EWP Chapter 68: Young Yue Ze has no chastity left to protect

Young Yue Ze has no chastity left to protect.

Ouyang Wei continued to move uncontrollably, as if she wanted to break her bones.

Ouyang Ju couldn’t stand it no more, he said to Mu Qian. “Fine! I promise you!”

He then ordered the servants outside. “Come and bring out all of the elixirs here!”

Seeing the batches of elixirs brought out, Mu Qian’s smile is becoming more radiant.

Afterwards, Mu Qian took out dark pill and went to Ouyang Wei’s bedside, she said. “Ouyang Lord, this pill is for your daughter. Hold her mouth and feed it to her immediately.”

“Mm.” Ouyang Ju quickly lifted Ouyang Wei to help her swallow the medicine pellet.

Ouyang Wei finally stopped. Ouyang Ju nervously looked at his daughter.

At the same time, Ouyang Zhi exclaimed. “Father, look!”

Ouyang Wei’s rotten flesh is turning into white skin at a visible speed.

Ouyang Ju looks surprised, it was truly effective! Not only Mu Fengyun is a legendary figure but also the medicines he left for Mu Qian seems magical as well!

Mu Qian made a clap and said. “Ouyang Lord, since the eldest miss is alright. I can go now.”

But Ouyang Zhi stopped her. “Wei Wei isn’t awake yet, you can’t go unless we’re sure if she’s actually okay.”

“Ugh!” In a while, Ouyang Wei woke up.

Ouyang Wei looked around and saw familiar faces, she shouted. “Father, eldest brother, second brother!”

“It’s you! Mu Qian Xi!”

Ouyang Wei’s mind is in chaos, like a frightened rabbit, she curled up her body upon seeing Mu Qian. She remembers how miserable her state was after her fight with Mu Qian Xi.

Mu Qian said. “If the Ouyang Lord is still worried, you can call a pharmacist to check her body.”

A pharmacist from the Ouyang’s residence came to check on Ouyang Wei and informed the Ouyang Ju that the eldest miss’ body is very healthy and nothing is wrong anymore!

Mu Qian’s medicines are amazing!

Ouyang Ju’s expression was strange, he said. “Lord Mu must also be tired today. Don’t go and stay as our guest here for the whole night. You can leave tomorrow morning instead.”

Ouyang Ju doesn’t want Mu Qian to leave with all his stuffs. Since Wei’er is alright, he must find a way to get it all back.

Mu Qian smiled. “It’s getting late, my little uncle said that if I hadn’t got home by midnight he would come over to the Ouyang’s residence to fetch me. My little uncle has limited mobility; it’s quite troublesome for the both of us so I will just go home.”

Ouyang Ju’s face is heavy; Mu Qian deliberately making a threat!

Does Mu Qian really think that Mu Wushuang who is at the peak of Ninth-Stage Martial King has nothing to fear?

Did she forget that there are still people outside the kingdom who can topple mountains and overturn seas!

This time, Yue Ze also said. “Ouyang Lord, Yue Ze too has to go home now. If I come home a bit later than this, I’m afraid my old man would gather his three thousand troops to pay a visit on the Ouyang’s residence. “

(TN: It’s cute that Yue Ze is calling his name here, makes me want to pinch his cheeks!)

Ouyang Ju can feel the veins in his forehead are bulging, how can he forget this young man!

Yue Ze is the eldest son of General Yue. He is also the little brother of Mu Qian Xi and apparently he is so obedient to follow her every orders!

The Yue Clan has the direct control of an army and all of them fought valiantly in wars. If those soldiers raided the Ouyang’s residence, the Ouyang clan would be the one to suffer the most!

Ouyang Ju gave a far-fetched laughter. “Mm, you both have to go then I guess…”

Although Ouyang Ju is not reconciled and his heart is bleeding, he can’t keep them here nor get back his losses.

Even if he has other ways to block Mu Wushuang but against three thousand troops, Ouyang Ju is afraid that his clan would be destroyed and will be miserable in the end.

“Ouyang Lord must take good care of your daughter first, no need to escort us out. We both know the way back!” Mu Qian waved her hand and went away with Yue Ze.

Mu Qian and Yue Ze walked out of the Ouyang’s residence; suddenly a hearty laugh came out.

“Yue Ze, your leader sure earned a lot today! When the moment comes, I will definitely reward you with the best drinks and foods. I’ll even let you choose a courtesan for yourself! What do you prefer? A slender beauty or perhaps you want the beauty with a huge rack! Ha Ha!”

“Leader! Please stop!” Yue Ze helplessly shouted.

“Then we’ll go eat to our heart’s content today! Go pick the foods you want to eat!”


Ouyang Ju and other people are still standing outside and Mu Qian’s words still passed into their ears even though she is far away.

The father and sons, these three people cursed Mu Qian Xi in their hearts. ‘Mu Qian Xi, this is not the end! Don’t get excited too soon!’

On the way home, Mu Qian asked. “Yue Ze, may I ask you one thing? I know the Yue Clan is known for their loyalty and righteousness. I’m positive that without you and General Yue’s army, Ouyang Ju wouldn’t let us out easily like this. I feel like I’ve involved you with my disputes too much.”

She stopped walking and said. “Yue Ze, do you regret following me?”

Yue Ze’s gaze turned away from Mu Qian. As he looked at the moon, he said. “We always keep our promises, since that is our Yue Clan’s oath, no matter how dangerous I will continue to follow you!”

He looked straight at Mu Qian’s eyes. “Besides, Leader you are so strong and the bad luck is always against you!” Yue Ze evoked a carefree smile.

Mu Qian laughed. “You are really getting more and more adorable! Don’t go back to your house today, come home with me. Let’s go do something fun!

Yue Ze silently said in his heart. ‘Leader, just say what you want to do! Please don’t let people misunderstand OK?’

But Mu Qian is staying quiet and had no plan to tell Yue Ze anything more.

Meanwhile, Yue Xu rushed to the General’s study, he said. “Father! I mean Old man! Not good! Not good! Big Brother did not come home last night! It seems that big brother’s chastity is lost!”

“Thud!” General Yue dropped the book he’s holding.

“What are you talking about?”

“Brother, he …”

General Yue knocked Yue Xu’s head. “You don’t know what you’re thinking about! You only know how to make a mess every day! Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten what did Lord Mu said on the palace? Her criteria for a husband!

Yue Xu bowed his head. “Ouch! That hurts… I remember alright! First, there can be no other woman. I grew up with Big brother and I know that he never touched a woman’s hand.”

“Second, he must be stronger than her! Brother already lost to Lord Mu…so doesn’t meet the requirements to be her husband!” Yue Xu felt disappointed as he said this.

Mu Jia’s Lord is great! She’s beautiful, rich and powerful as well! If someone like her would be his sister-in-law. It would be awesome!

“Since you know, then get out of here now!”

Yue Xu ran outside quickly to escape, General Yue helplessly heave a sigh.

When Yue Ze and Mu Qian Xi went to the Ouyang’s residence, General Yue already ordered some of his soldiers to wait outside.

If only Yue Ze agreed to be a soldier before, he wouldn’t be involved in all of these complicated things.

He grew up in an old-fashioned way and now his future is getting shorter and narrower.

“Yue Ze, my son! I hope you won’t get caught up in it!”

“Mu Qian Xi is the daughter of a Dragon among men, like him she is bound with the fate of a Phoenix. My stupid son, I’m afraid…”

Descendants are descendants, General Yue didn’t think too much.

If what his younger son said is true, then that will really bring delight and satisfaction to the Yue Family!





A burst of muffled voices was heard inside one of the rooms in the Mu Jia’s Lord’s courtyard. Letting the servants’ imagination roam and their faces flushed.

At long last, the Lord has chosen a partner and perhaps they will soon have a little master to serve!

Translator’s Note:

Wow…. As in wooooow!

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I need Jiu Ye’s reaction on this bwahahaha!

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