EWP Chapter 66: In exchange for you

In exchange for you.

Mu Qian drew her new carriage’s design today and had already sent it to someone to finish it as soon as possible. Naturally, for today’s trip, she took a seat inside one of the Ouyang’s carriage.

In the carriage, Mu Qian leisurely closed her eyes; all the way she remained calm till they arrived inside the Ouyang clan’s residence.

In addition to Ouyang Ju, a lot of the Ouyang’s clan members came to greet Mu Qian.

Ouyang Ju raised his face with a smile and said. “For Mu Jia’s Lord to come here today to cure my daughter’s illness, I, Ouyang Ju can’t express my gratitude enough.”

Ouyang Ju was full of smiles but in his side, Ouyang Xiang wanted to come forward and beat Mu Qian so much, with a face full of indignation.

This woman who’s been bullied by them all the time was now greeted by a lot of them and Ouyang Xiang felt that it was all useless for them to do so in the first place.

But when Ouyang Xiang’s hostile gaze fall into Yue Ze’s piercing eyes, he could only turn away. Ouyang Xiang knew he can’t beat Yue Ze.

(TN: this second master doesn’t know that Mu Qian is stronger than him. I bet both his father and brother didn’t say a word. Thus the reason for his arrogance to Mu Qian :D)

Mu Qian’s appearance and manner seemed like a sister concerned for her sibling. She said in a gentle tone. “Can I go see the situation of Ouyang Wei first? How is she? I’m not sure if the medicine my father had left me can cure elder sister Wei’s illness. “

Ouyang Ju laughed and said. “Good girl! Please come inside, come inside!”

Ouyang Ju guided Mu Qian Xi into Ouyang Wei’s boudoir. On the bed, Ouyang Wei’s appearance can no longer be called a human. Her whole body has become pitch-black and two-third of her skin is rotting.

This time, Ouyang Wei who’s deeply asleep suddenly let out some words.

Her voice was very small, but everyone heard it clearly.

“Mu Qian Xi! I’ll cut you into pieces!”


So close to dying yet still cursing Mu Qian Xi, everyone can see how much resentment Ouyang Wei has towards Mu Qian Xi.

Ouyang Ju’s face is filled with embarrassment and said. “Lord Mu, my daughter is still young, not sensible enough and somewhat willful. Please pay no heed on what she’s saying.”

“Please go ahead and see if you can treat her illness!” He repeated these words so that Mu Qian can’t hear another cursing from Ouyang Wei’s mouth.

At the side, Yue Ze rolled his eyes and thought. “Young?”

Ouyang Wei will be eighteen this year while leader isn’t an adult up till now. Ouyang Ju’s face thickness is comparable to a wall; he even dares to say in front of leader that Ouyang Wei is still young.

Mu Qian started to check the physical condition of Ouyang Wei and slightly frowned, resulting to Ouyang Ju’s heart rate to jump around!

“Lord Mu, can your medicine save my daughter?” Ouyang Ju nervously asked.

Mu Qian sighed. “Too serious! How did elder sister’s situation become so poor like this?”

Yue Ze on the side is not a bit worried. Although he doesn’t have a clue on Ouyang Wei’s illness, his intuition tells him that Mu Qian is connected with this whole thing.

Now, leader even showed such a sad expression, her acting is simply amazing!

Ouyang Ju’s face is gloomy but still asked. “In the end, can you save her?”

“Her condition is at worst, not only do I need my father’s medicine pellet but I also need a special kind of water to eradicate the poisons on her body. These two distinct things value is high!” afterwards, Mu Qian smiled lightly.

“Lord Mu, as long as you can cure my daughter, as long as it’s something that the Ouyang clan can do. I promise you one thing without saying anything further.” Ouyang Ju firmly said.

Mu Qian smiled and said. “The Ouyang Lord sure if fond of his kids, not stingy in the least. To see the Ouyang Lord doting on his daughter like this sure is enviable. Don’t worry, this Lord won’t ask much.”

“Quick! Tell me your request! Wei’er’s illness can’t be dragged on.” Ouyang Ju hastily said.

Mu Qian indifferently said. “Previously, this Lord isn’t intelligent enough. A few of my family properties, medicine shops, Silk fabric shops, restaurants that my father build through painstaking efforts was exchange with Ouyang Wei’s precious objects. I’ve brought all of these precious objects today to take back what I’ve already traded. I’m sure the Ouyang Lord won’t refuse right? “

“Bam!” Mu Qian waved her hand, precisely few brightly colored pearls and jades was placed on the floor. Moreover a large part of these collections are fakes.

At that time, Mu Qian was swayed by Mu Ruyun’s words. The former Mu Qian doesn’t know how much has she been cheated on with Ouyang Wei’s deceits.

After the two of them stole Mu Qian’s possessions, they secretly split the spoils between them.

The Mu Jia’s Lord did not know these things but after Mu Qian Xi was reborn to this world, she clearly saw what happened at that time.

Ouyang Wei used these cheap items to exchange for many shops that can bring a lot of income to the Ouyang clan. Only a fool can agree to such schemes.

Although the value of these businesses is great, Mu Qian is still the one holding onto Ouyang Ju daughter’s life.

Ouyang Ju nodded. “These shops are originally from your family, it’s only right to trade it back. We have no opinions as long as Lord Mu can save Wei’er’s life!”

Ouyang Ju ordered Ouyang Zhi. “Zhi’er, get the titles of the shops and treasures that Wei’er exchanged with Lord Mu. After that, take a few titles of our shops for Lord Mu.”

Ouyang Zhi’s heart is unwilling that almost made him coughed up blood. Many huge businesses were exchanged for some worn-out goods. He understood that Mu Qian Xi is truly ruthless!

(TN: another shameless one, get the facts right dude! That isn’t yours to begin with! WTH!)

The fact that these junk was originally Ouyang Wei’s, completely left their minds.

Only the Ouyang Lord felt refreshed when he gave back the things Mu Qian Xi owns originally.

Mu Qian said. “Yue Ze, you have the lists of the accounts, see if there’s less.”


The time it takes an incense to burn passed. Yue Ze reported. “No less.”

Ouyang Ju said. “Then Lord Mu, since these things are cleared already. Can you now treat Wei’er?”

Mu Qian laughed at his silly mind and said. “Ouyang Lord, why are you so anxious? This Lord only mentioned the little trinkets your daughter has exchanged with me. Did you think that your daughter’s life is worth only that much?”

Damn Mu Qian Xi! Aren’t those still enough!

What equivalent exchange? The value of those things is as different as Heaven and Earth.

Ouyang Ju cursed Mu Qian Xi from the bottom of his heart a thousand times.

But the smile on his face continued. “Forgive me but I don’t have a clue, what are the other requirements?”

“Hmm! Let’s see…What else you have in the Ouyang clan.” Mu Qian touched her chin and said.

She then turned to look at Yue Ze and asked. “Yue Ze, you are more familiar with the affairs in this Kingdom than me, tell me what other valuable things the Ouyang clan has?”

Ouyang Ju, Ouyang Zhi and Ouyang Xiang are cursing nonstop in their hearts.

They have a feeling that Mu Qian will not stop unless she got all of their money out!

Didn’t she just say it would not be too much? Even the dead can’t pay ah!

Mu Qian and Yue Ze apparently came prepared; Yue Ze took out a piece of paper and began to read. “Leader, apparently the Purple Moon Kingdom’s most prosperous shops which is in the Ziyun Street all belong to the Ouyang clan.”

“There are several estates outside the city, covering a wide area……”

“And ………”

On the end of the paper, the handsome face of Yue Ze suddenly flushed red. “This…”

Translator’s Note:

Based on Yue Ze’s reaction you can clearly guess what kind of business is the last.

HAHAHA!!! Poor Yue Ze, how embarrassing would it be for him to read it in front of so many people!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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