EWP Chapter 69: Jiu Ye’s intent to kill

Jiu Ye’s intent to kill.

The truth is like this, upon coming back with Mu Qian, she immediately started to spar with Yue Ze. Afterwards, Yue Ze’s body that is filled with bruises was thrown into Mu Qian’s newly made medicinal bath. The pain he felt made him scream throughout the night.

Later, a rumor about Mu Jia’s Lord appeared! Mu Qian Xi has a tendency to abuse people!

These people can’t help but feel a cold sweat for the Yue clan’s eldest son, Yue Ze’s life with Mu Qian Xi will not be so easy!

The next day, Mu Qian asked. “Yue Ze, did you sleep well last night?”

At this time, Yue Ze has dark circles under his eyes; he felt that the meridians in his body are three to four times better than before. And the most shocking thing was he advanced to the peak of Sixth-Stage of Spirit Warrior in just one night!

“I’m alright, fortunately…” he could barely finish his sentence.

It’s already a miracle that Yue Ze made it throughout the night, even though the result is good the pain he felt that evening was definitely not the kind-of thing you wanted to experience the second time again.

“Leader, look I’ve made it to the peak of the Sixth-Stage Spirit Warrior! I can breakthrough to the Seventh-Stage in the near future!”

“But you can do that now?” Yue Ze could not believe what he just heard.

Even if Yue Ze is highly talented, in order to breakthrough, he must at least continue to practice for half a year!

But the boss actually said he can breakthrough now…

“Here, I have two medicines on me, take your pick!” Mu Qian took out two bottles of elixirs.

“These are?”

“This bottle on my left has second-grade medicinal pellet while the other one has an elixir that has the same effect with a third-grade medicinal pellet. Both can help you breakthrough without any repercussions.”

Yue Ze is stunned, second-grade medicinal pellet? Elixir that can be sold with the same amount of a city? Mu Qian actually took out both of it and even let him pick in between so casually like this?

Mu Qian said. “Take your time on choosing, I’ll go first.”

Mu Qian took out another bottle and gulped down its contents immediately. The Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth suddenly came rushing inside Mu Qian’s body. Yue Ze was amazed by the effects of the medicines she brought!

Yue Ze picked up the second-grade medicinal pellet and swallowed it. Suddenly, a majestic force filled his meridians; he sensed that he was about to breakthrough to the Seventh-Stage this instant!

“!” the bones on his body is creaking, Yue Ze felt his strength has reached its peak!

There was a glimmer of light in his dark eyes. “The Seventh-Stage Spirit Warrior…”

He never thought that he can breakthrough a level this quick.

Mu Qian opened her eyes; she also advanced through the Seventh-Stage Spirit Warrior with so much ease.

“We have successfully advanced to the seventh stage. You should go home Yue Ze, lest your family worry about you.”

“Take this with you, these are all elixirs that can speed up your cultivation, treat it like food, if you can’t finish everything you can give it away.”

“While this is for healing….”

Mu Qian took out a bunch of elixirs and medicinal herbs to Yue Ze. Because of him, they are able to return without being hurt from the Ouyang’s residence. He played a big role, so Mu Qian will not treat him badly.

Yue Ze’s eyes are big, he exclaimed. “So much!”

“Leader, this is too much! I can’t accept all of these! Aren’t these all expensive?”

Mu Qian rolled her eyes and said helplessly. “It’s not expensive! Did you forget the herbs that I’ve taken from the Imperial Palace and the Ouyang Clan? Don’t talk so much nonsense!”

Yue Ze who learned that Mu Qian can really refine medicines almost fainted from this heavy blow. If she can really refine a second-grade medicinal pellet then she is already a mid-level alchemist!

Is she still a human!

Yue Ze with cuts and bruises all over left with a large heap of elixirs and medicinal pellets.

When Yue Ze was gone, a gentle voice came over. “Xi’er!”

Mu Qian hastily went to Mu Wushuang’s side and said. “Little uncle! The early morning is cold and strong, how come you are here?”

“With Xi’er’s conditioning, my body has long been healthier than normal people. Where is the kid from the Yue clan? I’ve heard from someone that he will take you away.” Mu Wushuang’s tone has a hint of resentment.

He waited a long time for Mu Qian to return.

If some kid abducted Mu Qian Xi, Not only he, but also his eldest brother and second brother would kill everyone in this Kingdom.

Mu Qian’s mouth cannot help but twitch, she explained. “Little Uncle, don’t listen to those baseless rumors. Yue Ze is my little brother, Mu Jia’s force is thin and in order to enhance our strength we need to borrow the strength of their family’s army.”

“Uncle understands.” Mu Wushuang let out a gentle smile.

Mu Wushuang hold her hands and said. “Xi’er, don’t overwork yourself. You still have me after all.”

Mu QIan shook her head and her heart felt warm, she smiled and said. “Little uncle, don’t worry! I just cleared all of their accounts from us!”

Mu Qian’s dark eyes flashed a cold light. “Besides, I only taught them some lessons. Those people who offended us will eventually get what they deserved.”

Mu Wushuang smiled. “Xi’er do what you want to do! I’m here; I won’t let anyone touch even a strand of your hair!”

After Mu Wushuang left, another guest ushered inside Mu Qian’s room.

The entire courtyard turned cold all of a sudden. Mu Qian opened the door and saw a familiar figure sitting in her chair.

A peerless face, with five points of cold, three points of evil and two points of beauty.

(TN: Sorry! I honestly don’t get what the author is trying to say here. LOL)

That pair of icy-blue eyes are like a deep abyss; as if a human soul would be swallowed immediately.

High nose and thin red lips, this person that is clear as ice and clean as jade can also frighten someone out of their wits.

Just like a cold Ashura and a Demon Lord would!

“Jiu Ye, what are you doing here?”

His arrival really made Mu Qian feel very surprised!

The Purple Moon Kingdom’s evil star is really elusive!

Jiu Ye’s looked straight at Mu Qian’s eyes, he said coldly. “Yue Ze, I want to kill him, what do you think?”

With Jiu Ye’s killing intent, the temperature inside the room became lower.

Mu Qian froze, she said. “Yue Ze is my little brother; if he offended you in anyway please spare his life. I know we can settle this peacefully!”

“To kill a man without a fight is not what a gentleman like you would do.” Mu Qian said all of this with a smile on her face.

Mu Qian plans to bluff a way out for Yue Ze, to those people who died by Jiu Ye’s hand, if they heard the words “gentle person” used for describing Jiu Ye they will surely vomit blood even in the afterlife.

The woman in front of him is not giving in and one thing is for sure. He is absolutely not allowed to kill the man.

Jiu Ye coldly said. “He stayed here last night?”

Translator’s Note:

And that’s how Jiu Ye handles his jealousy…

By killing each and one of them… too bad he can’t do it ’cause of MQX!!! HAHAHA!

Fluffy scenes will come after this chapter ❤

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I think the author was trying to put in the recipe for Jiu Ye. It all comes to a solid 10 overall and it’s just right!

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