Weird Guy.


Countless weapons rushed towards the fleeting Ouyang Xiang. With no way out, Ouyang Xiang grab two of his guards to block it all!


The two guards who were loyal to the Ouyang clan were used as a meat shield by the young master, death flashed through their eyes!

A man with strength akin to a Martial King wanted to escape. The Shadows can’t stop him even if they have a hidden weapon in their hands.

Mu Qian motioned them to stay, she said. “Don’t chase! If you really put him to pressure, Ouyang Xiang would probably pull some of you together with his funeral. For this Lord, you’re lives are more valuable than that bitch’s life.”

(TN: MQ calling OX a bitch LOL!)

The Shadows were moved with the Lord’s words. The Ouyang clan can take their own subordinate’s life as a shield to escape without any remorse.

But their Lord would never sacrifice its own subordinates like that!

This time, Mu Shisan suddenly shouted due to fright. “Lord, not good! This boy is not breathing!”

(TN: “Shisan” means “thirteen”. So many Shadows being named by the Author!)

“There’s no air.” Mu Qian stare blankly.

It is reasonable to say that the way the Ouyang soldiers hit him earlier won’t result to death. So how exactly did he stop breathing in the end?

Mu Qian crouched by his side to check the young man’s body. “Not only his breath, but also his heart had stop from beating…”

“So it’s really true that he died inexplicably!” The Shadows was all speechless.

Mu Qian examined his body, in her eyes, a trace of consternation flashed. “He doesn’t have a heart!”

“His internal body structure is also somewhat eccentric.”

Mu Qian knitted her eyebrows. She is well informed regarding human anatomy however this is the first time that she encountered someone with this kind of body. The whole appearance certainly resemble a human body but the internal organs are all missing, can this even be still called a human?

Mu Yi with a deep voice said. “Lord, this man is too strange. How about we burn his body? I feel that if we leave his body here it would be dangerous.”

A man without a heart is able to kill people and act as if it was alive, this is too weird.

“Such an interesting fellow, don’t you think it’s such a shame to burn him? Alright, we’ll bring him back with us. This Lord will study him later!”

Since, the Lord of the House already spoke, there’s nothing they can do about it!

From now on, the Shadows decided to be more careful as to not let this weird guy hurt their Lord in the slightest!


Mu Qian and the others quietly returned to the Mu Jia. On the other hand, somewhere inside the Ouyang’s residence, an explosion occurred.

“Ouyang Xiang, I sent so many of our soldiers with you to kill Mu Qian Xi! Now you’re telling me that these hundred men have been wipe out? Do you know how much money and energy I’ve put to cultivate those soldiers?!” Ouyang Ju shouted while advancing towards Ouyang Xiang.

Ouyang Xiang lowered his head and said in a low voice. “Father I was wrong, I didn’t think that Mu Jia has a hidden weapon, I…….”

Ouyang Ju waved his hand and said. “Enough, I don’t want to hear anymore of your excuses. Sure enough, Mu Fengyun’s daughter is also not easy to deal with! It seems that I need to consider at length on how to deal with her.”

The next day, Yue Ze came to find Mu Qian to report some things.

Mu Qian listened carefully however the last line made her mood go downhill, she shouted. “What? Ouyang Xiang destroyed my Ghost Doctor Building yet they’re refusing to pay?”

She stood up and ordered. “Yue Ze, let’s go! It’s time to collect some debts!”

“Lord! Lord! Not good! Mu Qian Xi!” In the Ouyang clan, an old servant dashed like there was fire in the whole place just to report.

Suddenly— a loud explosion echoed. When Ouyang Ju heard the word “Mu Qian Xi”, he unconsciously unleashed all his Qi in a split second, crashing down all the pillars in his room.

Ouyang Ju raised his fiery eyes. “Mu Qian Xi….how dare you come here after all you’ve done!”

“Lord! Mu Jia’s Lord is already inside! We can’t stop them…” another servant came in to report.

This is Mu Qian’s second time inside the Ouyang’s residence. Upon going out, it was a girl with a bright smile that caught Ouyang Ju’s attention first. Seeing her smile like that, Ouyang Ju really wanted to cut her into pieces.

Last night, Mu Qian killed a hundred of his men however she still had the audacity to talk with him today.

Ouyang Ju tried to suppress his anger and asked. “Lord Mu, for what purpose did you come here?”

Mu Qian said. “I brought here the list of debts the Ouyang Lord owed me from the events yesterday. Yue Ze, give the list to Ouyang Lord.”

This compensation list, of course, Ouyang Ju is aware! Mu Qian acts like a lion who uses its full strength even when hunting a rabbit!

Deep inside, Ouyang Ju truly wanted to crush and tore the bill in his hands into pieces!

Ouyang Ju tried so hard to let out a force smile, he said. “Lord Mu, although my son smashed all of your medicines in the Ghost Doctor Building, he also received his lesson yesterday right? So why continue being aggressive on this matter?”

Mu Qian countered him. “Your son was beaten by the citizens and not by me nor any member of our clan. Calling this even would be too farfetched don’t you think?”

Mu Qian is insisting that she had no idea on how the fight yesterday started, which made the Ouyang Lord’s stomach ache.

“It’s precisely what you’ve said but the fact that it was Lord Mu who incited them first is not a lie.”

Contrary to his expectations, Mu Qian just laughed.

She said. “So your saying that I, Mu Jia’s Lord instigated the common people to harm your son who is basically flaunting his authority like a madman by ruining one of my properties? If that’s the case, where is your evidence?”

The people who hit his son all fled immediately after, where in the world would he find himself a witness then!

Ouyang Ju almost fainted, no matter what Mu Qian Xi want today it isn’t anything good!Mu Qian said. “Ouyang Lord, remember the day when his highness, Xuanyuan Li Tian broke my carriage? Your second son made me lose a lot of money yesterday which made me very angry as to come here personally. I’m sure you get what I’m saying?”

“If you like, we could also go to the palace and find his majesty. Your second son’s identity is greater than the seventh prince, I’m sure he’d be willing to act as a mediator for both of us.”

Ouyang Ju’s mouth is twitching so hard at this moment, if he keep on refusing Mu Qian. She would take this matter to Royal Court. The Emperor is already having doubts about him, it would definitely cause another problem if the Emperor would came to know about this too.

But remembering how high the amount indicated on Mu Qian’s compensation list is, he felt his knees give up. Three million gold taels isn’t a small sum! On the top of all, his whole clan already has a financial problem to start with and probably won’t make the ends meet either.

“I know that you lack gold at this time so how about mortgaging your properties to me instead? It would surely help me expand our industry!” Mu Qian stated like she is good at understanding others.

If Mu Qian took the remaining assets of the Ouyang clan then there will be nothing left for them afterwards!

Ouyang Ju’s face become stiff. It’s quite obvious that Mu Qian won’t leave until she get what she wanted.

Uncertainty flooded his mind, if Mu Qian wanted to kill him, it would only take a second for her to take out the hidden weapon in her spatial ring!


The gold he kept isn’t enough to pay it all. In the end, he needs to release some of their properties to clear his son’s bill.

This is not what he hoped for initially. When everything is lost, what would happen to them in the future? How would they continue to live if there are no properties left supporting them?

But he couldn’t think of another way, he felt that him and his whole clan would *drink the Northwest wind in the near future!

(TN: Chinese idiom which means “go cold and hungry.”)

Mu Qian received all of the debts the Ouyang clan owed her. “I can finally say that the Ouyang Lord is a straightforward man! We’ll be going now, no need to send us back!”

Ouyang Ju rolled his eyes. ‘No one plans to send you out in this house in the first place!’ is what Ouyang Ju wanted to shout.

If this girl continued staying here, Ouyang Ju would most probably strangled her to death by now.

Mu Qian and Yue Ze turned and walked away. Not fully aware where Mu Qian is going, Yue Ze who’s hesitating before finally asked. “Leader, this is not the way out. Where are we heading exactly?

Translator’s Note:

Mu Qian strikes again!

Vengeance is a must!!

This is not the end!!!


Burn bitches! BURN!!!!!

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