EWP Chapter 75: To kill with a hidden weapon

To kill with a concealed weapon.

According to the Ouyang clan’s information, the Mu Jia’s Shadows were carefully cultivated by none other than the former Lord, Mu Fengyun.

Their age didn’t reached thirty, yet all of them has the strength of Martial Master and the most shocking part was some of them already reached the peak of the Ninth Stage Martial Master!

Their strength is so strong and their talent is limitless. Maybe in just a few years, Mu Jia would have several Martial Kings in their domain.

At this time, Mu Qian walked towards Ouyang Shilong. She looked at him with cold eyes.

Ouyang Shilong trembled, he pleaded. “Lord Mu, please don’t kill me!”

Mu Qian ruthlessly said. “Oho! Now you’re begging for mercy? Too bad, it’s too late.”

Ouyang Xiang shouted. “Mu Qian Xi! Don’t you dare!”

A sharp sword was pressed against Ouyang Shilong’s neck. Mu Qian smirked. “A useless person like this tried to kill this Lord; you think my family would keep him alive? There’s only one thing waiting for him and that is death!”

“Mu Qian Xi, stop!”

At the same time, Ouyang Xiang broke free from Mu Yi’s hands and rushed forth towards Ouyang Shilong side!

Mu Qian quickly move sideways to dodge. In her hand, a fine needle infused with poison flew out.

“Ouyang Xiang, you can’t stop me from killing that man. Since you’re asking for it, let’s see how far you’ll block attacks from several Martial Masters!”

Ouyang Xiang tried to dodge the needle. However, Mu Qian’s target wasn’t him! It was Ouyang Shilong! When he found out, its already too late.

The needle pierced Ouyang Shilong’s skin; Ouyang Xiang already assumed that Ouyang Shilong would die.

Ouyang Xiang shouted. “I won’t let you get away with this!”

Mu Qian taunted. “Ouyang Xiang, you’re too early for that.”

“Arck! Cough! Cough!”

Suddenly, Ouyang Shilong convulsed all over. His whole body turned black and his eyes were wide open. Eventually, he is unable to escape from death.

Ouyang Shilong is dead! Even if Ouyang Xiang wanted to protect him, the fact that Ouyang Xiang still let Ouyang Shilong die in front of him is true!

If the Ghost Doctor wanted someone to die, even the Gods would find it difficult to save that person! Ouyang Shilong played a small role.

Ouyang Xiang was filled with rage, he shouted. “Mu Qian Xi, you’re despicable! How could you poison him!”

(TN: I really don’t get OX here, the hell! He also tried to kill MQX earlier, so why can’t she do the same? Prick!)

Mu Qian waved her hand and calmly said. “Ouyang Xiang, this Lord doesn’t want to hear any of your nonsense. This evening walk of mine ends here. This lord will go back to rest!”

“You think I’ll let you go easily? In your dreams!” Ouyang Xiang coldly said.

“Oh really, do you think you can stop me?” Mu Qian raised an eyebrow.

“Pa-Pa-Pa!” Ouyang Xiang clapped his hands. Afterwards, a hundred men with the strength of Martial Master appeared and surrounded them.

Not only a member of their family is dead but also a hundred of his men!

Ouyang Xiang triumphantly laughed. “Mu Qian Xi, i won’t let you escape tonight! When you’re busy fighting with Ouyang Shilong earlier, I made a signal to the Ouyang clan to gather reinforcements!”

Now Ouyang Xiang has a hundred Martial Masters whereas Mu Qian only has more than twenty shadows to protect her.

Ouyang Xiang believed that Mu Qian’s Shadows would leave her instantly when his men started to siege her!

In the face of such terrible opponents, Mu Qian can’t help but smile instead!

“You’re really stupid; I already let you escape since killing someone as stupid as you hold no merit than Ouyang Shilong. This Lord gave you enough time but it seems that is no longer necessary.”

Ouyang Xiang wasn’t dumb; he immediately understood the hidden meaning on Mu Qian’s words. “So it seems you also plan an ambush. But it doesn’t matter! I know that the Shadows in your Mu Jia didn’t exceed a hundred. Even if they all come together, you will still die today!”

“That’s where you’re wrong; I only need half of them.”

After Mu Qian said those words, another thirty black figures appeared behind her.

Ouyang Xiang laughed. “Are you serious? You only have fifty people! What can that bunch of losers do to us?”

Mu Qian said. “Mu Yi, do it! Since the Ouyang’s second young master doesn’t seem convinced, you will use actual action to prove it to them!”


Suddenly, multiple aura of death fills the air.

Ten shadows encircled Mu Qian to protect her. Ouyang’s soldiers simply couldn’t get near her.

Countless voices resound at the original silent street.

“Ahh!” One of the Ouyang soldiers screamed and falls on the ground.

Afterwards, numerous fine needles descent from above sweeping Ouyang Xiang’s men.

Added with the powerful arrows coming from the Shadows’ crossbows on the rear, even a Martial King would find it difficult to maneuver.

Ouyang Xiang has an exasperated expression. “Damn, what are those weapons? How can it be so strong?”

In the Snow Continent, a weapon of this caliber didn’t exist. Although, the arrows aren’t special, the way they were released is akin to a force of a Spirit Master. Contrary to its force, the whole weapon’s body looks physically weak.

But one thing is for sure, this weapon can cause lethal damage even to a person with the strength of Martial Master!

With the help of the crossbows, Ouyang Xiang’s hundred men suffered a heavy blow.

Mu Shi’er, who is one of the shadows assigned to protect the Lord was astonished, he unconsciously said. “When the Lord took these things out, we knew they were extraordinary, but we did not think they would be so powerful like this.”

“You’re talking nonsense again! When did you saw our Lord took something out aside being invaluable?” Mu Qi laughed.

(TN: “Shi’er” means twelve while “Qi” means “seven” in Chinese.)

For the effect of this weapon, Mu Qian Xi is very satisfied!

When Mu Qian has gone to take the cauldron from Master Huo half a month ago, she also gave him another weapon design which is the crossbow.

The designs were based on her former life. It was supposed to be a gift for her to cure certain kinds of illness from a weapon master.

Her needles resemble a rainstorm from above, together with the Zhuge God Crossbow and Flying God Claw. These artifacts designs were also given to her when she was a Ghost Doctor, even though she felt it was all useless for her since she is a doctor. Nonetheless, she reluctantly received their gifts.

Due to her master’s advice and for the reason that her strength is low, she tried to remember each of it as clear as possible.

With the latest method from the Snow Continent, she slightly modified the weapon’s design. Coupled with the highest grade of blacksmithing of Master Huo, she reached the desire effects of every weapon.

The soldiers which the Ouyang Clan trained carefully were almost depleted. Ouyang Xiang was so angry he could vomit blood.

“Mu Qian Xi! From the very beginning, you planned to wipe us out using this trap!”

“Mm, you guess it right. However, there is no reward!” Mu Qian laughed.

“Kill them all! Make sure no one stays alive!”

Originally, she only wanted to save the mysterious young man. She didn’t expect that Ouyang Ju would seize this moment to ambush her here.

Since the other party set an ambush for her, it was common courtesy to send her regards in return.

When she was playing with Ouyang Shilong earlier, she ordered some of the shadows to bring the crossbows here. The main reason was to try it all to a moving target.

On this experiment, it was only the Shadows who find it enjoyable while Ouyang Xiang was miserable.

The damage made by her weapon was not only terrible but also deadly, due to the poisons at the tip of the arrows sealing its victim’s death. Ouyang Xiang felt his heart have gone cold. He must leave this place immediately if he wanted to live!

He swallowed an elixir that can break his strength similar to a Martial King and quickly rushed out.

Mu Qian coldly said. “Don’t let Ouyang Xiang escape.”

Translator’s Note:

Hey guys, sorry for the late update.

My laptop died T^T, I buried it yesterday so I’m only using my phone to translate this chapter.

IDK when will I buy a new one so I guess the update will be slower than usual.

PS: my sister accidentally drops my laptop when I lend it to her for school purposes. T^T

PPS: Ouyang Xiang is full of shit until the end!

RIP Ouyang Shilong, those 3 chapters where you appeared will be forgotten forever…Amitabha!

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