EWP Chapter 70: His touch feels nice

His touch feels nice.

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching, she cursed Jiu Ye inside.”Jiu Ye, are you out of your mind! Just because Yue Ze slept here last night, you’re going to kill him!”

Fortunately, Yue Ze already left else he wouldn’t know how horrible his death will be today!

“If I remember correctly, you and him don’t have any connection with each other, so why do you want to kill him?” Mu Qian is bewildered by Jiu Ye’s abrupt ideas.

She finally understands why the citizens of the Purple Moon Kingdom are so afraid of the Night Prince. It’ isn’t because of how he kills someone without batting an eye but because the reason he kills someone is totally unpredictable!

Perhaps it’s a common thing, that when the Night Prince looked at someone he would kill him immediately.

He’s so strong; if Jiu Ye wanted to kill somebody no one could stop him and in the end they can only cry out their grievances in the underworld.

Jiu Ye who is silent for a while slowly spoke. “You’re my roommate.”

“That is just at the academy, this is my home!”

Mu Qian is going to blow up, what strange reason he has!

“This gentleman only wants him to die, that’s all” Jiu Ye coldly said.

Mu Qian felt that there was an obstacle when she tries to communicate with his highness, the Night Prince and since that is the case she would gladly break it!

“Just tell me directly, how can I make you change this bloody thought of yours?” Mu Qian asked politely.

“Go to my place and live there!” Jiu Ye leave did not leave Mu Qian any choice.

Mu Qian didn’t have a chance to answer; her body fell straight into a cold embrace.

Then the whole person had floated to the air and instantly disappeared!

He didn’t even give her the time to reject!

When the both of them arrived at the NightPalace, he asked. “What is he doing at your home?”

Mu Qian said. “Nothing special, we just played against each other and exchanged blows till morning’s up that’s all.”

“Come with me, I’ll help you practice.” Jiu Ye said.

Mu Qian froze, she quickly said. “Jiu Ye, aren’t you mistaken? You want to spar with me? Are you sure you won’t abuse me!”

“I won’t use any spiritual power, besides I see no difference even if you use your spiritual power or not.”

Mu Qian’s mouth twitched. ‘Jiu Ye, you really know where to hit me the most!’

Jiu Ye grabbed Mu Qian’s hand. “You can’t refuse!”

Mu Qian nodded. “I won’t! In fact, I know having a stronger opponent can bring out a lot of my potential. But please remember to show some mercy…”

“You’re the woman I am protecting, I definitely won’t hurt you.” Jiu Ye assured Mu Qian.

(TN: they are still holding hands LOL!)

The next day, Jiu Ye took Mu Qian to practice.

The strength of Jiu Ye was truly outrageous, even if he did not use any spiritual power to fight with her; He never gave Mu Qian a chance to strike him at all.

Added with the fact that he deliberately suppresses his strength to minimum and also made his speed in the slowest.

At this time, Mu Qian was very clear. When she first met Jiu Ye and fought with him not even one tenth of his true power was used.


A purple and black figure staggered, countless needles with poison were flying down towards Jiu Ye’s direction but he blocked all of it easily.

Mu Qian move her body to the side and once again launch another needles attack.

Mu Qian was getting closer to his side and tried to attack him more closely. Her body’s movement was extremely fast. The two people played a hundred rounds.


Mu Qian was too tired that she almost fell into the ground but was caught by Jiu Ye instead. At the same time he also seized a very inappropriate place, which made Mu Qian stunned.

Mu Qian was full of killing intent. “Jiu Ye, I really want to chop off your hands!”

She lifted her feet and directly kicked Jiu Ye, the impact made the hairpin that holds Jiu Ye hair loose, his long silky black hair sways gently against the wind.

Jiu Ye said. “Good kick!”

He finished speaking as if he doesn’t remember what he has done wrong!

Mu Qian’s whole face flushed, she shouted. “Jiu Ye, you’re shameless!”

It doesn’t show on her face but she’s really angry! Jiu Ye, this guy looks cold and indifferent but just like other men, he too is just a two-faced beast!

At this time, Mu Qian locked her sights to Jiu Ye, she hates how she is unable to cut this man into thousand pieces.

Mu Qian concentrated all her spiritual powers and attacked Jiu Ye relentlessly due to her the resentments she’s feeling right now.

“Water Break!”

“Icicles Rain!”

“Water Dragon!”


Different water element attacks rushed towards Jiu Ye’s direction!

But Jiu Ye did not hide nor block the attacks coming for him. Let it all fall down on his body.

For a moment, Jiu Ye looks like a person who is drenched and bedraggled. And a drip of translucent blood drips from his forehead.

Even in this difficult situation, he can still warm the heart and delight the eyes of people with his sorry look.

Jiu Ye asked. “Did you calm yourself now?”

Mu Qian’s eyes are wide-open, she shouted. “Did you think i would forgive you if you didn’t dodge?”

Mu Qian’s hand was grabbed by Jiu Ye, he said. “Although our bodies are different. Here, you can also touch me if you must.”

Jiu Ye bowed his head and looked at Mu Qian’s collarbone.

Mu Qian almost fell from his nonsense, she said. “You’re a man! Of course we’re different! What is there for me to touch, are you out of your mind?”

Benjun really didn’t know, this is the first time!” Jiu Ye honestly said.

(TN: starting from here he address himself as a “ruler” instead of “prince”)

Mu Qian took a deep breath, this guy is not lying!

He doesn’t even know what the difference of a man and a woman is. In Mu Qian’s mind she thought that the only difference he knows is when a person is dead or not.

She felt embarrassed and guilty by her actions, she said. “Today’s practice ends now, I’m going back to rest first!”

“Wait! You have some bruises, I’ll give you Medicine!”

Jiu Ye walked straightforward and pulled Mu Qian inside one of the rooms, Mu Qian said. “This is unnecessary, isn’t it you who needed medical attention first?”

Jiu Ye said. “You are physically exhausted today, don’t refuse!”

A pair of slender hands gently grabbed Mu Qian’s ankles, the cold temperature of his skin made her jolt.

She stuttered. “St…Stop! You…you don’t have to do this thing. Just find a maid to massage my shoulders and legs and I’ll be fine again for tomorrow!”

“Aside from me, there’s also Housekeeper Bai who is human in this palace. He’s not here, soBenjun is the only one who can do it for you.”

“Mm!” Jiu Ye’s hands gently massage her legs that made Mu Qian let out a muffled hum.

“Jiu Ye!” Mu Qian wanted to break free but Jiu Ye didn’t let go of her leg.

After a while, Jiu Ye’s hand fell on her shoulder, have to say Jiu Ye ‘s approach is very wonderful, let her whole body relax like a soft bone.


Jiu Ye asked. “Is it comfortable?”

“Yes, very!”

After a round of massage, Jiu Ye’s elegant hands stopped. He slowly spit out the four words. “Tomorrow, we will continue!”

Their practice continued for days and Jiu Ye’s massage skill is progressing every night.

Mu Qian’s life in the Night Palace sure is blissful! She can eat delicious foods, sleep whenever she wants and most of all, she has a beautiful man who gives her massages every night! These things made her incredibly happy.

One night, a shadow who couldn’t get pass through the Night Palace delivered news to Mu Qian through a letter instead.

The contents are. “Lord, not good! Something’s wrong at the Mu Jia!”

Translator’s Note:

Sorry for the late updates. Just busy with real-life duties.

Also find a guy who can give you massages like Jiu Ye does! ~

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