EWP Chapter 71: Dressing him up

Dressing him up.

Mu Qian then asked Housekeeper Bai to let her Shadow come inside the Night Palace.

Mu Qian asked. “What’s going on? Say it!”

The Shadow quickly reported. “Although the Lord is the one who’s in charge of the Mu Jia’s properties, the elders are using your absence as an excuse to take back all your rights. All businesses under your name have been seized by the elders.”

Mu Qian slightly evoked a smile, she said. “Finally, these old badgers showed their true colors! It seems they colluded with each other to stop me. Tsk, tsk, they really are full of themselves.”

Mu Qian went to find Jiu Ye, she wanted to tell him that she is going back today personally.

Housekeeper Bai said. “Miss Mu, are you looking for Young Master? He’s inside, you can go in.”

When Mu Qian opened the door, she could not help but curse Housekeeper Bai internally! He should not be named “Bai” but “Hei” instead! She should find a pit for Housekeeper Hei to kill him immediately!

(TN: Bai = white, Hei = Black)

Upon opening the door, Mu Qian saw the cold Ashura prince who seems to be in the middle of changing his clothes.

With only his pants, the upper part of his body is totally exposed from Mu Qian’s eyes. The perfect line on his lower abdominals and every structure of his body are unprepossessing at first glance.

How good is her luck to witness such scene? Mu Qian felt that a floating group of animals are running in circles in her head.

Mu Qian hastily said. “I didn’t see anything! Take your time, I’ll disturb you later! Bye!”

“Huh?” An indifferent voice was heard and at the same time Jiu Ye came out.

A dark robe was wrapped on Jiu Ye’s body; his beautiful appearance can make the world lose its color.

Mu Qian regained her composure, smiled and said. “There is something I must need to do at the Mu Jia’s. Thank you for your hospitality these days!”

The beautiful icy-blue eyes of Jiu Ye was locked on Mu Qian for a while, afterwards Mu Qian’s waist was caught by one of Jiu Ye’s arms.

Jiu Ye slowly moved his lips to Mu Qian’s ears, he asked. “You still haven’t done anything for me, yet you wanted to leave?”

Mu Qian asked. “What do you want? This Lord had nothing to give you at this moment.”

“How about you help me put on my clothes?”

With a wave of his hand, a dark brocade robe fell, Jiu Ye then handed the robe to Mu Qian hands.

Mu Qian looked at the robe in her hands in bewilderment and said in a loud voice. “I haven’t tried helping someone to get dressed before! Even my Little Uncle!”

“The first time? Good!” Jiu Ye said some baffling words and forcibly put the clothes in Mu Qian’s hands.

Mu Qian is already used on Jiu Ye’s weird moods, she’s very clear that if she refused to help him put on his clothes, Jiu Ye won’t let her go back today no matter what.

Mu Qian neatly picked up the clothes and helped Jiu Ye earnestly. Her first time helping someone get dressed isn’t so bad like she imagined.

Mu Qian looked at Jiu Ye and secretly told herself. “Jiu Ye without clothes on can make a person commit a crime. On the other hand, Jiu Ye who always wore dark robes added with his cold demeanor looks like a cold Ashura instead.”

This guy is a complete disaster!

Mu Qian finished on helping him, she said. “Jiu Ye, we’re done right, can I now go?”

Mu Qian who was about to turn around and run away was held back by Jiu Ye’s arms again, he said. “I’ll send you back.”

He was the one who brought her here; of course he’s also the one who will bring her back!

Mu Qian originally thought that with Jiu Ye’s speed, in just a few minutes they will arrive at the Mu Jia’s residence.

But reality always betrays, Jiu Ye’s speed is slower than a tortoise!

The scenery on the road looks like a movie played in slow motion. Mu Qian was so bored that she couldn’t help but yawn.

A whole afternoon passed, when they arrived at the gates, only then did Jiu Ye put Mu Qian down.

He said. “If you ever wanted to come in my palace again, you’re welcome to stay anytime.”

Jiu Ye did not wait for Mu Qian’s answer; he instantly disappeared leaving no shadow behind.

He’s a little overbearing but Mu Qian felt that Jiu Ye isn’t that bad at all. If Mu Qian refuse, with his strength alone, he can confine her in the Night’s Palace yet he didn’t do it.

Before going back, Mu Qian planned a lot of countermeasures for the elders.

Their old tricks and crafty plots, she will overthrow it all!

“Come! Hear my orders, all the Mu Jia’s businesses will stop operating starting today! “

As soon as the news came out, everyone was shocked!

“Had Mu Qian finally lost her mind? Does she want to end the Mu Jia’s future?”

“You don’t know anything, even if Mu Qian decided to stop all the industries, she could still live lavishly with only her dowry alone. That’s the reason why she doesn’t care!”

“Poor Mu Jia, our whole clan will end with her own hands!”

The elders muttered to themselves, originally they wanted to see how will Mu Qian react by seizing every property and making a mess on each of it.

But never did they think that she would just put all the industries to stop from operating. This is a hundred times worse compared on what they’ve done.

In addition to the suspension of each business, Mu Qian also fired every shopkeeper on the same day.

The elders all decided to call the Lord of the house to talk; else the whole Mu Jia would fall!

For the past few days, even a shadow of her can’t be seen, that’s why no matter what she say or explain. They won’t back down on this matter!

Seven days have passed, Mu Qian went to find Yue Ze, she said. “Here take this; this book contains all the details on the re-planning for all of the Mu Jia’s properties. I based it on my father’s design and also added some ideas from the Ouyangs. There is also the list of people my father trusted, if you can’t find them all, you can directly ask for my Shadow’s help.”

She closed the shops not because she had given up on it.

But for the reason that the way the elders manage it before are all of no use!

She used all those days to create this plan!

Mu Qian asked. “Yue Ze, I’m counting on you!”

“Don’t worry Leader! I won’t let you down!”

“Good! I’ll leave it all to you! I will continue on refining medicines. If someone came looking for me, tell them I’m busy!” Mu Qian laughed while walking away.

Refining medicines is her main business; the money she made from those is much more compared to the shops her father left for her.

Mu Qian continued to refine medicines for a whole month, no matter what the situation is outside, none of it affects her.

But the whole life of the citizens of the Purple Moon Kingdom changed dramatically, especially those who live in the Qixing Street.

Shops with excellent quality of silk fabrics, different embroidered dresses, rouges, teas that can help promote one’s skin and everything a woman can think of are all here!

The restaurants are also popular, the Inns are always filled with guests and the tea house is always full!

But the most popular shop of all, is the “Ghost Doctor’s Building”.

The news about the alchemist that made the groundbreaking elixirs from the auction before resides here. He sells different kinds of elixirs and second-grade medicinal pellets every day.

The effects of these elixirs are better than ordinary second-grade medicinal pellets, and people are well aware of the effects that it can bring to them.

The price of each medicine is high yet every day the elixirs and medicinal pellets are sold out. And the place is brimmed with people from different places.

Yue Ze looked at the lively street of Qixing, all of these are the result of the Leader’s brilliant idea. He couldn’t help but feel proud of this great success!

Mu Jia is about to rise to the top once again.

Perhaps, Mu Qian would surpass her father and also become a legend!

After a while, a young servant suddenly ran over and shouted. “Young Master! Not good! Not good!”

Translator’s Note:

Hey guys, sorry for another long delay.

I just want to rant! I deleted some mean comments last week. It’s about how I translate this novel.

First of all, I admit that I’m not a native-english speaker and I also don’t understand Chinese either. I translate this novel using MTL, OKAY! I already explained myself in Novelupdates that there’s bound to be mistakes somewhere. I know that the quality is bad sometimes but please be gentle with your words. I’m only human ok? I am hurt too…

Yeah, so if some of you think that this is horrible to read then don’t read it OK! I don’t care!

I’m only new in translating and I really like this story but because of some people’s words. I kinda lost my motivation to continue until today. Hope I won’t see another comment like that after this. I am really thankful for those people who appreciates my efforts. If it wasn’t for you guys, I would’ve stop this already. So yeah, THANK YOU ❤

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