truly considerate.” Empress dowager’s face was filled with joy.

This longevity pill, no one would dislike this kind of gift especially for an elder like her!

All the people were surprised as well; this gift is beyond their capabilities.

Someone in the crowd asked. “What extravagant gift would Lord Mu give this time? I’m sure it would be a lot ah!”

“Of course that will be the case! Mu Jia is the richest clan, what kind of precious pill haven’t the Lord seen yet?”


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Typing this whole chapter using only one hand is truly a torture!

Btw, can you guys guess what Mu Qian’s gift would be? Hehe…

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