EWP Chapter 67: How to precisely loot a burning house

How to precisely loot a burning house.

Mu Qian looked down and said. “Isn’t these the pleasure house in the willow cloud lane, dream lake’s flower boats and names for the long row of brothels? Why are you blushing?”

“Leader, this….” Yue Ze was embarrassed from Mu Qian’s questions.

Mu Qian patted his shoulder and grin. “What’s embarrassing? These three properties will soon be mine, so you could play to your heart’s content. How many beauties do you want? You can even call out the highest courtesan! ”

“I…..” the handsome and innocent face of Yue Ze flushed red once again by Mu Qian’s remarks.

“Leader, please don’t!”

“Why not? It’s necessary for you, since you’re already seventeen years old. One year later, you’ll reach adulthood. Even all the male in this room have experienced it. So I don’t see the reason why can’t you.”

She added. “Don’t tell me, General Yue is mistreating you!”

Mu Qian and Yue Ze are speaking with each other like no one else is in the room. A long black line appeared on Ouyang Ju’s forehead. “Cough! Cough! Lord Mu…”

Ouyang Ju didn’t promise to give her these properties! But she directly told everyone it would be her’s soon!

Mu Qian laughed. “Yue ze, continue to read!”

Yue Ze took out another list, composed himself and said. “There is also the “Thousand gold gambling lane”, behind this are a medicine store where aphrodisiacs are sold.”

Ouyang Clan is very well-off and even more when Mu Qian’s father had left. Then as Ouyang’s only competitor getting weaker and weaker and some of the Mu Jia’s properties were taken from Mu Qian, the Ouyang clan continued to flourish.

Although the overall properties of the Ouyang clan can’t compare to the Mu Jia’s, they are still the second wealthiest clan in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

Mu Qian waved her hand to stop Yue Ze from reading and said. “Ouyang Lord, I’m not asking for much but if you give me the ones Yue Ze has already read. I can save your daughter at once.”

Mu Qian laughed innocently. “Am I right Yue Ze?”

Yue Ze smiled and said in a clear and loud voice. “Mm! Leader has always been very kind.”

Mu Qian is like a lion that uses its full strength even when hunting a rabbit.

“Lord Mu, these properties are important to sustain our Ouyang clan, if you ask for it all. What would happen to us?” Ouyang Ju lowly said.

“That’s the your clan’s problem, what does it have to do with me? If you agree I’ll save Ouyang Wei, if not then just wait for Lord Yama to collect her then.” Mu Qian winked at Yue Ze and decided to walk out the room.

Ouyang Ju’s facial expression suddenly changed. If Mu Qian took those properties he would lose a lot of money but if he won’t agree not only would he lose some of his assets but also her only daughter as well.

Eventually, he said. “Lord Mu, please wait! I agree! These properties are valuable but not as important as Wei’er’s life.”

Ouyang Zhi and Ouyang Wei are about to explode, it’s painfully obvious to them that Mu Qian Xi is threatening their father!

Ouyang Xiang wanted to teach Mu Qian a lesson but was pulled back by his eldest brother, Ouyang Zhi, he said. “Little brother, wait! Don’t act impulsively, even if those properties land on Mu Qian’s hands that don’t mean that she’s good at doing business. We will wait until she can’t handle it all and beg us to buy it back!”

Ouyang Zhi said. “It’s still eldest brother who knows best!”

(TN: No, Xiang it’s “mother knows best” ? )

All kinds of property deeds were given to Yue Ze which made him dazzled.

After the handover is completed, Ouyang Ju hastily asked. “Lord Mu, now you can cure Wei’er, please she’s dying!”

Mu Qian took out a medicine bottle, she said. “This is the elixir to eradicate the poison, Ouyang Lord must feed this down first to Ouyang Wei and will wait for a while to give her the medicine pellet for the wounds that continues to fester.”

“Good!” Ouyang Ju took the bottle and hurriedly went to Ouyang Wei’s bedside.

When Ouyang Ju opened the bottle and let Ouyang Wei drink the medicine, Mu Qian whispered to Yue Ze. “Hurry and cover your nose, seal your sense of smell!”

Yue Ze doesn’t know why she wanted him to do it, but since she’s the leader whatever she say is right.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!”


The stench that comes from Ouyang Wei’s body is becoming more horrible by every passing seconds, as it fumes, the father and sons who were so close to Ouyang Wei was about to faint from the smell alone.

Ouyang Xiang furiously said. “Mu Qian Xi, what kind of life-saving water is this? Damn! Its poison isn’t it!”

“Blargh! It stinks so much!”

After saying that, Ouyang Xiang couldn’t stand the stench any longer and began to puke.

Yue Ze has closed his sense of smell; he cannot imagine how stinky it would be after Ouyang Wei drunk the elixir but seeing how the father and sons’ expressions how miserable would it be?

“Mu Jia’s Lord!” Ouyang Ju’s complexion at this moment is as dark as an ink.

“Lord Mu better not deceive me else you will not leave this place alive.” Ouyang Ju dropped his entire pretense and ruthlessly said.

Mu Qian answered. “That’s natural, I, Mu Qian Xi would not go here just to tease Ouyang Lord. Otherwise how could I only bring Yue Ze and no one else here right now? With just the two of us, how can we leave alive from here.”

“You know this would happen when Wei’er took the elixir…yet…….you *cough *cough!” Ouyang Ju planned to scold Mu Qian, yet his face distorted from the stench which made him unable to say anything further.

Although he already closed his sense of smell but as he remembered that rotten stench, he may not eat for a month.

Mu Qian smirked. “This is the elixir for her poison, the effects is naturally different with others but this Lord guarantees that it would completely eradicate the toxins in Ouyang Wei’s body.”

Ouyang Ju said. “Then I’ll believe in Lord Mu’s words else I won’t allow you to return!”

Ouyang Ju lifted the elixir and feed the remaining contents to Ouyang Wei.

For a moment, Ouyang Wei behaved strangely and can’t settle down like a person who is having a seizure.

“Ah! Ahh! AHH!” Ouyang Wei began to shout.

Ouyang Ju raised his eyes filled with killing intent to Mu Qian. “Mu Qian Xi! How do you explain this!”

Mu Qian calmly said. “This is a normal reaction, the elixir’s effects is greater when the one who drinks it shows reaction like this. This means that the success rate of her treatment will be higher! Hold her down so she could take the medicine pellet next.”

“Hurry up and hold down Wei’er!” Ouyang Ju’s eyes were red while he anxiously ordered his sons.

“This second-grade medicine pellet is very precious. I heard that a lot of first-rate immortality elixirs were refined here. This Lord is wondering if you can fill my loss with those.”

Ouyang Ju’s blood is boiling; Mu Qian is completely robbing them alright!

He, Ouyang Ju truly has some first-rate elixirs but how did she also come to know this?

At the same time, Ouyang Zhi and Ouyang Xiang hated the fact that they are unable to tear off that brilliant smile from Mu Qian’s face!

More than a dozen of shops were already given to trade with her bottle of elixir and second-grade medicine pellet. Isn’t that supposed to be enough?

She still has the nerve to extort their Ouyang clan’s elixirs!

Not just the common ones but the immortality elixirs for the masters of the house!

Mu Qian raised her eyebrow and said. “What? Ouyang Lord doesn’t agree? Then let Ouyang Wei continue to suffer then! Don’t you dare put the blame on me when she’s dead! It wasn’t me who gave up on her treatment, it was you!”

Translator’s Note:

BTW, the Ouyang siblings are such an idiot. The second-grade medicine pellet has a high price in the auction. If I remember correctly it’s in between 1-2 million gold taels or something? So it’s only fair for Mu Qian to ask more ! HAHAHA! Screw them more MQX!!!

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