EWP Chapter 74: Now they will learn

Now they will learn.

“Boom!” Ouyang Shilong unleashed his full strength and rushed forth towards Mu Qian’s direction.

“Mu Qian Xi! You’re too arrogant! I will let you know how big our gap in strength is!”

Ouyang Shilong suddenly attacked! But what baffled him is that his sword hit nothing. He was sure that he had cut her into two when he made that attack, ‘where did it go wrong?’ He mused.

Mu Qian didn’t hesitate to fight back; she launched an attack towards Ouyang Shilong while he’s still confused.

“Water Charge!”


Being a person who can use elements certainly has its own advantages.

Mu Qian let out a surprise attack, Ouyang Shilong can only rely on his strength which is in the Second-Stage Martial Master to resist!

An explosion forced Ouyang Shilong to take a few steps back, although he successfully blocked Mu Qian’s attack, his body suffered a great damage.

He looked terrified at Mu Qian Xi. He knew that she was only at the Seventh-Stage Spirit Warrior, but that blow, even a person who’s at the peak of Ninth-Stage Spirit Warrior won’t remain unscathed after receiving it!

Fortunately, his strength is higher than her by four stages else he won’t be standing here right now.

Ouyang Shilong drew his sword out; once again he tried to swiftly cut Mu Qian in half.


“Water Shield!”

When Ouyang Shilong reached Mu Qian, his attack was blocked by a clear blue water shield, Mu Qian smirked.

“Water Charge!”

Another long blue dragon rushed towards Ouyang Shilong and swept him away!


Unexpectedly, while Ouyang Shilong was still in the air, Mu Qian turned her body to give him a fierce kick!

“Ahh!” Ouyang Shilong was thrown down on the ground, completely confused of what is happening, he unconsciously said. “You are only a Spirit Warrior…How can you be so strong?” He clearly felt a force coming from a Martial Warrior on her kick.

Ouyang Xiang also froze. “Shilong! What are you doing! Why is she still alive?!”

Even in the whole Snow Continent, a person that can cultivate both Spiritual training and Martial Arts didn’t exist. In the end, what kind of monster is she?

Ouyang Xiang was terrified, he yelled in a commanding tone. “Ouyang Shilong! No matter what, you have to kill her tonight!”


“Thunderstorm Sword!” Ouyang Shilong shouted, afterwards, sounds of loud thunders filled the area.

What followed was a stream of attacks similar to lightning gushing towards Mu Qian’s direction.

Mu Qian felt the air around her became suffocating all of a sudden, like death is about to sweep everything in sight.


In order to get away from Ouyang Shilong’s thunderous attack, she increased her pace to the extreme,

“Mu Qian Xi, let’s see how far you can hide!”

Ouyang Shilong wasted no second, once again he let out the same attack he made earlier.

His face was covered with a grim smile, he look forward to Mu Qian’s anticipated death!

Ouyang Shilong continued on hunting Mu Qian down, her strength is far below him, he will gladly make her suffer more!

The Shadows watching are all anxious, they wanted to go after them and help Mu Qian. “Lord! We’re coming!”

Mu Yi stopped them, he said in a serious tone. “Our master didn’t gave an order yet, return to your stations!”

Suddenly, the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth was moving at a great speed and concentrating on where Mu Qian stands.

The smile on Ouyang Shilong’s face was gone, he cursed. “Damn! She even made a breakthrough!”

Mu Qian let out a smile. With Ouyang Shilong’s pressure, it made her body bring out all of its potential that aided her to breakthrough to the Eight-Stage Spirit Warrior!

Instead of cultivating, she concentrated on refining medicines these days, which eventually made her breakthrough slow down a lot.

So she decided to confront Ouyang Shilong to a fight, in order to enhance her strength by combat.

Finally, she reached the Eight-Stage! Mu Qian felt her strength have doubled!

Mu Qian waved her hand, she shouted. “Fall and bloom! Flower Rain!”

Countless drops akin to an arrow falls down on Ouyang Shilong’s direction.

Ouyang Xiang couldn’t believe everything he witnessed. Mu Qian Xi, how did she escaped Ouyang Shilong’s deadly attacks! Is she still human?

Moreover, her “Flower Rain” seems to resemble Ouyang Shilong’s “Thunderstorm Sword” a lot too!

Ouyang Xiang thought that Mu Qian learned it while fighting Ouyang Shilong first but completely discarded the idea after some contemplation.

Actually, Ouyang Xiang’s idea was on the right track. With Ouyang Shilong trying hard to chase her, she comprehended a new move through his moves!

The “Flower Rain” isn’t a skill imbued in the Water Dragon Ring, this was a special skill she made herself. Until she reached the Spirit Master Level, she can only use the “Water Charge” and “Water Shield” skills.


Several explosion covers the area, with countless flower-like arrows falling down on Ouyang Shilong, even with his fastest speed, the water arrows still caught him up.


Ouyang Shilong coughed out a lot of blood, even his robes are torn by Mu Qian’s attack!

He’ll die if he don’t escape!

Awhile ago, it was he who’s chasing Mu Qian but the tables have turned. It was now Mu Qian who is chasing him down!

“Flower Rain!”

“Water Charge!”


Mu Qian continuously hit Ouyang Shilong with different elemental attacks.

Every move she made leaves no gap for Ouyang Shilong to counter.

Ouyang Shilong’s mind was in a turmoil, he can’t understand why despite of Mu Qian’s continuous use of her Spiritual Qi, there’s no sign of her Qi diminishing at all.

Although she broke out into the Eight-Stage Spirit Warrior, this amount of high level attacks should already be her limit!

But when he turned his head to look at Mu Qian, he saw her holding a second-grade medicinal pellet and swallow it almost immediately!

Ouyang Shilong was about to explode! Mu Qian Xi really lives up to her fame as a local tyrant. Just now, she ate multiple precious pills like a candy!

Ouyang Shilong who was being chased by an Eight-Stage Spirit Warrior was so embarrassed, he simply wanted to run away!

“Mu Qian Xi, have you no shame! Did you really think I’m easy to bully!”

“Thunderstorm Sword! Exterminate!”

“Flower Rain!”

“Water Charge!”


Two strong forces collided and the two figures flew out from that explosion!

Mu Qian rotated her body enough to safely land while Ouyang Shilong fiercely fell on the ground and coughed out another mouthful of blood.

“Cough! Cough!”

Mu Qian nodded. “It looks like I’m right, adding another attack would changed the effect a lot!”

Ouyang Xiang’s face lose its color, even with a three stage gap, Mu Qian still got the upper hand! How is this possible?

In the end, what did she do?

Mu Qian coldly said. “Ouyang Shilong, what happened to you? Don’t you want to take revenge from me? Why don’t you hurry up and fight me then!”

Ouyang Shilong wanted to stand up but he’s still vomiting blood.

Ouyang Shilong sternly said. “Second young master! You must order them all to kill Mu Qian Xi! She’s a monster!”

“You don’t have to tell me! I already plan to do so in the first place.” Ouyang Xiang secretly told himself.

If he let her continue to live and cultivate, then their Ouyang clan would definitely become the meat on her cutting board in the future!

Mu Qian Xi must die!

Ouyang Xiang was about to give an order but was interrupted by Mu Qian instead. “Ouyang Xiang, fuck off! My opponent is Ouyang Shilong, not a brat like you!”

Mu Yi swiftly blocked Ouyang Xiang from advancing. Mu Yi let out his true strength.


Ouyang Shilong’s eyes were wide-open, he exclaimed. “How is this possible? Even the Mu Jia’s Shadows reached the peak of Ninth-Stage Martial Master!”

Translator’s Note:

A bunch of sissies!

Rot in hell you jerks!!!

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