EWP Chapter 65: You can’t stand it

You can’t stand it.

“This subordinate obeys!” After that, the servant went to Ouyang clan to deliver the news.

Mu Qian smirked, her father Mu Fengyun had left an enormous amount of treasures for her but the medicine pellet that can cure any illness is a lie she just made up.

That day, in addition to Ouyang Wei’s injuries, Mu Qian secretly poured poison to Ouyang Wei’s body. Mu Qian is the one who concocted that poison; naturally she has way to solve it!

“What? She has a way to save my daughter?!” When the Ouyang Lord heard the news, he was shocked.

In the whole Purple Moon Kingdom he already tried every way, even in the neighboring kingdom where alchemists are abundant, all the alchemist he called to treat Ouyang Wei’s illness is helpless. No matter how much the Ouyang Lord refuse to believe, it seems that only the medicine pellet that Mu Qian has is his only chance to save his daughter.

He recalled that Mu Qian’s father, Mu Fengyun once created a lot of miracles and left Mu Qian with a lot of treasures.

“Sincerity, huh…” the Ouyang Lord took a deep breath and spat out these two words.

In the Purple Moon festival, Mu Qian was so aggressive. She forced the Emperor to return back all her dowry that made the Emperor coughed up blood and fall into coma till today.

Now Mu Qian is asking for the Ouyang Lord’s sincerity, he whispered. ‘Why do I have a bad feeling?’

Once he agreed on Mu Qian’s assistance, the Ouyang Lord felt that several layers of his skin will be peeled off first.

“Father, don’t hesitate, my sister is dying!” Ouyang Zhi anxiously said.

(TN: the Zhi here is different from the Emperor’s Zhi. For the Emperor Zhi, it means “to rule” while Ouyang Zhi means “aspirations or ambitions”)

At the same time, the second young master, Ouyang Xiang is furious; he punched the wall and said. “If worst comes to worst, I’ll snatch the antidote from the Mu Jia’s residence. That damn Mu Qian has a medicine that can save my sister but she still doesn’t come out. She even dared to ask for our sincerity!”

Ouyang Ju was angry at Ouyang Xiang’s words and reprimanded him. “Outrageous! You bastard, did you forget that Mu Wushuang is at the Mu Jia? Are you even sure you can come back here alive?”

At the mention of Mu Wushuang’s name, the arrogance of Ouyang Xiang instantly disappeared.

Ouyang Ju said heavily. “Zhi’er, go to Mu Jia. Invite Mu Qian Xi here in our home. Be sure to bring the Lord here.”

Ouyang Wei is his only daughter, moreover Ouyang Wei’s appearance and innate skill is both exceptional. Her prospects are limitless.

(TN: shameful boasting of one’s kid… tsk tsk)

Their Ouyang Clan spent so much effort to train Ouyang Wei, Ouyang Ju can’t let her fall before she has a big role to play.

Ouyang Zhi bows down his head and said. “Yes! I will certainly bring the Mu Jia’s Lord here.”

“Lord, the eldest master has arrived.”

Mu Qian Xi who had been very busy for three days was resting when she heard someone report that Ouyang Zhi has arrived. She lazily said. “Oh? I didn’t imagine it would be this quick. Let them wait, I’ll continue my nap!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

The Lord of the house made him wait! Ouyang Zhi’s face is gloomy. ‘Is this Mu Qian’s way of picking a fight’ is what he thought.

If he could, he would’ve turned away.

But Wei’er’s life is at stake, they still need Mu Qian’s medicine to save Ouyang Wei’s life. He mustn’t go.

A whole afternoon has passed.

Ouyang Zhi is the eldest young master of the Ouyang Clan. In the Purple Moon Kingdom, no one can neglect him but now, he was being subjected to such treatment. He was completely angry!

“How long will Lord Mu continue to let this young master wait?”

The old housekeeper smiled and said, “Ouyang’s young master, I already told you that our Lord is busy. If you really want to meet our Lord, please be patient.”

Ouyang Zhi clenched his fist, he must endure!

This time, a blue figure appeared in front of him.

Ouyang Zhi quickly said. “Yue Ze, you’ve come at the right time, hurry up and let Mu Qian Xi come to see me.”

Yue Ze looked at him indifferently and said. “Leader is sleeping, there’s no way I could disturb her for you!”

“Crash!” Ouyang Zhi was so angry; he hit the table to pieces.

Ouyang Zhi grits his teeth and asked once again. “What did you say? Mu Qian Xi is sleeping?”

If Mu Qian is reading a book or cultivating, he can endure.

But he learned that Mu Qian is just sleeping, it’s unbearable!

“Mu Jia, is this your so-called hospitality?”

Ouyang Zhi flicked his sleeves and was about to head out but was blocked by Yue Ze instead.

Yue Ze coldly said. “Ouyang Zhi, if you want to go I won’t stop you but at the very least, you must have to compensate for the things you’ve broken here in the Mu Jia. If leader finds out, she will be upset.”

Looking at the table he smashed to pieces, Ouyang Zhi remembered the days Xuanyuan Li Tian broke Mu Qian’s carriage and have asked for a hefty sum. Ouyang Zhi felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

‘Why didn’t I just hold back?’

Yue Ze asked the old housekeeper. “How much is this table?”

After a few more days with Mu Qian Xi, Yue Ze became more and more like her little brother.

The old housekeeper smile gently and said. “It’s not expensive. In fact, it’s only one hundred thousand gold taels.”

Ouyang Zhi’s eyes were wide and retorted. “What! One hundred thousand gold taels? You might as well just rob me then!”

Yue Ze coldly said. “Ouyang Zhi, if you won’t pay for the damages you’ve down. I’m afraid you can’t leave yet.”

“Me? No! No! I won’t go! I won’t leave until I get to see Mu Qian Xi!”

Ouyang Zhi knows he acted impulsively, if he can’t think of a way to please Mu Qian Xi today, his sister would surely be dead by tomorrow. So no matter how angry he was, he must continue to wait until Mu Qian Xi arrived.

When the sun went down, a purple figure finally appeared in front of Ouyang Zhi.

Ouyang Zhi’s voice is low and deep. “Mu Jia’s Lord, I’m sure you’ve rested enough. Hurry up and come with me to the Ouyang’s residence and treat my younger sister’s illness. I’ve waited patiently for you the whole afternoon. I’m sure you’ll see more of our sincerity there!”

Mu Qian gaze around the room and had taken a glanced at the shattered table, she coldly said. “Sincerity? Your sincerity is to come to my house to destroy my house property?”

Ouyang Zhi clenched his fists, unwilling to let go. He said “Man proposes, Heaven disposes” in his head many time.

(TN: it means even the best-laid plans can go awry)

“Lord Mu, as long as you come with me to the Ouyang Clan, I promise to pay the one hundred thousand gold taels for the table I’ve broken! Our Ouyang clan isn’t short on money!”

Mu Qian made an “hmph” sound and said. “If you want to pay, pay now! Not one hundred thousand taels, but two hundred thousand taels!”

Ouyang Zhi wanted to run away. “Two hundred thousand taels? Don’t push your luck too hard!”

Mu Qian crossed her arms and said. “This table was bought more than 10 years ago, and is worth six hundred thousand taels gold. Don’t you think it was you who’s making this deal low-priced?”

Yue Ze very admiringly looked at his Leader, his behavior before is not enough!

Ouyang Zhi’s heart is burning with a blazing fire that he almost burned himself to death.

Mu Qian Xi is worthy enough to make the Emperor lose his composure and made someone faint with anger alone. With just a bit of words, Ouyang Zhi can’t stand up for himself. He wanted to hurry up bringing her back into the Ouyang’s residence.

He took a deep breath and said. “Mu Jia’s Lord, whether I pay for this table is not, isn’t our priority. You have to go with me to cure my younger sister!”

“You’re right.” Mu Qian calmly agreed.

When Ouyang Zhi heard Mu Qian’s confirmation, he felt relieved. As long as she went with him back into his home, Ouyang Zhi will acknowledge the two hundred thousand gold taels he owes.

Ouyang Zhi felt that he would go mad if he would stay in Mu Qian’s home any longer.

Ouyang Zhi is worthy enough to be called the young Master of the Ouyang clan. Even though he’s rich and has a cold heart, he would pay any debts he owes to people. No more, no less.

“Yue Ze, come with me to the Ouyang clan!” Mu Qian laughed.

“Yes, Leader!” Yue Ze nodded.

Translator’s Note:

Ouyang Lord – Ouyang Ju

Eldest Son – Ouyang Zhi

Second Son – Ouyang Xiang

Eldest daughter – Ouyang Wei

There are still more of them as the novel goes on.

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