Soon the X-ray came out and Zhang Man entered the room, sitting next to the physician to listen to his analysis.

“The joint in the left lower arm is fractured and must be secured in a plaster cast so that it cannot be dislodged. It’s a good idea to keep your left arm still for a while. You young people have good health, so as long as you take a good rest, it will be all better in a few weeks. The good thing is that the injury is on the left hand, it will not affect your writing.”

Li Wei frowned when he heard that a plaster cast had to be put on, and wanted to refuse as he opened his mouth, but Zhang Man beat him to it.

The young girl spoke a little faster than usual: “Make it, put it on and make it thicker.”

It would be difficult to live alone with a cast, but she was worried that he would choose to bear it as hard as he had in his previous life.

The doctor teased her, “Little girl is right, the thicker the plaster, the better.”

Zhang Man knew that she had made a common sense mistake and lowered her head in a somewhat embarrassed manner, using her peripheral vision to take a glance at Li Wei who was sitting next to her.

The young man’s eyes stopped at the top of her hair, with no particular reason, luckily he didn’t say anything to argue back.

The process of applying the plaster cast was quick, about twenty minutes later, Li Wei came out with a thick plaster cast strapped on him and his entire left arm hanging from his neck, his appearance was a bit funny.

Zhang Man looked at his expressionless face, and a familiar pain arose again in a corner of her heart.

There seemed to be a definite sum over the pain between them, she thought helplessly, it was as if the less pain he showed, the more her heart would hurt.

This was a bone fracture, not just a simple little wound of some sort.

Back when she was teaching in high school, she had seen students who had accidentally fallen and fractured their bones. The young boys and girls of this age, who are still the most delicate flowers in the greenhouse, are able to show how painful it was in the first 5 seconds.

But Li Wei, apart from frowning when he first stood up, had endured it silently until now.

How could it not hurt?

She felt so bad that she walked over to him and held his other hand, slowly pulling him out and carefully said: “Li …… classmate, are you in pain? Shout out if it hurts ah, I won’t make fun of you.”

The young man sniffed and spoke quietly, “It’s not a leg injury.”

It was only then that Zhang Man came to realize that she really didn’t need to assist him. However, right now she just wanted to be closer to him, and didn’t want to let go of him at all: “You’re currently wearing a cast on one hand, and your body weight is unbalanced, so you can’t walk steadily.”

After Zhang Man finished speaking, Li Wei didn’t say anything, but he still used his right hand to push her away.

Although the action was light, she could not refuse.

Zhang Man saw him walk forward alone, her heart was sour, she quickly followed him, and no longer offered to assist him.

She told herself, “No hurry, just take your time.


When they arrived at the classroom, the students were taking turns introducing themselves.

The two of them quietly entered through the back door of the classroom, but Li Wei’s appearance with a plaster cast still attracted the attention of the whole class as well as the class teacher. No matter whether the students knew him or not, they were all whispering in each other’s ear at the moment.

At this point, even Liu Chang, who had just kept provoking him, couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, not expecting him to be hurt so badly just now. Seeing him upset was one thing, but he didn’t want to really hurt him.

The class teacher, Liu Zhijun, frowned at the situation and asked, “This student, what’s wrong with you? What’s your name?”

The tone wasn’t too good, and if this happened on the first day of school, he’d have to take some responsibility as a classroom teacher if the parents found it.

Li Wei mechanically said the usual reply.

“Li Wei. It’s nothing, I just fell ……”

However, at this time, there was a twist and he was interrupted.

“Reporting to the teacher, I just saw it all downstairs, he was hit by these two students.”

The young lady’s voice was just like his with no rise and fall, simply making an unbiased statement.

As she spoke, she raised her finger to point at Liu Chang and Wang Xiaofeng.

As soon as she finished speaking, class teacher Liu Zhijun’s eyes looked sharply at Liu Chang, who had just finished introducing himself, with a not-so-gentle expression on his face.

The whole class also looked at them.

Liu Chang’s face instantly turned red and stammered, “Teacher, I …… just ran too fast, and I didn’t think I would hurt him too much.”

Liu Zhijun, who has never been a kind-hearted class teacher, didn’t bother to listen to his explanation: “Liu Chang and Wang Xiaofeng will write a letter of apology to student Li Wei and give it to him before the end of the school day today, and will also pay the corresponding medical expenses. Li Wei, you take the apology letter back to your parents for their signature, and give it to me tomorrow, this matter is over. The whole class should take a lesson from this, you are not in middle school now, stop always playing crazy after class, it is better to read a book…… Self-introductions continue.”

Zhang Man sneaked a glance up at Li Wei, who was still looking at his book as if nothing had happened, his demeanor not fluctuating in the slightest.

She knew in her heart that her actions might not be a help to him, but rather looking for some trouble.

He really didn’t care, nor was he bothered.

Zhang Man squeezed the cover of her new textbook and bit her lip. All she wanted was to see him angry, to see him go and fight like a normal person instead of living in his own world forever and not caring about anything.


Liu Chang and Wang Xiaofeng’s apology letters were quickly handed over, Liu Chang was still a little embarrassed and apologized with his head held high, Wang Xiaofeng’s attitude was pretty good though, and even brought lunch for Li Wei from the cafeteria.

The two apology letters were put into Li Wei’s bag by Li Wei, Zhang Man suddenly thought, the class teacher wanted him to ask his parents to sign, who could he ask for signature?

There was no one left at his house.

During lunch break, a few girls from the class came over to chat with Li Wei.

In fact, with his appearance, it was hard not to notice him.

The one leading among the several girls was Dai Xi, the newly appointed Arts and Literature Committee member of their class, and also the acknowledged belle of the class in her previous life.

When the school year started in the previous life, because of Li Wei’s appearance, the entire First Middle School caused a sensation, no matter if it was the first year female students or some of the second and third year senior sisters, all of them were crazy for Li Wei for a long time.

But later on, after some rumors related to Li Wei had spread throughout the school, the attitude of the whole school towards him had undergone a huge change. Back then, Zhang Man had always scoffed at those rumors, but now that she thought about it, she feared that most of them were true.

Both of their spots were surrounded by a few girls, looking at their slightly excited eyes, Zhang Man dropped her eyes and felt a hint of anger in her heart. In her previous life, they said verbally that they liked him, but after hearing some bad rumors about him, they shunned him and even spoke ill of him.

Then she felt bad again.

Why talk about others, when she herself was no different. While she had scoffed at those rumors about him in her previous life, she still chose not to believe him when those things happened and had transferred schools without batting an eye.

She was like them. No, she was the one who hurt him the most.

“Li Wei classmate, do you have any special talents? The school is organizing a national day performance next month, and the class teacher just asked me to organize the students’ registration.” Dai Xi was a pretty girl, tall and straight, with a habit of raising her chin when she spoke.

Li Wei didn’t even raise his eyelids, only shook his head.

When she wanted to say more on the subject, Zhang Man didn’t give her a chance: “Can’t you see he has trouble with his hands? Even if there was any talent, he couldn’t perform.”

Dai Xi choked for a moment, unable to think of a new topic, so she just said, “Be careful and take a rest” and left. Before leaving, she gave a meaningful glance towards Zhang Man, being obviously dissatisfied with the way she interrupted.

“Tsk… Li Wei, you don’t need to pay attention to them. You have difficulty with your hands and feet right now, that whatever National Day Gathering, isn’t necessary for everyone to attend.”

The young man raised his head and for once returned a word, “Mm.”

His eyes stopped for a moment at the face of the young girl beside him and then returned to the book in his hand.

No one noticed the sarcasm that flashed in his eyes.

He had experienced this kind of thing so many, many times. Every time he arrived at a new place, he would always receive some attention, but after that, they would all fear him, loathe him, so how could anyone like him half as much.

He is afraid that his new classmates are like that too.

Human consciousness and emotions were the most ethereal of things, and he didn’t want, or need to get involved in the slightest.

Translator’s Note:

Just a reminder, even though their surnames look the same, Liu Chang and Liu Zhijun aren’t relatives, their ‘Liu’ is different.

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