EWP Chapter 73: Meet face to face on a narrow path

Meet face to face on a narrow path.

Mu Qian asked. “Is there any movements from the Ouyang clan?”

The Shadow nodded. “The Ouyang Lord sent some of his men to go after the masked man.”

Mu Qian got up and walked over to where Yue Ze was, she said. “Gather the others! We will follow those men sent by the Ouyang Lord!”

To be able to eat sixty first-grade medicinal pills and one second-grade medicinal pill without any aftereffects surely isn’t an ordinary man. Mu Qian’s interest was piqued; she won’t let the Ouyang clan kill that man easily.

When Mu Qian and the others arrived at their destination, what welcomed them was the strong smell of blood.


The masked man was like a killing machine, whenever someone gets close to him they will instantly coughed up blood.

He did not need to use any weapons. A slight turn of his hand is able to pinch off the other person’s throat.

With such a simple and crude technique, he has killed dozens of people.

“Lord, step back!” the Shadows hastily kept Mu Qian from going in front.

This is the first time they’ve witnessed such horrendous act of murder, as if the person is devoid of any emotions.

Mu Qian asked Ah Ting in secret. “Did you find out anything about him?”

“I don’t sense any life nor feel any Qi on this masked man, it seems that he’s only using his physical strength to kill those men.” Ah Ting was also puzzled by his discovery.

Mu Qian’s face was aghast. “Are you sure? Is it even possible?”

Mu Qian suddenly laughed. “It seems that I really need to learn more about this world! Today’s events may not help me at all but at least it let me saw something different!”

“Thud!” Ouyang Ju’s soldiers fall down one by one.

Whether the opponent is a Martial Master or Spirit Master, all of them were defeated easily by the masked man.

“Let’s attack him altogether!” The remaining soldiers decided to strike the masked man with their strongest attack as their last resort.

“Boom!” A loud explosion happened.

“Crash!” they saw the figure of the masked man fell hard on the ground.

A soldier from the Ouyang clan laughed. “Finally, he’s dead! This lad must’ve been split into pieces!”

“Lord, this……”

Mu Qian felt that all of these are too strange; the other party was certainly on the upper hand earlier. Yet here he was lying on the ground like a dead man.

Isn’t it all too sudden!

Mu Qian had come here a reason; naturally she won’t let that masked man die!


A cold voice came which made the Ouyang’s soldiers stopped their movements. In their eyes, a woman in purple dress approached. They said in consternation: “Lord Mu!”

“This man is a part of your clan.” The soldiers all glared at her.

Mu Qian let out a playful smile. “Oh hoh! Since you already said that he’s a family member of mine, why are you all still here? Did you all forget that the first one who sent people to disturb my shop was one of your masters? Now, get the hell out of here!”

“You finally admitted to your crime! This man dared to strike our second young master not because of his own volition but because of your order!”

A maniacal laughter came; Ouyang Shilong and another group of soldiers suddenly appeared.

On his side is the second young master of the Ouyang Clan, Ouyang Xiang who recovered some of his strength due to some pill he brought for himself.

“Swish!” Mu Qian’s shadows also appeared behind her. The Ouyang’s forces for today aren’t small and their strength can’t be underestimated either.

Every day, the Shadows eat medicinal pellets and drink precious elixirs similar to drinking water. The hellish training they’ve been into was a great way to raise their strengths. If they still lose against the Ouyang soldiers like before, they can directly go find a wall to kill themselves then!

Ouyang Shilong snorted, he said. “Lord Mu, do you really think you can bully the Ouyang clan now?”

Mu Qian innocently asked. “Ouyang Shilong, which eyes of yours did saw me bullying one of your members? Didn’t you know that Ouyang Xiang was beaten by the people and not me? As for the reason why I am here, I just happened to pass by that’s all.”

Ouyang Shilong looks mad, he cursed Mu Qian inside. ‘Sure, it wasn’t your people who beaten Ouyang Xiang, but it was clearly you who instigated them!’

In the middle of the night and in such a remote street, who would believe her!

Ouyang Shilong can’t hold his anger anymore, he shouted. “Lord Mu, since you claimed to pass by here accidentally, let me tell you this! The fact that my Xin’er ended up as a waste was entirely because of you! I’ll settle this debt of yours tonight!”

(TN: Ouyang Xin is his son. Refer to chapter 41.)

“Ouyang Xin who was the fourth in the overall ranking in the lower class lost to me, who was once a waste. Say, as a father of a waste like him, isn’t it just right to call you a waste too? After reaching Martial Master, you only rose your strength by two stages after all these years. Do you really think you have what it takes to get your revenge on me? “

Ouyang Shilong exploded. “Mu Qian Xi! How dare you!”

“I, Mu Qian Xi who is still underage reached the Seventh-Stage Spirit Warrior! Whereas you who was a Martial Master at 20 is still at the Second-Stage Martial Master at the age of fifty-six! Isn’t it obvious who is the waste between us two?” Mu Qian taunted.

“Not all people are like you who eats precious medicinal pellets the same as a jelly bean!”

Although he worked for the royal family, Ouyang Shilong’s status in the Ouyang clan isn’t high. It is considered as a good luck for him if the Ouyang Lord would bestow him a first-grade medicine pellet once a year.

Mu Qian said. “Even if the Ouyang Lord sent you, I won’t let you take away this man! But for your revenge, how about I give you a chance?”

“Let’s fight! Since you wanted to get revenge for that waste son of yours, I will let you prove your worth!”

Mu Yi and the rest of the Shadows shouted. “Lord!”

(TN: Shadows doesn’t have names, they are named by number. “Yi” means “one”. I’ll still use the Chinese numbers for their names ’cause it sound much better than “Mu One”.)

They know that their Lord is very powerful but the strength of Ouyang Shilong is in a whole different level than hers!

Even Ouyang Shilong felt a little bit weird by Mu Qian’s courage, she’s only in the “Warrior” level yet she’s so bold to ask for a fight.

Mu Qian must’ve thought that since she beat Wei’er whose strength is higher than her by two stages, she can also defeat Ouyang Shilong too! How naïve!

Ouyang Shilong really wanted to kill Mu Qian on the spot but this is not the right time to do so. This kind of thing is not for him to decide.

Ouyang Shilong looked at Ouyang Xiang. “Second young master…”

Ouyang Xiang coldly stared at Mu Qian Xi, when he saw that treacherous smile of hers again; he felt that she would never agree to a fight she could never win. Perhaps, she already made a trap for the both of them!

Ouyang Xiang said. “Mu Qian Xi, don’t think that I didn’t know you still have that Third-rank beast! Even if my uncle’s strength is higher than you, as long as you sent out that beast, Ouyang Shilong would still die in the end if that happen!”

Mu Qian yawned. “Are you done talking? My little cat is sleeping and for this fight, I don’t need him.” Mu Qian looked at Ouyang Shilong, she asked. “Don’t tell me you’re running from this fight? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Tsk, you’re really a waste aren’t you?”

Ouyang Shilong was furious, he yelled. “Who are you calling a waste! Damn! Do you think I’m afraid of you!”

He looked at Ouyang Xiang and said. “Young master, let me teach this girl a lesson today! I promise I won’t take her life. I will let her know what true pain is!”

Ouyang Xiang waved his hand. “Good! Then go!”

‘Even if something happens to Ouyang Shilong, the Ouyang clan would only lose a man with insignificant role.’

Their fight will buy Ouyang Xiang enough time to make an ambush for Mu Qian later.

Ouyang Xiang’s eyes flashed a cold light, he said in his heart. ‘Mu Qian Xi overestimated her shadows capability! For sure, this bunch of fools won’t even kill a single person from our army. These men are all Martial Masters, I could just sit back and watch as they tried to escape their death today!’

Ouyang Shilong stood out, he laughed. “Xin’er! Your Father will personally avenge you! Every pain you’ve suffered, I will give them back to Mu QIan Xi a hundred more times!”

Translator’s Note:

I wish someone could punch the spoiled Ouyang Xiang more!

He need more spanking if you ask me!

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