EWP Chapter 77: Watching them burn!

Watching them burn!

“There is no way that we’re leaving easily like this! Ouyang Xiang wrecked my Ghost Doctor Building; I will definitely return that favor today!”

Mu Qian took out a few barrels of oil from her ring, she said. “Here, help me pour this out. We’ll burn their household down!”


After pouring the oil out, Mu Qian then lit a fire into the ground and hurriedly went with Yue Ze through the Ouyang’s gate.

“Lord Mu, why are you still here?” One of the Ouyang’s housekeepers we’re surprised to see the Lord who’s still inside the Ouyang residence.

“This whole place is a lot bigger than ours; somehow we got lost on our way out.” Mu Qian said in a nonchalant way.

With a flick of a sleeve, Mu Qian brushed past the man who looks at her with doubts, and said in an angry tone. “After this incident, this Lord would never come back here again!”

The Housekeeper’s head is smoking from rage; he wanted to scream but kept his feeling to himself instead. ‘Don’t come back! We also don’t want you here! Hmph!’

Shortly after Mu Qian left, the people inside the Ouyang residence were in turmoil!

“Fire! Fire!”

“Hurry up and put out the fire!”

The blazing fire began to engulf the whole Ouyang’s place. What scares them the most is neither water nor sand can put out the fire which made it impossible for them to prevent it from expanding further.

Ouyang Ju can only send out some Spirit Masters to suppress the flame. However, with how big the flame is, all of them felt tired in the end.

Half of the place was burned into ashes!

Not only they were broke but also with this new crisis, some of them would even have to leave in the streets!

When Yue Ze came to know the news about the Ouyang clan, he could not help but say. “Miserable! Too miserable!”

Did Leader learn it from her old man? Yue Ze gloated on the Ouyang’s misery!

“Mu Qian Xi, I’m not finished with you!” Ouyang Ju swore as he saw the devastating condition of his home.

Although he had no lead on how did the fire started in the first place, Ouyang Ju doesn’t believe that Mu Qian Xi has nothing to do with it!

No matter how hard they’ve tried to search for clues or proof, nothing was found in the end which made his hatred grew deeper than it already is.

Xuanyuan Li Tian on the other hand was smiling the whole day. Even though his Royal Family suffered a heavy loss and he was locked for three days on his palace, he felt that nothing is worse than what had happened to the Ouyang clan!


Xuanyuan Li Tian felt that the Mu Jia is a bone in his throat that he must eliminate at all cost! A cold light flashed through his eyes.

He must get rid of Mu Qian Xi and Mu Wushuang, as well as recover the properties his Father Emperor had lost to ensure his right to the throne!

When Mu QIan and Yue Ze returned to the Mu Jia’s residence, Mu Qian was quite surprised to see a lot of servants that stood in front of her door.

“You! You and you! Hurry up and clean the fallen leaves in front of the door!”

“Wipe the floor!”

“Don’t forget to replace the flowers!”

“Miss would be back soon, if this place isn’t arranged by then. I will kick you all from this house!”

Even if Mu Qian went away for months, this is the first time that she saw the servants act hysterically like this…Why?

‘Could it be?’

A cold light flashed through Mu Qian’s eyes, Yue Ze strode up and asked one of the new servants. “I didn’t know that the Mu Jia has another Miss aside from Leader? Who is it?”

A haughty servant heard Yue Ze’s inquiry and proudly said. “Where did a poor boy like you come from? Our lady is the eldest young daughter of the Mu Jia!”

Even though Yue Ze has come here often, this is the first time he saw these people. Naturally, he doesn’t have a clue on who are they talking about.

“Our Miss is an absolute beauty! She has *shed one’s mortal body and exchanges one’s bones already! A phoenix among others! Naturally, we should do our best to serve her. Tsk! That vulgar younger sister of hers is simply unworthy to be a part of her family.”

(TN: Meaning: to change completely; to be reborn; to become an Immortal. I don’t even know what the heck that means though…)

A cold voice came. “Since she thinks that it is unworthy of her to be part of my family then let this Lord kick her out personally then!”

When the servants saw a purple figure approaching, at first they could not recognize her. But the words from her mouth confirmed their guesses! Their faces turned pale in an instant!

“Lord Mu!”

They heard that the Lord is not the same as before so they act arrogantly like they used to!

Nevertheless, they steeled their minds and felt that she is still inferior compared to their Fairy-like Miss.

“Come! Drag this group of imbeciles and flog each of them fifty times! Throw them out afterwards!”

“Xi’er, they said those words because of me! If you want to punish someone, punish me instead!”

A stubborn yet soft voice came; her pitiful tone causes other people the will to protect her.

A hope flashed through the servants eyes. ‘Miss, you’ve come back! We’re saved!’

They believe that with the goodness of their miss, she would never let the Lord harm them.

Mu Qian frowned upon getting a glimpse of the approaching carriage.

The drapes of the carriage were opened, and a white figure appeared in front of them.

The woman’s appearance looks lucid and elegant, her long black hair is adorned by a simple white jade hairpin. She have bright eyes, white teeth and high eyebrows that made her appear as a sweet-tempered lady.

Her almond-like eyes are moist as if she had suffer a great grievance.

Her long white dress that can’t hide her curves captivated some people’s eyes just like a fairy would.


“Eldest Miss!”

These group of people finally saw their savior, at the same time all of them had given her a respectful bow!

Yue Ze was more confused, he asked. “Eldest Miss? Are you a lady of the Mu Jia as well?”

Mu Ruyan sized up the young man in front of her from head to toe. His handsome appearance is comparable to the princes and his strength is not so bad either!

Mu Ruyan felt lucky to see such a fine man, she speak softly. “Yes, my name is Ruyan, it’s an honor to meet you.”

At the same time, a cold hum was heard.

“Miss? I am the only daughter of the Mu Family! When did my father have another daughter other than me?”

Mu Ruyan look shocked, she felt wronged by Mu Qian’s words. “Xi’er, why are you so cold to me? Did I do something to upset you?”

“I believe you should already know the answer yourself.” Mu Qian let out a smile yet not a smile.

“Everybody listen! I, Mu Qian Xi is the only daughter of the Mu Jia! If I heard another person claiming to be a miss of my family or servants acknowledging other masters aside from me and my little uncle. This Lord would kick you out from this house in an instant!”

Yue Ze said. “I never thought that someone can claim themselves as the eldest daughter of the Mu Jia!”

Upon hearing those words, Mu Ruyan made a few steps back.

Her eyes widened, aggrieved by their words she bite her lower lip and for a long while only one word was uttered. “I…….”

“Do you have something to say?” Mu Qian said in an indifferent tone.

Translator’s Note:

Another wicked lotus appear!

She’s the sister of Mu Ruyun — Li Tian’s bitch.

I hate their names!!!

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