EWP Chapter 78: You’re done for!

You’re done for!

“Do you hate me so much? Why are we so divided now?” Mu Ruyan with her watery eyes are looking at Mu Qian as if she had suffered a great grievance.

The group of servants that are still kneeling on the floor all glared at Mu Qian.

In their minds, the only reason why Mu Qian has the Lord status was because of her esteemed father no more, no less.

They truly believed that Mu Qian is beneath in every aspect compared to their Miss and maybe that’s why Mu Qian is so vicious to them today.

Mu Qian felt their intense hatred for her; it seems that for these people they already regarded her as the wicked stepmother!

Since they already set this image of her, Mu Qian will make sure not to disappoint them! Evil to till the end!

She looked at the Shadows and shouted. “What are you guys waiting for? Drag those people away and flog them fifty more times!”

“Xi’er, No!”

Mu Ruyan panicked, she outstretched her hand to get a hold of Mu Qian’s sleeve to stop her.

“Get lost!”

Mu Qian waved her hand, suddenly Mu Ruyan twisted her foot and her whole body falls into the ground.

“Ahh!” Mu Ruyan whimpered, a visible slap on her face was seen.

Mu Ruyan lightly bit her lower lip, her teary eyes made her more pitiful but she didn’t forget to plead. “Xi’er please stop….….they”

Coupled with her soft voice and fairy-like appearance, the servants that were being dragged by the Shadows loved her more.

(TN: I’m getting annoyed by the never-ending praise for this white lotus! Ewwww!)

On the other hand, Yue Ze was like a lump of wood with no reaction whatsoever.

Although that woman looks like a fairy, he has this uncomfortable feeling about her that he can’t explain either. ‘Un. Being with Leader is still the best!’

“Don’t dawdle! Take them all down!” Mu Qian indifferently said.

“Xi’er, it’s all my fault, they wouldn’t be punished if it wasn’t for me! If you’re unhappy with me being here, I’ll just go so please let them go!”

Mu Ruyan bawled her eyes out, her sight was completely locked onto Mu Qian’s body. Mu Ruyan prop herself up and walked towards Mu Qian then bowed her head, leaving the servants in a disheartened state.

“I know this all happened because of me, so I will do anything you say as long as you release them.” Mu Qian was amazed by this girl’s acting.

Mu Qian smiled. “Fine. From now on just like your sister, Mu Ruyun, you’re banished from the Mu Jia as well. Remember my words Mu Ruyan, don’t ever appear before me again.”

Mu Ruyan who’s always putting on airs was shocked by Mu Qian’s condition. In Mu Qian’s memory, this white lotus just like her sister is a lot more vicious!

Mu Ruyan widened her eyes in disbelief. Completely lost on what is happening.

In the next moment however, she bowed her head once again and said. “Ruyan accepts the Lord’s terms.”

“Then, go away immediately!”

Mu Qian waved her hand and said. “Throw them all out from my place this instant!”

Mu Qian turned and walked towards her room, too lazy to spare Mu Ruyan a glance.

The elders are all helpless, no matter what Mu Qian do they can’t do anything to stop her.

The reason Mu Ruyan was brought back from a school outside the capital was due to her grandfather, the second elder’s suggestion. With Mu Ruyan’s good relationship with Mu Qian before, he thought that with Mu Ruyan being here, Mu Qian would stop being conceited for once.

“Mu jia is definitely filled with billowing smoke everywhere. They are no good for this place, clean them up for me one by one.” Mu Qian ordered.

“Yes, my Lord.” A shadow disappeared.

For a moment, several people of the Elders were cut off from the Mu Jia’s properties completely.

If it wasn’t for the fact that her old man was the one who scouted these elders in the first place, Mu Qian would already have them killed using her own poison, so they wouldn’t be this annoying anymore.

“What? Mu Qian kicked Mu Ruyan out from the Mu Jia yesterday, she’s crazy!”

“Apparently, that’s what happened. Also, news about Mu Ruyan becoming a Martial King before she reach the age of thirty is spreading. For sure, Lord Mu would regret her decision in the future.”

“You’re all outdated! Didn’t you heard the news about Lord Mu? She turned into a Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior in just two months! TWO MONTHS!!! Maybe, in just a few days, she would catch up to Mu Ruyan’s strength!”

The citizens are divided into two factions, but more people supported Mu Ruyan.

The reason was simply because their image of Mu Ruyan is perfect, unlike Mu Qian Xi with her black history.

Meanwhile, Mu Ruyan was being supported by her handmaid towards an inn. Her face was pale and her expression was somehow distracted.

“Miss, how could Mu Qian Xi kick you out! Not only you have no home to return to but also have to live to this shabby place from today onwards!” The handmaiden’s voice were loud and clear for the passersby to hear.

“Little Tao, don’t cause a scene. I was the one who made Xi’er unhappy. She would forgive me and ask us to come back if we give her enough time.”

With her soft voice, Mu Ruyan announced that today’s matter is little and her “sister” Mu Qian would forgive her eventually.

The crowd sighed. Being bullied to this extent but still hoping for Mu Qian’s forgiveness, Mu Ruyan’s too kind.

“Yan’er!” This time, a tall figure emerged from the crowd.

He was wearing a luxurious brocade, his tone were warm and elegant. His bearing is imposing added with his handsome face, almost all the surrounding girls felt that their faces are flushing from his appearance alone!

(TN: I am speechless with this paragraph… ?)

Mu Ruyan is the only calm one at this moment, but with her moist eyes, some things are clear.

She said softly. “Your highness, the crown price. Why are you here?”

“I heard from my people that you’ve been kicked out from the Mu Jia by Mu Qian Xi. I came here to lend you my help.” Xuanyuan Li Shang smiled brightly.

“No need your highness, I can take care of myself.”

At the same time, the Master of the Inn appeared and said. “Apologies but as per Young Master Ze’s orders, Miss Ruyan can’t stay on our Inn or any establishments that Lord Mu owns. Please leave.”

Everyone was in an uproar!

“Isn’t this too much? How can Mu Qian Xi let her sister live in the streets?”

“Even though her talent is high, I didn’t think that she can do something like this!”


Mu Ruyan’s body trembled slightly and took a step back.

Then she shook her head again and again as if she could not accept such a fact.

“Yan’er, you can live with me in my palace. With Mu Qian’s order you won’t have any place to stay here, don’t refuse me okay?”

No matter how hard Mu Ruyan refused first, the crown prince still tried so hard to convinced her to stay with him.

“Ack! Cough! Cough!” Yue Ze who is sipping his tea on the upper balcony saw that unbelievable scene and directly threw up out all he had drunk.

“Brother, this show is too great! Too bad your Leader didn’t show up.”

Yue ze reluctantly said: “Don’t mention her! Leader felt disgusted even hearing that girl’s name. Naturally, Leader have no mood to see such a show.”

“It’s so weird though…How come the second in rank among the top ten geniuses in the Purple Moon Kingdom so soft and weak like this?”

“That’s also what Leader have said to me. She always reminds me not to judge people with their appearance!” Yue Ze said seriously.




Yue Xu looked at his brother and laughed out loud. “Brother, pft! Ha ha! You’re done for! Every sentence you’re saying always has “Leader” in it! Ha ha ha!”

Translator’s Note:

Another idiot prince…

And boy, Yue Ze! Hahaha you can’t escape MQX now! ?

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