EWP Chapter 64: Mad and coughing blood

Mad and coughing blood

“This Emperor is absolutely petty; he even put up a complicated array for this medicine field. I’m sure that old fox is hiding the most precious herbs under that array.” Ah Ting said in a nonchalant way.

“What!” Mu Qian froze, she then asked. “Can you break it?”

“Sure, but you have to promise me something first.”

This guy learned how to bargain with her, Mu Qian was quite shocked. “What is it? Don’t waste my time, just say it!”

“When the second layer of the Pavilion opens, that’s only the time where the space here would expand. Until then, promise me that you won’t ask me to open up a field for you on the lake again.”

“Didn’t I already promise you that?”

“But I don’t believe it! How dark your heart is, you think I don’t know!”

Mu Qian’s slightly twitched, she said. “Okay, I promise you! Is that enough?”

“That’s pretty much the same!”

In the end, Ah Ting decided to trust on Mu Qian’s promise. In a little while, Mu Qian felt a spiritual force belonging to Ah Ting exudes, followed by a crisp voice. “Break!”

Suddenly there was a smoke in front of Mu Qian and after the smoke had dispersed, another field of Medicine appeared in front of her.

This field is a lot smaller than the one that Mu Qian just put away. But the value exceeds the other and a hundred times higher!

“First-grade medicine pellet, second-grade medicine pellet, it seems the Emperor doesn’t have third grade here.”

“You really have to learn to be content! What more do you want from this desolate place?” Ah Ting lazily said.

Once again, Mu Qian spread out her Qi and the imperial medicine field is now completely empty.

Mu Qian came out and laughed. “Yue Ze, let’s go!”


Yue Ze went in front of the medicine field’s gate to secretly see the situation. But as he was about to look, Mu Qian came out. She just went in for a while; Yue Ze thought Mu Qian didn’t take much.

Outside the Palace’s gates, Mu Qian parted ways to Yue Ze. “You can go back to your house.”

Yue Ze froze, he asked. “You’re going back alone?”

Today, Mu Qian deliberately exposed the price of her dowry, it is inevitable that someone ill-intentioned would shot her!

“You must have faith in my family!” Mu Qian just laughed.

When Mu Qian was away from the palace, she felt the murderous air around her getting denser.

Such a fortune is enough to make people feel rich, but do the people here in the Purple Moon Kingdom think they can get it easily from her?

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The people hiding in the dark were solved by the group of people in black clothes.

These people aren’t Mu Qian’s Shadows but the Emperor’s hidden guards.

The money that came from the mouth of the emperor, no one can grab it.

If the Emperor can’t get it then he absolutely won’t let others get it either.

The Emperor gave it back but his heart is truly bleeding and what makes him madder is he can’t do anything to Mu Qian Xi.

If Mu Qian was killed on her way home, Mu Wushuang would go berserk. He would have the courage to point his blade to the whole royal family!

So Mu Qian must go back safely!

With the Emperor’s protection, who can grab Mu Qian Xi’s dowry?

Mu Qian got home safely and was about to take a rest.

“Your Majesty, Lord Mu went home safely.” A dark guard quietly came to report.

“Good! As long as the Mu Jia is still in my Purple Moon Kingdom, even if Mu Qian took my money away from here. It will all go back to my hands someday.” Emperor Xuanyuan coldly said.

“Your Majesty, the Crown Prince is asking for an audience.”

“Let him in.”

The Emperor looked at Xuanyuan Li Shang. He is most satisfied with this son.

“Father Emperor, forgive this one’s lack of knowledge, but can I ask why did you let Mu Qian Xi have the imperial medicine field?”

“I really want to know why!” Xuanyuan Li Shang’s voice is full of grievances.

“That medicine field is worth a fortune!”

Emperor Xuanyuan explained. “Our Royal medicine field has a powerful array hiding the most precious ones inside. Mu Qian can only see the common herbs therefore zhen didn’t have to worry. Zhen guarantees, we won’t lose much!

“Your Majesty, not good, not good!” This time, the higher rank eunuch stumbled and dashed inside the room.

“What’s the matter?” Emperor Xuanyuan had a bad premonition.

“Your Majesty, Lord Mu has emptied the entire royal medicine field, inclu…… including the different grades of medicine pellets!”

“What did you say?!” The Emperor completely can not believe what he heard; his body flashed and rushed out immediately!

Xuanyuan Li Shang was somehow flabbergasted. He remembers that his Father Emperor’s cultivation isn’t high and is only at Martial Master. However, just now, he definitely saw that his Father Emperor’s strength is at the peak of Ninth- Stage Martial King!

Xuanyuan Li Shang didn’t think that his Father Emperor would hide his true strength. The Emperor who deceived the world for almost a decade suddenly exposed himself. Something big has surely happened!

Emperor Xuanyuan looked at the medicine field where even a single grass can’t be seen. “How is this possible? How can she break the powerful array? And how did she able to move so many herbs in an instant?”

“Damn it! Mu Qian Xi, what kind of demon is you!”

Emperor Xuanyuan’s face becomes darker than the bottom of the pot; this Purple Moon Festival is definitely a holiday he won’t ever forget.

Not only did he lose all the fortune in his pockets but also lose all the herbs and medicine pellets of the Royal Family.

These medicines are supposed to be his trump card against other kingdoms but now… Now…


Emperor Xuanyuan coughed out a mouthful of blood.

That damn little vixen! Mu Qian caused so much damage to his Royal Family yet he sent some people to guard her safely to her home. At this moment, Emperor Xuanyuan hated the fact that he didn’t kill her earlier!

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill all your nine generations! I will kill all of you!” Emperor Xuanyuan’s anger skyrocketed. His eyes are red and his face twist up.

“Cough!” Due to the sudden burst of anger, Xuanyuan Li Zhi coughed up another mouthful of blood.

The Emperor felt his eyesight turned dim and his legs were shaking a bit.

A sharp voice came. “Your Majesty!”

The voice of the Crown Prince is trembling as he hurriedly tried to support his father.


Today is the Purple Moon Festival, after many events that stimulated the Emperor’s emotions and added with how he coughed up blood many times. His body can’t take it anymore and he fainted.

In the Mu Jia’s residence, Mu Wushuang faintly raised his head towards the direction of theImperial Palace.

In his eyes flashed a glimmer of light, peak of the Ninth-Stage Martial King. The Emperor finally exposed his true strength today.

The corner of his mouth evoked a subtle curvature;‘It seems that Xi’er has done a lot of interesting things in the Palace today! That even the discreet Xuanyuan Li Zhi had turned into this.’

The emperor is seriously ill, the palace was in chaos.

At the same time there is also a big mess in the Ouyang Clan.

Although Ouyang Wei’s injuries are all healed, another serious illness suddenly broke out.

The entire skin in her body began to fester and rot; even the palace’s chief alchemist doesn’t have a clue on what is happening either.

After three days, Mu Qian heard news about the Ouyang Clan finding all sorts of medical treatment for their eldest daughter, Ouyang Wei. While Mu Qian took advantage of the large number of medicinal herbs she collected, she had refined a lot of elixirs and medicinal pellets over these days.

Mu Qian also tried to improve her knowledge in medicines, to let the Little Uncle’s body to restore the best state as soon as possible.

As long as the royal family does not provoke her first, she won’t bother to waste her time with them.

There is also the Ouyang Clan!

Mu Qian Xi smiled evilly. “Come! Deliver my message to the Ouyang’s Lord. Tell him that this Lord has a medicinal pellet that can cure any kind of illness. He can use it to Ouyang Wei but he must show some sincerity first.”

Translator’s Note:

I feel a little bit of pity for the Emperor.

He seems to have a high blood? Is there a cure for that sickness in that ancient time? Poor him.

But for Ouyang Wei, she definitely deserves everything!


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