EWP Chapter 79: Clash of two men

Clash of two men.

On the corner of his lips, Yue Ze let out a smile and said. “Yes, I’m done for sure!”

Yue Xu stared blankly at his elder brother, he himself admitted it!

At this time, a servant came in to report. “Young Master Ze, Lord Nalan Yu is asking for an audience.”

Yue Ze froze for a bit. “Nalan Yu? Lord of Snow Continent’s Chamber of Commerce, that Nalan Yu?”

“He came to see me, why?” With that man’s status alone, even those who are higher than Yue Ze’s position can’t possibly meet him, moreover come in personally like this!

“This… I don’t know!”

“Take him in one of our most elegant rooms; tell him I will see him immediately!” Yue Ze said in a hurry.

Inside the most elegant room of Tianwei Building, a handsome young man in blue and a modest man in white sit inside.

Nalan Yu’s foxy eyes slightly narrow, then he pick up a bottle of medicine in his sleeves and asked. “*Gongzi, this Lord will get to the point, May I know who’s the person making the medicines you’re selling here at the Ghost Doctor Building?”

(TN: means son of nobility.)

Nalan Yu hasn’t seen Mu Xi for a month and he doesn’t know where to find him either.

One day a potion with strange effects appear and is selling well at the Ghost Doctor Building. Nalan Yu guessed that Mu Xi would probably involve in this, together with the effects that can outdo a third-grade medicinal pellet. ‘Nine out of ten, this is certainly Mu Xi’s doing’ is what he thought at that moment.

Yue Ze coldly said. “No comment!”

Nalan Yu smiled. “AS long as Brother Ze answers my question, I can give you a fifth-grade medicinal pellet.”

Yue Ze’s eyes flashed a dangerous glint, he firmly said. “Even if you give me a Ninth-grade, I won’t say a thing.”

Nalan Yu was slightly stunned, in his life he believed that there’s nothing he can’t do with gold and silver. But this seems to be the second time someone refused him.

The first one is Mu Xi and now Yue Ze.

“It’s me being unreasonable.” Nalan Yu casts his head low but his eyes are full of mirth, he added. “It’s just my speculation but I’m sure the alchemist you’re hiding is related to the Mu Jia, isn’t it?”

Yue Ze’s eyes are getting colder by every second, if the Lord of the Snow’s Chamber of Commerce dares to lay his hand on Leader. Yue Ze definitely won’t let him succeed!

Nalan Yu felt the hostility in Yue Ze’s eyes. It seems that he’s on the right track.

He laughed. “Gongzi, don’t be so nervous. If it’s true that the Ghost Doctor that resides here has a relation with the Mu Jia. I will not let anyone make a move on them either you know.”

Mu Xi, Mu Jia, he should have known earlier.

Yue Ze’s complexion is getting gloomier. Compared to the distinguished Lord Nalan Yu, he comes off as worse.

Seeing Yue Ze being silent, Nalan Yu continued teasing him. “Gongzi, I assure you that our feeling towards the Mu Jia is the same. Actually, if there’s any thing you need, you can ask for this Lord’s help anytime! We are both working with the Ghost Doctor after all.”

Yue Ze said. “My matters are of no concern to you. I don’t need Lord Nalan’s help besides we’re not familiar with each other.”

“Once, twice… Mm, I’m positive that I’m familiar with the Ghost Doctor!” The smile on Nalan Yu’s face is getting more radiant. There was also pride in the way he spoke.

Yue Ze felt that he isn’t lying and he is very familiar with his Leader. He accompanied Mu Qian most of the time so how come he didn’t know anything about them. Yue Ze was shocked; he really wanted to punch that smile on Nalan Yu’s face.

Yue Ze suppressed his emotions; he can’t reveal too many things on his expressions either. Nalan Yu is the person that can get what he wants by stirring the emotions of the other party. What would happen if this fox learn something about Mu Qian Xi? He must endure his taunts today no matter what!

Yue Ze said to himself. “I must report this meeting with leader later, I have a bad feeling regarding this Nalan Yu. He looks suspicious; I don’t have a clue what he wants from us in the end.”

Nalan Yu also identified a few things. First, Mu Xi has a deep relation with the Mu Jia. Second, Yue Ze also has a good relationship with Mu Xi like him.

Yue Ze seems calm but he’s definitely hiding something. Nalan Yu imagined what kind of Master is Mu Qian to keep Yue Ze calm on dealing things like this.

When Nalan Yu left, he felt sad and shouted in his heart. “Brother Mu, if I don’t take the initiative first, I feel that you would forget me sooner or later!”

After saying his goodbye to Nalan Yu, Yue Ze quickly went to see Mu Qian to report.

“Huh! Nalan Yu came to see you?” Mu Qian was surprised on what she has heard from Yue Ze.

Nalan Yu’s guess is right. Mu Qian was so engrossed on creating different medicines everyday that she completely forgot him.

“Nalan Yu helped me a lot. If it wasn’t for his help I wouldn’t come to know about Master Huo. I should give my thanks to him personally!” Mu Qian laughed.

“Thanks? Leader, don’t go! I think that Nalan Yu has impure motives and more treacherous than a fox! You must cut off ties with him!” Yue Ze made a strong point.

“Don’t worry; it’s always me calculating others not the other way around. Besides, I have to think of a proper gift for him first. Nalan Yu has more money than ours. I really have nothing else to give him huh……”

Seeing Leader, who always acts indifferent to others, suddenly thinking of a gift for that cunning fox! Yue Ze felt that there’s an acid eroding his heart.

Three days have passed already but the Mu Jia hasn’t sent anyone yet to pick Mu Ruyan up. She continued her days sitting by the window and silently crying.

She murmured. “Grandpa, Ruyan miss you so much. Why aren’t you picking me up…Ruyan wants to go home….”

Xuanyuan Li Shang opened the door and saw the master-servant pair weeping for their loved ones. He can’t help but feel distressed for the two.

He can’t help but think that this is all unfair for Mu Ruyan. Aside from her birth, whether appearance, strength or talent she ranks number one and he is the only one in the entire Purple Moon Kingdom that is worthy of such a woman.

Mu Ruyan is unlike any other women he met. Those women can’t keep their eyes off him but Mu Ruyan looks at him as if he was a common man and never bowed her head just because he’s a prince.

She’s so perfect is what he always believed. Since then, he regarded her as a special someone and has been watching for her for so many years.

Even if her origin isn’t enough to make her the official princess consort, he always left the secondary princess consort’s position for her.

Mu Ruyan heard some noise and just like a frightened rabbit, she covered her face and exclaimed. “Crown prince…”

Xuanyuan Li Shang sighed. “Yan’er, how many times do I have to tell you that you could just call me Li Shang. You wanted to see your grandfather and go home right? This prince would take you back tomorrow!”

“If this prince wanted to send you home, even Mu Qian Xi can’t refuse me!” Xuanyuan Li Shang’s eyes are warm but his tone is domineering. What could that bitch do to him anyway!

(TN: They never learn!)

She was moved by his words but at the same time acted as frightened a mouse. “Crown prince… I…. This is just a trivial matter; I do not wish to trouble his highness any further. Xi’er will come to me. I’m sure of it…”

“You’re too kind Yan’er. Mu Qian Xi would never let you return in the first place.” Xuanyuan Li Shang who looks like a lovefool said.

“No… you’re lying….” She bit her lower lip and acted as though she didn’t believe a thing he said.

“Yan’er, take a rest first! Tomorrow I will send you back! I promise you!” Xuanyuan Li Shang said sternly.

The next day, Mu Ruyan together with the Crown Prince and his men went to the Mu Jia’s residence!

“The Crown prince is here!” A sharp voice was transmitted all over the residence.

As soon as the Crown prince arrived, all of the people inside went outside to greet him. Only Mu Qian Xi and Mu Wushuang acted indifferent and too lazy to take care of such unwanted guests.

Xuanyuan Li Shang frowned, he asked. “Where is Mu Qian Xi?”

Translator’s Notes:

The asshole prince and white lotus Ver.2!

Omg! Yue Ze being jelly and Nalan Yu being hopeless! Hahaha! Poor little lambs!

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So I’m confused, seventh prince was the prince who cheated mu Qian with ruyun the servant slave girl? And this is Ruyan the other sister? And crown prince is this dude with her¿

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