EWP Chapter 72: Beat the hell out of him

Beat the hell out of him.

Yue Ze’s eyes flashed a cold light after listening to the servant’s report, he shouted. “How dare Ouyang Xiang make a mess inside the Ghost Doctor’s Building! Is he tired of living already!”

“Let’s go!” A blue figure flashed, Yue Ze swiftly moved towards the Ghost Doctor’s Building direction.

“Smash!” Sound of porcelains breaking filled the room.

“Give it to me! Give it all to me! This shop is full of fraud products! It’s better to smash it all to pieces!”

Ouyang Xiang stands at the front door, directing a group of strange men to wreck the whole Ghost Doctor’s Building.

This place is originally a part of their Ouyang’s properties; Ouyang Xiang thought that Mu Qian Xi would never manage it properly due to her ignorance regarding on business matters.

But with only a month, the Ghost Doctor’s Building became the most famous pharmacy in the whole Purple Moon Kingdom. If this continues on, the other pharmacies, including theirs would bankrupt soon!

Their Ouyang Clan can’t even make ends meet for this month. Even Ouyang Xiang’s pocket money had shrunk so badly, which made him mad enough to bring a lot of people to bring trouble on the Ghost Doctor’s Building to quench his anger.

Yue Ze coldly said. “Ouyang Xiang! Stop this instant!”

Ouyang Xiang furiously yelled. “Yue Ze, who do you think you are? Even dare to order this Young Master around!”

At the same time, another cold voice came. “What if it was the master who told you to stop?”

“Leader!” There was a glimmer of light in the eyes of Yue Ze.

“Lord Mu!” The servants bowed on her arrival, even the people who came for the medicines greeted her respectfully.

Everyone was entranced on the purple figure that is slowly walking towards the front of the Ghost Doctor’s Building. Mu Qian Xi’s beauty is like straight out of a painting, with her graceful bearing it made them see an illusion that a lotus flower is blooming on her every step.

For the whole month, Mu Qian did not come out. She wanted to check the results of her business plan but she saw something absurd instead.

Ouyang Xiang continued his domineering act, he shouted. “A waste like you have no knowledge about business, I’m pretty sure the products you’re selling here are all fakes! Since that is the case, I’ll crash this whole place down and no one can stop me! Especially you! Mu Qian Xi!”

Mu Qian eyes are filled with mirth, she smirked. “Ouyang Xiang, if you dare break another bottle again. I’m afraid that even if you sell yourself, it won’t reach the amount you owed me today.”

Ouyang Xiang laughed out loud, he said. “This Young Master won’t pay you a single copper! You’re just a waste! What can you even do to me?”

Ouyang Xiang is always bold due to his father’s support. What more, the men he gathered today are all martial masters from his Father’s army!

The person working in this shop is clearly no match for his soldiers!

“Who said it’s going to be me?” In Mu Qian’s eyes, a cold light flashes.

“Shadows! Throw out all these troublemakers from my shop!”

The Shadows instantly appeared in front of Mu Qian and followed her order! Yue Ze also made his move!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Two different groups of people fought in the streets, Ouyang Xiang said. “Mu Qian Xi! You’re people are no match to me! You want to get rid of me? In your dreams! HA HA HA!”

Mu Qian let out a treacherous smile, she asked. “Ouyang Xiang, do you really think you have more people than me?”

Mu Qian looked around and shouted. “To everyone present here, hear my words. To anyone who can land a successful hit on Ouyang Xiang,I will give him an elixir for free. If you’re hits reached a dozen, this Lord will gladly give you a second-grade medicinal pellet!”

Most of the people watching are here to buy medicines from the Ghost Doctor’s Building.

Even if the amount of each elixir is high, it is still affordable for the most of them, but for the rare second-grade medicinal pellets they could do anything just to get one!

The Mu Jia’s Lord is so generous today, if they could land a dozen hits successfully they can go back home with a precious medicine in hand! What luck!

Even if the Ouyang Clan retaliates against them after this, they can still flee with a few immortality elixirs and live outside the Kingdom with ease!

Mu Qian words were like a signal of starting a war, the people didn’t hesitate and quickly rushed towards Ouyang Xiang’s direction. No one wants to be left behind!

The guards’ faces turned pale. “Quick! Protect the Young Master no matter what!”

“Fuck! These people dare to beat our second young master, are they tired of living already?”

Hundreds of people besieged Ouyang Xiang, the whole scene in the streets become chaotic for a moment.

Yue Ze’s opponent at this time rushed towards Ouyang Xiang’s direction to aid on his protection, leaving Yue Ze in a daze with the sudden changes.

Mu Qian said. “Yue Ze, don’t fight! Come here and count instead!”

Yue Ze’s mouth twitched, he nod and said. “Fine!”

The scene is getting more chaotic at each passing second. Ouyang Xiang’s guards truly wanted to protect him but they are powerless to do so. With the amount of people swarming towards Ouyang Xiang, the guards can’t keep their stance at all!

In addition, the Shadows of Mu Jia’s Lord are constantly attacking them thus making it more difficult to get near Ouyang Xiang.

“AHHH!” Ouyang Xiang screamed.

Ouyang Xiang’s strength isn’t as high as his elder brother and sister does, he is only a fourth-stage martial warrior. With so many people besieging him, there’s no way he can defend himself. He can only let them beat him.


“Pow! Pow! Pow!”


These people are not playing around, not only did they punched Ouyang Xiang many times but they also kicked the shit out of him. These are all for the promised elixirs and second-grade medicinal pellets.

(TN: more hits, more chances of winning! Hahaha! )

These people believed that Mu Qian Xi won’t go back on her words, especially for the reason that the famous Ghost Doctor’s Building belongs to her!

“Cough!” Ouyang Xiang who’s being played at this moment, coughed out a lot of blood.

“Eh?” Mu Qian discovered a strange man among the group. That strange man wore an old funeral robe that is clearly for a woman, he also wears a wooden cyan mask that covers his whole face.

The other people who knew Ouyang Xiang tried to suppress their strength and only hit him mildly as to not incur the Ouyang clan’s wrath.

But this guy tried to beat Ouyang Xiang to death!

Ouyang Xiang crawled out as if he was close to dying, Mu Qian then said. “That’s enough! To those people who have done well, you can start lining up here. This Lord will now bestow your rewards!”

One by one, these people received different kinds of immortality elixirs that is equivalent to their hits to Ouyang Xiang earlier.

All of them are happy and thankful. “Lord Mu is so generous!”

“These rewards are truly worth it!!”

“I have no regrets!”

As for the rare second-grade medicinal pellets, they did not beg for it because they think they aren’t worthy enough for it.

At the same time, these people took a glance to the young man with a mask.

He was the only one who hit Ouyang Xiang so hard, isn’t he afraid of the Ouyang Clan’s revenge?

After receiving their respective rewards, these people started to run away. At the same time, Ouyang Xiang’s mouth has started to foam!

“Boom!” A brutal punch landed on Ouyang Xiang, his body had fallen directly into the ground and the area around him was also crushed due to the impact and it was none other than the young man with a mask who did it easily.

Mu Qian waved her hand and said. “Brother, that last hit will suffice. Come here and get your rewards!”

Altogether, the young man received sixty first-grade medicinal pellets and one second-grade pellets.

But that’s not the most amazing part, the moment the pills were handed to the young man. He swallowed all of it immediately!

The crowd suddenly panicked. “That man is crazy! He swallowed so much medicinal pellets; his body would surely explode any moment now! ”

“He even swallowed the second-grade medicinal pellet. What a waste…”

Contrary to the crowds’ belief, the young man didn’t explode. Mu Qian Xi the ghost doctor also felt that something is strange but when she was about to question him, the young man disappeared!

The Shadows are also finished; Ouyang Xiang’s guards are all tossed at the side of the street. Mu Qian then gave an order.

“Take these fools back to the Mu Jia. When Yue Ze finished listing all the debts they’ve made. Send them back to the Ouyang Clan. Make sure to collect all their debts before coming back! ”

“Yes, my Lord!”

“Lord, the young man didn’t leave. He’s still in the Purple Moon Kingdom.” A shadow came in to report.

Everyone aside from Mu Qian assumed that the young man fled for his life because of what he had done to the Ouyang’s second young master. But clearly that’s not the case; the young man doesn’t have the intention to leave despite all that have happened after all!

Translator’s Note:

Ouyang Xiang is the real idiot here.

Now, after this, his whole clan won’t even have a single penny left due to his debts!


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